Hillary’s video recapping the VP debate is delicious

Hillary Clinton just released a video compilation of last night’s vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence.

In a nutshell, Hillary took all of Pence’s denials of the horrible things Donald Trump has said, and juxtaposed them next to the videos of Trump saying those very things.

It kind of makes you wonder if Mike Pence has actually ever met Donald Trump.

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12 Responses to “Hillary’s video recapping the VP debate is delicious”

  1. The Oscar says:

    I think they meant style. He was smoother and had better delivery. But he did hurt himself long-term because of videos like this. But he did look very good compared to the rotten apricot he’s running with.

  2. 2patricius2 says:

    To those who say that Pence won the debate, I say: “is it winning a debate when your opponent confronts you with the things your party leader has said, and you deny the facts in a snarky manner?”

  3. Badgerite says:

    When one compares Tim Kaine’s performance in the debate with, say, John Edwards or Joe Lieberman, I think he did pretty well. I remember Joe Lieberman as almost taking a nap. So.
    Give Kaine credit where credit is due. He was there to get Pence to go on record saying lying, dishonest shit and he did not disappoint.

  4. goulo says:

    In case anyone else has trouble seeing the video mentioned in the post, it is viewable at youtube via this link:

  5. crazymonkeylady says:

    You need to take your medicine and go to bed, dear. See a therapist, OK?

  6. sam says:

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  7. Marianne says:


  8. Demosthenes says:

    On November 9 Mr. Pence will claim he really wasn’t the Donald’s running mate, and deny knowing him at all.

  9. Jbrooks9 says:

    This was brilliant! Clinton campaign realized that interruptions would give them the soundbites needed to burn Pence with his own lies. Lawrence O’donnell said that 40 million watched last night and most people will see it through video clips in commercials, internet, etc. This is all that will matter.

  10. Badgerite says:

    Lying with a smile does not make you ‘presidential’ or ‘vice-presidential’. It makes you the Trump Monster’s shill. And that is hardly a “likable” thing to be. IMO.

  11. UncleBucky says:

    Trump and Pence in office will simply empower EVERY DAMNED bad voice in the GOP, all the way from Palin to Giuliani and everywhere in between. This includes Paul Ryan, and… I can’t put the list here, it’s too long, it’s way too long.

    Summary, Trump does not bring you just the Donald. Trump brings you the Hoard.

  12. Badgerite says:

    Well, the GOP always likes to pretend that they are not doing or saying just exactly what they are doing or saying. That is really SOP for them. Case in point, Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a coupons program is not really trying to destroy Medicare. Ummm. Yes it is.
    Medicare as a program isn’t just there to make health insurance affordable for senior, though it is clear that government ‘coupons’ would not even do that, it is there to make the healthcare system accessible to seniors. Since there isn’t a lot of profit to be found in insuring aging people who are developing chronic ailments not only would premiums skyrocket, any kind of coverage could be denied. If the motive is profit as opposed to the well being of the society, seniors seeking health insurance on the open market will lose. Period. They try to sell it as ‘saving’ the Medicare. It is really about destroying it.
    So they suddenly don’t seem to remember anything the Trump Monster has said. What a surprise.

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