Trump smears NSA & FBI, says they’re “un-American,” act like Russians

Only one month after twice accusing the CIA of acting “like Nazi Germany,” Donald Trump has now accused the NSA and FBI of acting “just like Russia.”

Trump’s comments come on the heels of him accusing US service members of being “killers” on a moral par with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. That led General Barry McCaffrey to call Trump’s words “the most anti-American statement ever made by the President of the US.”

Join us in telling Congress to create an independent bipartisan commission to investigate Russia’s penetration of our government.

Trump’s attack on the NSA and FBI came in series of angry and paranoid tweets this morning, in response to growing concerns — one might even call it a frenzy at this point — over Trump’s secret ties to the Russians, and speculation as to whether Trump himself has now been compromised by a foreign power.

In that last tweet, Trump just confirmed that the information being reported isn’t “fake news” made up by the NYT and Washington Post, but rather it’s hard intelligence coming from our own intelligence agencies.

Un-American? No gurl, you’re un-American.

Of course, it’s the height of irony for Donald Trump to accuse anyone of leaking, when he welcomed Wikileaks’ and the FBI’s leaks about Hillary Clinton during the campaign. And the FBI played a large role in Trump’s election.

Then Trump added this:

On that last point, Trump is trying desperately to make it sound as if he’s not soft on Russia. In fact, President Obama put some pretty tough sanctions on Russia as a result of its invasion of Crimea. Trump, on the other hand, kept talking about lifting those same sanctions. That is why Obama was not soft on Russia, But Donald Trump is.

Join us in telling Congress to create an independent bipartisan commission to investigate Russia’s penetration of our government.

Trump’s increasing paranoia is a result is a result of last night’s explosive news that Trump campaign officials, and other Trump colleagues, had ongoing communications with Russian intelligence during the campaign. GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham called that development “a game-changer.”

Trump wouldn’t be having any of these problems had he not surrounded himself with a growing number of senior staff who have nefarious ties to Russia. Three of Trump’s senior advisers (Page, Manafort and now Flynn) have been let go as a result of their creepy ties to Russia. And Trump himself has inexplicably put Russia’s national interest above America’s on a number of foreign policy matters.

The information leaked because Trump has refused to take it seriously. Trump was informed of the intelligence showing that Gen. Flynn had talked in depth about the sanctions with Russia’s ambassador. Trump let Flynn stay on staff, even though Trump was told by the FBI and DOJ that Flynn could be subject to Russian blackmail.

And the news that Trump’s staff has been in ongoing communication with Russian intelligence, does anyone seriously expect Donald Trump to investigate himself on this matter? And Trump can shut down any investigation by the intelligence community or the FBI. If the information doesn’t leak, Russia wins. And I’m not willing to accept that.

Join us in telling Congress to create an independent bipartisan commission to investigate Russia’s penetration of our government.

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