Demand DOJ appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s Russia ties

Donald Trump’s White House has been caught trying to influence​ the FBI RussiaGate investigation.

Please add you name to those demanding the Justice Department appoint a special counsel (formerly known as “independent counsel”) to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

The Attorney General has the power​ to appoint a special counsel when the AG “determines that a criminal investigation is warranted and that an investigation by the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest or ‘other extraordinary circumstance’ and that ‘under the circumstances it would be in the public interest to appoint and outside Special Counsel.'”

Now that the Trump White House has been caught trying to influence the FBI investigation​ into ties between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence, we must have a special counsel who is independent and whose investigation cannot be pressured by Donald Trump.

Not only is the current investigation untenable because Attorney General Jeff Sessions works for Donald Trump — how can Sessions fairly investigate his own boss? — but Jeff Sessions was part of Trump’s campaign, and has an inherent conflict of interest as his investigation of the Trump campaign could end up being an investigation of the Attorney General himself.

Sessions must recuse himself and cede authority over the Russia investigation to a special counsel.

Add your name to those demanding the Justice Department appoint a special counsel to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.​

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