Will Donald Trump, Jr. denounce Milo following pedophilia imbroglio?

Donald Trump Jr. was roundly criticized last September for posting an alt-right-themed image to Instagram in which he appears with Milo Yiannopoulos, among other far-right leaders.

The criticism at the time was over the fact that the image includes a racist, anti-Semitic meme (the frog in the image below).

Now Donald Jr. has another problem: The image, which is still live, also contains a picture of Yiannopoulos, who is fighting accusations that he is soft on pedophilia.

The caption that Trump Jr. wrote for the image on Instagram praises Milo and the others in the photo:

A friend sent me this. Apparently I made the cut as one of the Deplorables???????????? All kidding aside I am honored to be grouped with the hard working men and women of this great nation that have supported @realdonaldtrump and know that he can fix the mess created by politicians in Washington.

Donald Trump Jr. is honored to be in a photo with Milo.

A video was recently unearthed showing Yiannopoulos talking about his man-boy sex experiences as a child, and about watching others engage in sex with young boys (Yiannopoulos refused to name the other men.) Yiannopoulos suggested that the sexual experience could be a positive one for children.

As a result, Yiannopoulos lost a lucrative book deal with Simon & Schuster and was forced to resign as an editor at the far-right Web site Breitbart.

Which brings us back to Donald Trump’s son Donald Jr. It’s bad enough that Donald Jr. still has an Alt Right meme in his twitter feed, but posting a photo that reveres Milo Yiannopoulos as some kind of political leader fighting alongside Trump and his father goes a step too far.

It’s time for Donald Trump Jr. to explain what connection if any he has with Milo Yiannopoulos, whether he is still “honored” to be in a photo with Milo, and when he plans on deleting this image that clearly honors Yiannopoulos as a supporter of Donald Trump Sr.

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17 Responses to “Will Donald Trump, Jr. denounce Milo following pedophilia imbroglio?”

  1. Moderator4 says:

    Okay, that’s enough of that. You are banned. Good-bye.

  2. goulo says:

    You seem to ignorantly think that pedophilia is a problem somehow specific to the lgbt community. Please do some reading. E.g.:


    Members of disliked minority groups are often stereotyped as representing a danger to the majority’s most vulnerable members.
    For example, Jews in the Middle Ages were accused of murdering Christian babies in ritual sacrifices.
    Black men in the United States were often lynched after being falsely accused of raping White women.

    In a similar fashion, gay people have often been portrayed as a threat
    to children.
    Back in 1977, when Anita Bryant campaigned successfully to repeal a Dade
    County (FL) ordinance prohibiting anti-gay discrimination, she named
    her organization “Save Our Children,” and
    warned that “a particularly deviant-minded [gay] teacher
    could sexually molest children”

  3. Liberal_No_Fly_Zone says:

    But he told the truth about the dangers of the lgbt community towards kids

  4. goulo says:

    Milo was probably simply trolling and trying to get attention by shocking people… and finally stepped over the line so that even some of his fans said “Wait, what?”

  5. Dom Saunders says:

    Yeah, let’s not act like Maher and Milo aren’t two sides of the same damn coin…

  6. Demosthenes says:

    “And what does that make Ivanka?”

    The Donald’s true love interest (other than himself).

  7. Zorba says:

    Wait, wait! Is he Qusay, or is he Uday?
    And what does that make Ivanka?

  8. Zorba says:


  9. nicho says:

    Pffft. Most pedophiles are hererosexual.

  10. Liberal_No_Fly_Zone says:

    Milo was telling the world that the LGBT community has a problem with pedophilia

  11. nicho says:

    Nope. He tweeted last night that the crowds confronting GOP lawmakers were so-called angry citizens and that attendees were being paid.

  12. Houndentenor says:

    Well yes the Real Time appearance probably triggered the conservative backlash, but that wasn’t at all Maher’s intention so he should get credit. Milo was bound to be booked on a number of shows leading up to the release of his book (now canceled). This was going to happen within a few months anyway. Maher really doesn’t get credit and at this point he’s just trying to distract from his nasty comments about trans people. Asking “is that true?” to a blatant and obvious lie is bs.

  13. Nichomachus says:

    Maher is now patting himself on the back, claiming that having Milo on his show was what caused Milo’s downfall.

  14. Demosthenes says:

    Quesay Trump doesn’t care about this. All he cares about is fronting his father’s grifting operation to steal billions.

  15. harrymattachine says:

    Who cares what either of them thinks or says about anything; Benign Neglect until they recede to the rocks they came from. And while we’re at it, revoke Milo’s visa since he brags about being a prostitute and has no special education or training. Attention Whores Be Gone!

  16. Houndentenor says:

    The alt-right meme today is “poor Milo abused by that priest and now abused by liberal activists.” In other words, the very tactic they accuse liberals of using, playing victim and using that victim status to make themselves immune from criticism. This was never anything more than tacky vulgar performance art. Was Milo even actually molested or was that just a stunt? Who knows. Who cares. He’s been exposed for what he is and what most of us who were already aware of him already knew he was. Lots of silence though: I haven’t heard a peep from Dave Rubin and Bill Maher has only posted one lame and plagiarized “joke”. Sad.

  17. woodroad34 says:

    Let’s see…it’s been, what, two or three days and no late-night tweet? I’m guessing not. Besides, if The Orange Titwillow denounces Milo, what would that say about himself? Donnie thinks way too highly of himself to say anything bad about “The Donald”.

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