Thousands at airports across America protest Trump Muslim ban

Huge protests are growing at the nation’s biggest airports in New York, DC, Chicago and Los Angeles to protest Donald Trump’s blanket ban on Muslim immigrants from a variety of Middle Eastern countries that coincidentally he doesn’t have business in.

The citizen reports from the various airports are remarkable. We don’t really protest like this in America, not to this degree. The recent women’s march was remarkable enough, and having it in so many cities across the country (and the world). But now this. This is not usual. Trump has unleashed something.

UPDATE: A judge has reportedly granted an emergency stay, halting Trump’s executive order nationwide. Woah.

Here’s New York’s JFK airport:

The NYPD had initially blocked protesters from entering the airport via the AirTrain. That has been now overruled by Gov. Cuomo:

And the protesters are flowing again:

New York airport cabbies are going on strike in solidarity with the banned immigrants:

Immigration lawyers are showing up at JFK to help those in need:

And they’re looking for similar help from translating at LAX in Los Angeles:

And here’s the scene at Dulles Airport in Norther Virginia — DC’s international airport:

More from Dulles:

Dallas Fort Worth airport as well:

And car traffic has been shut down at O’Hare in Chicago:

Lots of personal stories coming out of this:

Like this man:

Or these young women:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump thinks everything is going great:

But the response of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was perhaps best of all. In a clear swipe at Donald Trump, Trudeau tweeted a welcome today to a Middle Eastern looking young girl:

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19 Responses to “Thousands at airports across America protest Trump Muslim ban”

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  2. brel1 says:

    We need these protests against the repeal of the HCA as well.

  3. Referee says:

    An on-line journalist recently said he ran out of expletives when trying to describe Trump’s “war on democracy”.

  4. Whatever says:


  5. Whatever says:

    I know just how you feel. It takes a lot of self-control in these situations.

  6. Bill_Perdue says:

    Obama ended DADT becasue of direct actions at the WH.

    Obama commuted Chelsea Mannings sentence, he did not pardon her. He and H Clinton had her persecuted and torture. Instead of commuting here sentence she should be given a full pardon, a huge amount for reparations and a Presidential Medal of Freedom Award for being a whistle blower and exposing the warmongering of successive US regimes and an honorable discharge.

    Obot and Clintonite/DLC/Dixiecrats still run the DP. That’s not going to change. Nor will her wars crimes, her crimes against humanity, her criminal persecution of Chelsea Manning or her collusion with the rich.

  7. basenjilover says:

    News flash…. Obama pardoned Manning and H Clinton no longer running for president. Move on and stay focused on appropriate targets.

  8. Bill_Perdue says:

    Democrats and Republicans have been largely silent for that last two or three years as wave after wave of mass demonstration erupted against DOMA, against killer cops in cities and on the border, against Obamas racist deportations of over 2.5 million immigrant workers fleeing the effects of the Clintons NAFTA, against the imprisonment and torture of Chelsea Manning by Obama and H Clinton and for union organization and a decent minimum wage.

    Instead Democrats and Republicans spent their time demonizing one another while ignoring the real issues with predictable results – close to 50% of the eligible electorate just ignored them, refusing to vote or engaging in protest votes and many of those same people went on to build unions and mass movements for change.

    Those mass movements are the only vehicles for real change and their growth and militancy will gut the Trumpites, just as they gutted the Clintonites and any replacements the twin parties of the rich vomit up to replace them.

  9. Niblet58 says:

    Planned by Putin you mean. He’s pulling Bannon and trump’s strings.

  10. Badgerite says:

    I wish the ACLU spokes people would not say they stopped the ban. They did not stop the ban. It is still in full force. What they stopped was the detention and deportation of people covered by the ban who are already here or arrived as the ban took effect. It is a temporary stay, based on the probability of success on the merits at the later time, to prevent irreparable harm to the interests of those detained people. No more. No less. The ultimate issues as to the validity of this ban will be adjudged in court at a later time when all parties are present and have prepared their case.
    I understand there is also an issue where detained people are not being allowed to meet with their attorneys who are there to represent them. This, of course, is illegal conduct on the part of US officials. There is no real probable cause of any real danger here to detain these people and certainly not to deprive them of meeting with attorneys. This is just wrong and political dick swinging and nothing more. It has nothing to do with actual security.

  11. Badgerite says:

    I understand the existence of a terrorist threat in the world, but there should be at the very least a nexus between what is done by EO and actually addressing that threat. I fail to see how stopping an old and handicapped Iranian couple, and by old I mean in their 80’s, from receiving sanctuary in the US contributes to out security. This is something akin to saying there is the possibility of a shark down there so you take a bazooka and shoot a whole in the boat. Overly broad and not targeted to any actual terror threat would be an understatement. This is just for political show, and the peop;e who did this know it. And it is damaging to the US in untold ways. One of those ways will be economic. This is bad for business. Count on it. And I guessing Putin is loving this. As he hates the United States almost as much as Bannon does.

  12. Badgerite says:

    Planned by Bannon. trump couldn’t plan lunch.

  13. Badgerite says:

    Hope so. I don’t see this being particular good for ‘jobs creation’ either.
    This is just Bannon throwing out his first bomb. Look for a lot more from him since this guy hates America and all that the Constitution stands for.

  14. basenjilover says:

    I think fascist trump poked a complacent giant.

  15. Kenster999 says:

    Trump’s not delusional; this is all exactly as planned.

  16. mgiltz says:

    Wow! The scene at JFK really is amazing.

  17. Badgerite says:

    The factually challenged Kellyanne Conjob all but admits in her inane “man of action” tweet that this EO issued ban is all about a political show and not really related to any valid security concerns. And Ambassador Daniel Benjamin pretty much lays it out in his article in Politico, The Disastrous Consequences of Trump’s New Immigration Rules.

  18. brel1 says:

    I am so grateful to all the protesters. They are the real America. But I can’t comment on the Trump any more because all the things that I am thinking and would say are too too vile.

  19. Demosthenes says:

    An excellent montage of the resistance to the illegal Trump immigration order. It’s so unlawful on its face the emergency stay is no surprise. Soon the order will be completely thrown out.

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