Trump tells CIA employees he may invade Iraq to take their oil

Donald Trump told employees at the CIA today, in a public speech, that he may invade Iraq again in order to take their oil.

Trump went to the CIA to ostensibly smooth things over after he recently compared the CIA to Nazi Germany, twice.

In his speech today, where he brought up the debunked conspiracy theory about Churchill’s bust, Trump went off about how upset he was that the US didn’t take Iraq’s oil fields when we last invaded.

Trump then added that we may get another chance, implying that he may invade Iraq again. See video below.

The only other possibility is that Trump wasn’t talking about Iraq at all — he was talking about invading Syria.

This is why Trump is unfit for office, one of the many reason. He’s not simply dumb. He’s also unaware of the repercussions of the president of the United States blithely making incendiary comments about foreign policy. A real president doesn’t public muse about going to war.iraq

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17 Responses to “Trump tells CIA employees he may invade Iraq to take their oil”

  1. John Mulligan says:

    The best thing would be -and I cannot believe I am saying this – for somebody to assassinate him.

  2. glynnis bugati says:

    It’s not about the US. It’s about Exxon and all the other oil barons.

  3. Badgerite says:

    It was a serious point of contention when US service people engaged in clearly criminal behavior as the men who raped a young Iraqi girl in northern Iraq and then killed her family members. The evidence was there and they were prosecuted by the US under US law. But when edgy troops would open fire on a vehicle and kill whole families thinking they might be about to attack them, as they also did, and where not prosecuted under any law, this became a point of friction between Iraqi’s and Americans.
    It is one thing to have 6000 troops in place as advisers behind the scenes to Iraqi forces fighting for their own land. It is something else again to have troops there as ground troops securing the country and occupiers.

  4. mahak says:

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  5. Philip James says:

    America doesn’t recognize backward arab tribal laws.

  6. rhallnj says:

    Is the stupid fuck aware that the US is close to energy independence; it doesn’t have to take anyone’s oil.

  7. LA Julian says:

    He said this before, back in early September of 2016, when I whipped this up:

  8. Badgerite says:

    I know. We’ve known that for some time now. So has the GOP. You have to wonder if the United States will ever recover from this kind of behavior at the top. If they feel they can lie about such an obvious truth, how can they be trusted on anything? By US citizens or by the world. Why should any one give their service for this?

  9. rmthunter says:

    The problem is that he is a petulant, spoiled, vain, narcissistic, bullying child. He doesn’t know any other way to behave.

  10. quax says:

    Only that Syria doesn’t have much oil unlike its ally Iran.

  11. Badgerite says:

    He’s not a candidate now. Or even the President Elect. He is now the POTUS and there are consequences to the country and the world when he behaves like a petulant, spoiled, vain, narcissistic, bullying, child. Which was on high display today.

  12. Badgerite says:

    He didn’t “pull” the troops out of Iraq. The Status of Forces Agreement with the Maliki government was expiring and Maliki would not agree to US forces staying unless the US would agree that American soldiers could be prosecuted under Iraqi law rather than the UCMJ for any alleged wrongs committed. There was no way the US could agree to that. Maliki, a shiite, sought to ally Iraq with Iran. Maliki might have wanted US troops to stay but Iran did not. Maliki, in case you forgot, was Bush’s personal pick to head the government against all warnings from the Sunni faction in the Iraqi government that he was not a conciliatory figure and could not unite the country. After the crisis with ISIS developed in Iraq the Obama administration pushed Maliki out and allowed the Iraqis to find a more unifying figure. And that seems to have helped. The Iraqi forces are currently operating in the last city that ISIS controls in Iraq and that is Mosul. Bit by bit, ISIS is being ejected and the Iraqis who had to live under their tyranny and brutality are publicly savoring and rejoicing in their freedom. ISIS is done. It is only a matter of time. It is done because of the crimes and atrocities that they have committed on Muslims. They have alienated the people who they proposed to have as their base of support. For “radical Islam” to be defeated, it must be defeated by Muslims themselves. That is the only way that it can be ended without engendering extreme hatred of the west even by moderate Muslims. And no, we cannot “take their oil”. They didn’t attack the US and they certainly didn’t ask the US to invade and destroy their country.
    If the US were to try to do something as stupid and corrupt as that, we would be the “rogue” state in violation of international laws and norms.

  13. glasscut says:

    Nailed it trumps thought process.. I never said we were going to invade iraq.. I meant we needed to make a deal for oil.. then he will turn around and blame the media

  14. Dan Thompson says:

    As per the agreement made by the Bush administration.

  15. Buck Owens says:

    It was Obama who pulled the troops out of Iraq.

  16. Sherry says:

    First of all, Trump was talking about Iraq he’s said it twice before publicly by demeaning Obama for leaving Iraq too soon and not taking oil. He is ignorant he didn’t even know who was President then. It was Bush of course. he has no right to any countries oil Iraq or any other.

  17. White Black says:

    Nobody cares anymore. Trump can say anything and dumb Americans will cheer or jeer. And then we’ll move on. And then Trump will blame the media. The end.

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