Add your name if you agree: Police MUST report all deaths in custody to DOJ

As part of our effort to retool AMERICAblog, and amp up our advocacy in the face of the impending Trump presidency, we are now working as part of a coalition of top progressive organizations to regularly promote specific progressive action items that you can take part in.

Our first action: joining with Amnesty International, the AFL-CIO, and NOW (among others) in calling on the Justice Department to enforce existing law requiring local law enforcement to report the deaths of anyone in custody. We already have over 95,000 petition signatures towards out goal of 100,000 — please add your signature as well:

Sign the petition: We need the Death in Custody Reporting Act to be enforced.

As the threat and possible reality of Jeff Sessions becoming Attorney General looms, our demand for justice for the victims of police brutality, and our resolve to fight tirelessly to protect communities going forward, is more important than ever.

Protesters face off with police officers in Ferguson, Missouri the night the grand jury chose not to indict Officer Wilson for Michael Brown's death.

Protesters face off with police officers in Ferguson, Missouri the night the grand jury chose not to indict Officer Wilson for Michael Brown’s death.

Because of the “Death in Custody Reporting Act” and “Arrest Related Death Act” the Department of Justice has the legal responsibility to require law enforcement agencies to report any and all deaths of people while in custody.

To date, although this law has been in place for several years, the financial penalties on law enforcement agencies for not complying have not been enforced.

We need this information. The victims of police brutality are not just hashtags. They are brothers, daughters and fathers, many of whom we never hear about. Police brutality, especially against people of color, is systemic, and in order to address this national crisis legislatively our elected officials need these reports.

Sign here: Tell the DOJ to require accurate data on deaths in police custody.

A coalition of organizations will be delivering your petition signatures to the Department of Justice on January 23rd, no matter who is the Attorney General. We will not be silenced or deterred.

Join us by signing the petition here.

Keep Fighting, JOHN

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UDC David A. Clarke School of Law
Working Families Party

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