We now know Trump lied about his secret “foolproof” plan to defeat ISIS

Today we learned officially that Donald Trump lied about his secret “foolproof” plan to defeat ISIS.

You’ll recall that multiple times during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump bragged about how he had a secret plan to defeat ISIS, but he couldn’t tell anybody, because then ISIS would find out. And no one would want that.

According to today’s White House pool report, a senior administration official said today that Trump will soon be announcing an executive action requiring the Pentagon to come up with a plan to defeat ISIS:

The official said a third executive action would call on military leaders to present a report to the president in 30 days that outlines a strategy for defeating ISIS.

Which is awfully confusing, because Trump already has a foolproof plan to defeat ISIS. Trump told us as much:

“I don’t want the enemy to know what I’m doing,” Trump told Fox News in May 2015, the month before launching his presidential campaign. “Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to tell at some point, but there is a method of defeating them quickly and effectively and having total victory.”

He added: “All I can tell you it is a foolproof way of winning, and I’m not talking about what some people would say, but it is a foolproof way of winning the war with ISIS.” ISIS is an alternative acronym for the Islamic State.

Yet today we find out that Trump doesn’t have a foolproof way to defeat ISIS.

The man is a serial liar, or delusional. Either way, the word of the president of the United States now means nothing.

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8 Responses to “We now know Trump lied about his secret “foolproof” plan to defeat ISIS”

  1. MoonDragon says:

    He isn’t looking for a plan to destroy anything of real importance. He can, at best, and with the expertise of the military who will do all the heavy lifting, enunciate a plan that may dispose of the current manifestation a group dedicated to a theory that Muslim well being is dependent upon aggressive, violent resistance to secular, pluralistic culture. Defeat of that theory isn’t possible with military action and reciprocal violence. I’m not sure it can, in fact, ever be totally eliminated. I think humane, rational behavior is the best way to stop its spread (and reduce the probability of achieving a critical mass of followers needed to effectively execute the program.)

    Oddly enough, there are a significant number of Christians (and Hindus and yes, even variants of Buddhists) who share the same theory of self preservation. What they all share is a lack of faith that faith can compete with reason (or other faiths).

  2. blueeyedcuban says:

    Media: “heh heh…that’s just Trump being Trump”

  3. AdmNaismith says:

    ‘Defeat ISIS with this one simple trick’

    Next he’s going so say he will get help from a Nigerian Prince…

  4. d3clark says:

    It could never have been “fool proof” if Trump thought of it. At best it could be called “fool-birthed.”

  5. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    We’ve alway known that the Donald didn’t have a plan. We now have proof that he didn’t have a plan.

  6. RepubAnon says:

    No, Trump had a plan – he planned to ask the Pentagon to present a plan that Trump could take credit for. Weaponized Tweets, perhaps…

  7. Demosthenes says:

    Trump lies about his nonexistent plan to fight ISIS for the simple reason he lies about everything: he has utter contempt for his “marks”.

  8. Quilla says:

    Wait…what? Donald lied?

    I will alert the media.

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