Tesla’s Elon Musk defends Trump Muslim ban

UPDATE: Musk now appears to be flip-flopping on the Muslim ban. Keep up the pressure!

In a tweet early this morning, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk defended Donald Trump’s racist ban on Muslims traveling to the US from a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries.

This comes on the heels of news that last Friday, the day the anti-Muslim executive order was signed, Musk signed up as a member of Trump’s “manufacturing council.”

And the day before that, we find out that Musk is supporting Trump’s Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, who is not only in the pocket of Bil Oil, but also Big Putin.

And then today we find out that Trump may be preparing to sign an anti-LGBT executive order.

Is this really the administration Elon Musk wants to hitch his electric wagon to?

Enough is enough. Sign the petition. Tell Elon Musk to stop defending Trump’s racism — it’s time to dump Trump.

Here is Tesla’s tweet today, defending the Muslim ban and bashing “the left”:

Musk needs to repudiate his sickening comments in defense of Trump’s Muslim ban, and then pull out of Trump’s manufacturing council.

Discrimination and bigotry are un-American. Tesla and Musk should know better. This is the worst time to be supporting Donald Trump, and this is the worst issue to be doing it on.

Sign the petition, tell Elon Musk to stop defending Trump’s racism. It’s time for Musk to dump Trump.

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21 Responses to “Tesla’s Elon Musk defends Trump Muslim ban”

  1. Robert says:

    I proudly flagged as spam, this silly attempt to harass Mr Elon Musk at the “create your own petition” site.
    He is doing good by not dumping Trump. Why? Because the awesome future vision of the solid state clean energy grid and interplanetary travel could really be jeopardized if he was to simply crap all over the president, which obviously needs some guidance concerning these most important scientific decisions

  2. Danyel Soare says:

    Thank you!

  3. Wulfher says:

    BS. Elon didn’t defend the ban, this article is a sensationalist lie! He stated that he is against it and will offer an alternative.

  4. simzy says:

    In two years when you’re proven wrong, I’ll message you.
    There hasn’t been anything done to make you even say that about him, and if you have interpreted what he has said or what his companies have done to decide what you’ve said, then you really aren’t capable of logic. This is what is ruining the world, people like you voice your incorrect opinions and call yourself Liberal.

  5. Quilla says:

    Time to cancel your order for the Tesla Model 3, honey. Mr. Musk is a Trump Toadie.

    Wait for it.

  6. quax says:

    Elon Musk is between a rock and a hard place. How much can an industrialist afford to piss off the federal government, when Mr. Vindictive is running it?

  7. SkyHunter says:

    WOW! This is why the left is as bad as the right. He didn’t defend the ban, in fact, he has criticized it. He simply said that reading the source material is better than reading someone’s opinion about it.
    Something I just confirmed. Now I know that John Aravosis’ opinion is bullshit.

  8. Lloyd Le Blanc says:

    All of this is one more negative result of American Eceptionalism feeding the military industrial complex to assert this presumed right.Invading countries seems to be their method of operatin.
    The US shoUld mind their own business and look after the many problems they have at home.

  9. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    1) Don’t upvote your own comment. It’s sad and childish.

    2) If the point of this order was to protect the U.S.A. from terrorists, why didn’t Trump actually ban citizens from countries that have produced terrorists? The countries he banned have produced no terrorists. They may now.

    It was a very strange coincidence that the countries that have produced terrorists but not on the list are countries with whom Trump does business.

  10. Oscar says:

    His cars look like cheap Mazda 6’s anyway. Dude is mostly talk. I am tired of him acting like he is Tesla.

  11. Avaxa Sirvina says:

    Have any of you actually read the Executive Order? Its not a ban on Muslims and Islam/Muslims are not a race. Its a temporary ban on hostile nations and yes they are Islamic nations but less than a quarter of majority Islamic nations. Get a grip.

  12. Monicafhernandez says:

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  13. goulo says:

    Whatever Musk’s INTENT might be, his wording certainly HELPS Trump.

    “far less bad than portrayed by left” plays directly into Trump’s storyline of “fake news” / liberal anti-Trump media bias / etc, and that it’s merely partisan (leftist) anti-Trump politics which drives people to object to crazy extreme policies like this.

    When in reality, it’s not just leftist partisanship as Musk’s tweet clumsily suggests. Rather, many principled conservatives ALSO opposed this xenophobic demagoguery by Trump… back when those conservatives had more of a spine to call Trump out on his bullshit during the campaign, before he became president. And many Christian leaders themselves have said that it’s not right that Trump wants to give Christian minorities favored treatment in the new stricter “vetting process”, while making it harder for the majority Muslims from those countries.

  14. Dave Rand says:

    What a bunch of propaganda, read the damn tweet, better yet, ask a third grader to read it and see if they can make propaganda for the hairbrained out of it. This is just another third party backed smear campaign with alterior motives. The lowest forms of human life, sell outs.

  15. brel1 says:

    What a disappointment. The only thing acceptable is RESIST.

  16. William Brinkman says:

    I just read the whole thing and it is as bad I heard it was. Musk is just using weasel words to defend it.

  17. simzy says:

    In regards to Elon Musk’s tweet, he was saying that you (second person) should always do your own resource and read the source instead of reading articles such as this one. You’re demonstrating his point because you clearly have no researched anything else about what he has said, even though all you had to do was visit his Twitter page. It seems you have your own agenda, for some reason it is making people hate Elon Musk. Do you work at Ford or something?

    The tweets he wrote before the only one you are referencing were:
    “The blanket entry ban on citizens from certain primarily Muslim countries is not the best way to address the country’s challenges” (28th Jan)

    “Many people negatively affected by this policy are strong supporters of the US. They’ve done right,not wrong & don’t deserve to be rejected.” (28th Jan)

    And, “Please read immigration order. Lmk specific amendments. Will seek advisory council consensus & present to President.” (29th)

    He is trying to fix what was done.

    And in regards to Rex Tillerson, he hasn’t done anything wrong yet while in his position. Elon Musk said the following: “Tillerson obviously did a competent job running Exxon, one of the largest companies in the world. In that role, he was obligated to advance the cause of Exxon and did. In the Sec of State role, he is obligated to advance the cause of the US and I suspect he probably will. Also, he has publicly acknowledged for years that a carbon tax could make sense. There is no better person to push for that to become a reality than Tillerson. This is what matters far more than pipelines or opening oil reserves. The unpriced externality must be priced.”

  18. simzy says:

    You clearly don’t read or think for yourself. What tells you that Elon Musk is a play-to-play toadie?

  19. Charlie Delta says:

    The author is a total idiot. Oil industry lobbyist looking to try to hurt Tesla most likely. Read it for yourself http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/koch-electric-vehicles_us_56c4d63ce4b0b40245c8cbf6

  20. Quilla says:

    Dude! Elon Musk is just another pay-to-play trump toadie!

  21. NaHughes2 says:

    Dude! He’s not fucking defending Trump. He is saying to do your own research instead of jumping on Twitter bandwagons. Which makes this article laughably ironic! Here’s the GD tweet where he clarifies! https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/826020192937340928

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