Trump flips out on Jewish reporter for asking about anti-semitism

Donald Trump today flipped out on a Jewish reporter for asking a good question about the uptick in reported anti-Semitic attacks — including bomb threats — since Trump was elected.

The reporter simply wanted Trump to comment on the uptick, presumably to condemn it (which was an easy softball), and talk about the things the administration can do to fight anti-Semitism.

Well, Trump was having none of it. He apparently felt the question was too hard, too complicated, and presumably, too negative. The guy was asking about ant-semitic hate crimes, so it’s not like he could put much of a happy spin on it.

The reporter even defended Trump against charges of anti-semitism. It wasn’t enough.

Trump’s response was dismissive and rude. He told the reporter it wasn’t an “easy” question and it wasn’t a “fair” question. Trump then ordered the reporter to “sit down.” Trump went on to say that the reporter “lied” about his intent to ask a “straight simple question.” Trump then went on to call the question “very insulting.” And didn’t respond. Trump said nothing about the uptick in anti-semitic attacks, or what his administration planned to do if anything about them.

But Trump isn’t anti-semitic.

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16 Responses to “Trump flips out on Jewish reporter for asking about anti-semitism”

  1. Naidagbrown says:

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  2. goulo says:

    You’re missing the point that he refused to give the obvious decent answer which any person with compassion (and any politician with a lick of sense) would give: that anti-Semitic bigotry and violence is wrong, and that he condemns it, and that he calls on people to treat their fellow citizens with respect, not with violent threats.

    Instead, he got angry and ranted and attacked the press, as usual, and said nothing about the problem of increasing bigotry and violence.

    It’s a stark contrast with how Republican president George Bush admirably condemned anti-Islamic bigotry and violence after 9/11.
    But Trump obviously doesn’t care about the white nationalist bigotry of some of his supporters (and advisors like Bannon).

  3. Maryzfeliciano says:

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  4. Missionaccomplished says:

    The “least” racist person??? LOL

  5. Nichomachus says:

    Days — ago

  6. Nichomachus says:

    The line of succession is pretty much an advent calendar from hell. Every door that you open brings a new horror. Trump definitely isn’t Hitler, but Pence IS Eichmann.

  7. ORAXX says:

    Trump will respond like a petulant child anytime he’s asked a question he doesn’t have a prepackaged answer for, and that’s a pretty long list of things. If he uses the term ‘fake news’ then you know he’s lying out of his backside.

  8. Nichomachus says:

    Yes. Trump is pretty even handed in demeaning people who ask him hard questions.

  9. Kenny Kozoro says:

    All you people are so wrong. His daughter, son-in-law and grand children are all Jewish!!! And the Jewish reporter came out later saying he was not offend and he knows that Trump is not anti-Semite.

  10. Demosthenes says:

    Trump is probably not personally an anti-Semite. He just got all of the anti-Semitic vote, has an anti-Semite as his chief advisor (Bannon), and “omitted” mentioning Jews in his Holocaust Remembrance Day statement. Move on. Nothing to see here.

  11. Niblet58 says:

    I think his response was a huge “tell”. He got super defensive and nasty just like he does when he is accused of something.

  12. goulo says:

    After 9/11 when there was an increase in violence against Muslims, President Bush visited a mosque and made a speech in which he sincerely (I believe) condemned the violence and calling for tolerance and respect. (One of the few things I sincerely admired about Bush, despite his generally being a disastrous president.)

    That Trump is unable to similarly condemn bigoted violence speaks volumes. Any decent compassionate person would condemn it. Even a cynical but intelligent politician would condemn it. it’s the obvious thing to do. It’s a softball question indeed, yet Trump responds angrily and rants about the press instead of condemning the increase in anti-semitic hate crimes. (Maybe his angry rants make his unwaveringly loyal base like him more, which would be really sad.)

    It’s a sad strange day when I find myself wishing that even George Bush were president again, instead of Trump.

  13. Glen Thompson says:

    Sorry, being north of the border I’m not sure who follows who. I know when Trump collapses, hopefully UncleBucky is right, then comes Pence. When he’s skewered who follows him? Now it gets scarier.

  14. BeccaM says:

    C’mon, John, it absolutely was an unfair question. That reporter was trying to make a pathological narcissist to express an emotion about and sympathy for people other than himself and his “tribe.”

  15. Kenster999 says:

    It’s really all about him, isn’t it? Everything, all the time.

  16. UncleBucky says:

    Mental collapse… It could be days, not weeks, not months, not years… mere days…

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