Michelle Obama surprises people making “thank you” videos for her

This is really neat. Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and they had a segment where people were filming “thank you” videos for Michelle Obama, while speaking to a portrait of the First Lady.

But then, a surprise. Michelle walked on to the stage and greeted them personally.

I got to meet Michelle Obama, very briefly, on three visits to the White House. Even in a brief hello, the woman exudes charm, wit, beauty, charisma. She has that gift that only certain politicians have — that personality bubble that pushes out ten feet from them. Her husband doesn’t have it, she does.

This video is pure Michelle. Watch, smile, enjoy.

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3 Responses to “Michelle Obama surprises people making “thank you” videos for her”

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  2. brel1 says:

    We have been so fortunate to have the wonderful, dignified and gracious Obama family for eight years.

  3. Demosthenes says:

    Michelle Obama was a class act. She will be missed, indeed.

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