Trump flips out on Jewish reporter for asking about anti-semitism

Donald Trump today flipped out on a Jewish reporter for asking a good question about the uptick in reported anti-Semitic attacks — including bomb threats — since Trump was elected.

The reporter simply wanted Trump to comment on the uptick, presumably to condemn it (which was an easy softball), and talk about the things the administration can do to fight anti-Semitism.

Well, Trump was having none of it. He apparently felt the question was too hard, too complicated, and presumably, too negative. The guy was asking about ant-semitic hate crimes, so it’s not like he could put much of a happy spin on it.

The reporter even defended Trump against charges of anti-semitism. It wasn’t enough.

Trump’s response was dismissive and rude. He told the reporter it wasn’t an “easy” question and it wasn’t a “fair” question. Trump then ordered the reporter to “sit down.” Trump went on to say that the reporter “lied” about his intent to ask a “straight simple question.” Trump then went on to call the question “very insulting.” And didn’t respond. Trump said nothing about the uptick in anti-semitic attacks, or what his administration planned to do if anything about them.

But Trump isn’t anti-semitic.

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