Petition: White House press secretary Sean Spicer lied and must resign

Trump White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer lied to the American people yesterday on national TV. As Spicer himself noted just a few weeks ago: There is one rule the press secretary always must follow, never lie.

Yet Spicer lied. And now he must resign.

Please sign the petition calling on Spicer to resign,
and share it with friends.

And then, support independent journalists like me
who are out there defending the truth and holding Trump responsible.

Spicer’s multiple lies came in a tirade yesterday about the poor attendance at Trump’s inaugural. Many media outlets accurately reported that while President Obama had 1.8 million attendees at his inaugural in 2009, and 1 million in 2013, Donald Trump had far fewer (the latest estimate is around 160,000 for Trump).

The poor turnout numbers so incensed Trump that he groused about them, calling the media liars, while speaking at the CIA memorial wall for agents who died in the line of duty. This was followed by Spicer holding his first press conference at the White House as press secretary, in which Spicer angrily repeated the same lies.

Here are Spicer’s lies:

1. Spicer claimed, among other things, that the media intentionally framed photos in a way to make it look as if inaugural crowds were smaller than they were. This was not true. It is clear from the photos that far fewer people showed up this year.

Here is a picture via the Washington Post of the Trump inaugural at its peak, minutes before Trump was sworn in. Obama is on the left, Trump on the right. There is no question, Obama had more.


Even Fox News’ Chris Wallace, in an interview with White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, said he was at the swearing-in and Trump lied about the number of people there.

2. Spicer claimed that this was the first time a white covering were laid down on the mall to protect the grass, and that the covering gave the impression that fewer people were there. The Park Service used the same coverings in 2013 for President Obama’s second inaugural.

3. Spicer claimed that the Secret Service installed magnetometers, for the first time every, making it hard for many would-be attendees to make it to the national mall to see Trump. The Secret Service said that no magnetometers were used.

Please sign the petition calling on Spicer to resign,
and share it with friends.

And then, support independent journalists like me
who are out there defending the truth and holding Trump responsible.

4. Spicer lied about the number of people using the DC Metro that day, claiming that there were more Metro riders during Trump’s inaugural than during Obama’s last swearing-in, thus proving more people were in attendance than in 2013. Vanity Fair debunks this: “CNN and The Washington Post confirmed Metro ridership with the agency. The full day of Trump’s inauguration prompted 570,557 trips in the system. Obama’s first inauguration drew 1.1 million trips, and Obama’s second inauguration drew 782,000 trips.”

5. Spicer falsely claimed that: “This was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period. Both in person and around the globe.” It wasn’t:

During an interview just three weeks ago, Sean Spicer spoke at length about integrity, and how a White House press secretary can never lie:

“The one thing, that whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, you have your integrity. I may tell a reporter I can’t comment on something, or I’m not able to discuss that. But I have never lied. And I don’t intend. I would argue that anybody who’s an aspiring communicator adhere to that. If you lose the respect and trust of the press corps, then you got nothing.”

Spicer went on to say:

“I don’t think any communicator worth their salt can go out and tell a lie. You can’t do it…. You can spin the way you want, but I think to go out and tell an all out lie is something that is not acceptable.”

Spicer is right, it’s not acceptable to lie. The question now is whether White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has the integrity that he spoke of not three weeks ago.

Sean Spicer should keep his word, win back his integrity, and resign.

If you agree, please sign the petition to the right and share it with your friends.

Please sign the petition calling on Spicer to resign,
and share it with friends.

And then, support independent journalists like me
who are out there defending the truth and holding Trump responsible.


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33 Responses to “Petition: White House press secretary Sean Spicer lied and must resign”

  1. Trixie says:

    Thank you and I do try to be respectful and state only what I’ve looked into. I also watched Kellyanne Conway and I still don’t agree that the situation was handled appropriately. I think words matter and also the way information is presented, such as tone and willingness to discuss openly, are as important. I also appreciate your level of openness and communication also. It’s a very sad state for our entire country that there is so much hatred, anger and division growing daily. Name calling and ‘shouting’ WE WON serve no one, at least no one who really wants good for all Americans. It is going to be a very long 4 years and very scary, uncertain times. And if I’m not mistaken, Reagan beat both of them even without the internet! It’s a dark day when the size of a viewing audience is more important than the well being of our nation in any case. I wish you well during what appear to be trying times we will be facing. I just keep praying.

  2. Pattie Bordeaux says:

    I note our intelligent conversation and contrast it with most of the others in these comments… it’s going to be a long four years. Thanks again Trixie.

  3. Pattie Bordeaux says:

    It is a huge variable and ripe for hyperbole. Kelly Anne’s comment in context could be explained by poor choice of words. I watched it live and could be convinced she meant more of a “different view”, or “differing perspective” considering she’s vocal about the perceived bias she lays at the feet of the media generally. Having pictures published and the media *not* including any online viewership is evidence of that. I could accept her “alternative facts” as being “alternative point of view” and so not at all nefarious. I have to say I’m surprised they all decided to “own” it later and that’s been effective for them. The pictures are contradicted by the CNN gigapixel photo though I’m not going to impune your numbers. As soon as you can admit it’s impossible to really narrow the numbers down enough any claim of the “biggest” becomes hubris and not abject lies, don’t you think? That’s what I’m trying to get across, I don’t believe this was a “lie” or that the facts are being consciously, purposely distorted or obfuscated… that would be horrible! It’s merely hubris and hyperbole. Not the most presidential thing but not “Hitler”. You see my point? Anyway, thanks so much for dialogging with me. I appreciate it! You put a lot of effort into it and I wish more of us could communicate like this, competently and respectfully. You certainly have my respect!

  4. Moderator4 says:

    A number of your comments were sent to our spam folder, which is set up by Disqus to work automatically, and occasionally it makes mistakes. Apologies. We “approved” your comments and marked you as a “trusted user.”
    Hopefully, this will not happen again, but unfortunately, with Disqus, we never know. We will look at the spam folder once in awhile to check if any of your comments are placed there again.

  5. Trixie says:

    For some reason my replies are being marked spam according to my disqus account. I marked not spam and got automated message they will work on fixing it. So I hope you get my response. :(

  6. Trixie says:

    I’m sorry for the multiple replies! I did answer your question with numbers but my disqus showed it was marked as spam (???) which I changed and received an automated message they will work on fixing it.

  7. Trixie says:

    (Cont from above) Just for comparison though, CNN reported 16.9 million live streams for Trump (which yes, I know is not the Trump preferred media so would be expected to have lower Trump numbers) although hopefully my original answer will post as I did say Trump shows the highest live stream numbers to date, measured in precise terabytes per second (I’m not technical, I have no clue) but it breaks down to 4.6 million.

  8. Trixie says:

    And no, I am completely opposed to fake news. I find it fascist and dangerous. I will add that Kellyanne Conway stating Spicer gave ‘alternative facts’ adds insult to injury in this instance, in my opinion. Had she stated anything like what you have and provided some facts, it might be easier to agree that the press conference by Spicer was perhaps given too early, before a lot of facts were available regarding estimates and viewing.

  9. Pattie Bordeaux says:

    The numbers from the Metro ridership were given and retracted by the DC Metro itself, not Spicer’s fault. Add up all the other numbers and yes, it’s a good debate as to whether it was the most “watched”. Truth is that *is* what he said, not just “crowd size”. That whole narrative twisted to say he was referring to photos of crowds only is the fake news. Show me other numbers and we can argue but his claim isn’t without merit. In person, television, online streaming and more – facebook, Twitter, causal watchers just for the inauguration, real time text feeds, lots of media these days can be utilised all over the world. Just the numbers of followers and generalized facebook likes point towards big numbers. It’s a reasonable claim, maybe hyperbolic but not the “falsehood” it’s been made out to be. Not at all. So are you on the side of fake news or not?

  10. Trixie says:

    I agree – the press would probably be better served to only report the government activities, leaving Trump’s antics and even name unsaid as much as possible. Trump thrives on attention and on being able to scapegoat the media. He uses every opportunity (even by lying) to try to get his supporters to villainize journalists and the media (fascism 101). I am very concerned about the freedom of the press and integrity being maintained in this period of ‘alternative facts’ – Trump’s view of what he wants and how he wants it to be seen, interpreted and accepted.

  11. Trixie says:

    The numbers Spicer used were outright lies – not factual. If you look up the different viewing sources (in person, television, online streaming), the numbers still do not support that this was the most watched inauguration.

  12. iamlegion says:

    Not at all. I’m just saying that getting Spicer fired won’t affect anything. If you want any change at all you’ve got to go for the lump that gives him his marching orders…

  13. Pattie Bordeaux says:

    between the Neilson ratings, streaming video through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook it’s very likely to be the most watched ever. And the way social media and video consumption is increasing I expect the next one to be record breaking too no matter who it is. It’s not about people on the ground at the Mall and the outright falsehoods are not coming from Spicer in this case. This is the very worst of the fact checking, one set of facts and out of context media commentary and it is helping NO ONE. Kelly Anne’s comment was inarticulate not a lie. It wasn’t “alternative facts” as in twisted facts, it was a larger perspective of context. There is so little reportage on context and we are left with echo chambers and more divisiveness. It’s going to get worse. And now thanks to CNN we will be inundated with reports of crowd size during next week’s “pro-life” marches and the press will be on it even if barely anyone shows up. So a normally forgettable gathering will be more prominently displayed just because positive context can’t possibly be given to a Trump administration statement. That’s when it’s scary to me.

  14. Houndentenor says:

    Is he comparing the streaming and social media numbers to those of 2009 and 2013?

    I agree about SCOTUS. Executive orders can be reinstated in 2021. Laws can be repealed in the future. The ongoing nightmare beyond whatever happens in the next four years, is a court that blocks anything Democrats want to do. But it was more important to throw a hissy fit because people didn’t get as liberal a Democrat as the nominee as they wanted. We are fucked. Our only hope is for quite elderly people to hold on until we can elect another Democrat. I’m crossing all available appendages.

  15. Badgerite says:

    Maybe, but we shouldn’t accept that. It is not normal or healthy for the country.

  16. Badgerite says:

    Nonetheless, should we merely sit back and accept the death of standards? How much blatant, petty, obvious lying is acceptable?
    Oh yeah. It’s trump we’re talking about. I forgot.

  17. bkmn says:

    The GOP Congress will do nothing until voters force them to.

  18. Houndentenor says:

    He doesn’t need it. He’s in power now. Congress push back? Why? They have a prez who will rubber stamp their right wing agenda without even reading it. 2018? No one in the GOP is scared of that. The House is Gerrymandered and the Senate map is horrible for the Democrats in 2018. The GOP seats are all safe and the Democrats are defending multiple seats in swing states. They’ll be lucky not to lose 3-4 seats. They aren’t afraid nor should they be. 2016 was the Democrats best chance of taking back the senate and they blew it.

  19. Houndentenor says:

    Well we got Trump because that same media promoted him and enabled him. They’re going to turn on his now? Please. Nothing scares a DC reporter more than losing access. They are completely dependent on leaks. In other words, their only job is to be stenographers for those in power. So hell no they aren’t going to do anything about this. If they had an integrity they’d have all walked out en masse at that press conference. They didn’t and they aren’t going to next time either. They made this problem and they are going to perpetuate it.

    Also, on bad news days pics of Sasha are appreciated. Just fyi.

  20. Houndentenor says:

    Because the Republicans all saw what the Tea Party did to John Boehner. This is what Trump voters voted for. They aren’t bothered and the GOP is scared of those motherfuckers and they are the majority.

  21. mahak says:

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  22. BeccaM says:

    It’s not enough to point out the Trumpists are BLATANTLY lying.

    What must accompany it is a clear and definitive statement that such lies are UNACCEPTABLE and will not be tolerated.

  23. AnitaMann says:

    No, John. He must stay for the comic potential. The regime will just hire someone equally odious who will lie just as much. An endless torrent of bullshit is all they have. The press needs to understand what their job is to be. Look for verifiable facts and report on them, and send their interns to the circus of WH press conferences. Nothing of value will be gained there.

  24. woodroad34 says:

    As was pointed out on, I think it was Bill Maher, Trump doesn’t have a mandate or popularity. The Senate and House rely on popularity and Trump is not that, I’m expecting Congress to push back mightily on Trump and his petulant little press secretary, who needs a mighty spanking and sent to a time out in Guantanamo.

  25. woodroad34 says:

    Chuck Todd on Meet The press called out Kellyanne on her “alternative facts” as being falsehoods, “you know lies”. Kellyanne, one of the whoresman of the apocalypse.

  26. lfofriley says:

    I just don’t understand why our congress and house reps are not calling this out…these people are the servants of the people of the US..This is unbelievable and this guy needs to be fired.

  27. Pattie Bordeaux says:

    The GOP will put in place one (and maybe up to three) Supreme Court Justices while they have full control of all other branches of government (States too). Thanks Obama. That’s a *generation* of change beyond the “the GOP has lost a lot of them as well”. It’s big this time. Bigly. The D’s lost it ALL. No marches are going to change that. No editorials. Too late. Long, deep changes are coming. Like the gerrymandering that the GOP did to secure their congressional seats (where’s your words and protests over those?). This is bigger than Trump and bigger than Democrat tears. The media has been silent on it (the big changes coming, they focus on the ACA and crowd size… that’s nothing). Trump will get ALL his cabinet picks (but that’s nothing too). It’s the SCOTUS that counts now. That’s all that EVER mattered.

    Spicer didn’t screw up at all. All the numbers are there and if you count Twitter and FB it was the most watched inaugural in history. Done. Listen to what he said. No lie there. Fake news. CNN is lying to you. It’s misdirection. It’s going to be “not their fault” when SCOTUS is super right leaning and then it will be there for them to counter for eyeballs. No one’s intrest is served by them reporting the truth. They need to take sides. The money side.

    Have faith. I hope you look over your first and second amendment (and 4th and 5th etc.). You may be glad some of us fought for those. Not CNN. Don’t forget that.

  28. bkmn says:

    If the media want to deal with Trump & Co. they might want to start by not playing on Team Trump’s terms.
    1. If they aren’t going to be truthful in press briefings, stop attending
    2. Call an outright lie a lie
    3. Do some actual reporting – stop relying on press releases for the bulk of your story and do some digging and research
    4. Trump needs the press more than they need him – exposure is his oxygen, don’t give him more than he deserves

  29. iamlegion says:

    If you think Spicer came up with his own lies – and that anyone who might follow him into that job would act in _any_ way differently – I have some prime beachfront property in Idaho for you to put bids on…

  30. emjayay says:

    After he was already president Trump went on about the media at the CIA, as everyone knows: “They are among the most dishonest human beings on Earth.”

    New Yorker article if anyone wants to refresh their memory about it with reactions from other people:

    If he was any one else on earth the reaction would be “WTF?”. But it’s just Tramp being Tramp. Yup, that’s ole Don. He is worse now than before, starting with the worst inaugural address in US history. We’re all living in Bizarro World now.

  31. Thanks. And the media is pissed on this one. The one-two combo and Spicer and Trump, just outright lying and berating the media for telling the truth is starting to finally wake the media up. There is no ten foot giant, Trump isn’t teflon, the GOP rises and they fall. We lost one election. The GOP has lost a lot of them as well, and I know from working in the GOP a long time ago, the GOP also thought they had lost forever, with no chance of winning ever again. And they did. And we did. And they did, and so on. Things change. What goes around comes around, etc. Trump is not doing well, right out the gate. Spicer’s screw up this weekend, at Trump’s behest, was a huge mistake. These things add up. Have faith. Keep fighting. It’s only day 3 :)

  32. emjayay says:

    I signed it, but I think it’s mostly pointless. KAC lied her way through the campaign and is still lying and was also called out for it on TV as well. They don’t care. And the TV media use the word “falsehood” instead of lie and the print media, well the NYT is worse. Today’s one column headline:

    Trump Falsely Hits Media on Turnout and Intelligence Rift.

    The word “lie” never appears. They will probably become tired of even this sort of reporting after a while and total black is white/up is down lying will become the new normal.

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