Trump tells CIA employees he may invade Iraq to take their oil

Donald Trump told employees at the CIA today, in a public speech, that he may invade Iraq again in order to take their oil.

Trump went to the CIA to ostensibly smooth things over after he recently compared the CIA to Nazi Germany, twice.

In his speech today, where he brought up the debunked conspiracy theory about Churchill’s bust, Trump went off about how upset he was that the US didn’t take Iraq’s oil fields when we last invaded.

Trump then added that we may get another chance, implying that he may invade Iraq again. See video below.

The only other possibility is that Trump wasn’t talking about Iraq at all — he was talking about invading Syria.

This is why Trump is unfit for office, one of the many reason. He’s not simply dumb. He’s also unaware of the repercussions of the president of the United States blithely making incendiary comments about foreign policy. A real president doesn’t public muse about going to war.iraq

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