New Brit foreign secretary Boris Johnson: Blacks have “watermelon smiles”

At a time when America is in a full-blown national discussion over race, our closest ally, Great Britain, has appointed a new foreign secretary (aka secretary of state), Boris Johnson, with a troubling history of racism.

I’d written earlier about Boris Johnson’s birther comments about President Obama, and his sexist comments about Hillary Clinton (Johnson also suggested that Hillary had murdered her close friend Vince Foster). Now we find out that Johnson’s racism isn’t limited to President Obama.

In a piece Johnson published in the UK publication, the Telegraph, Britain’s top diplomat wrote of the “watermelon smiles” of African children, who he referred to as “picaninnies” (an offensive reference to black children).

Oh, but it gets better. Johnson wrote the above piece while he was editor of The Spectator, a British conservative magazine. Among the articles Johnson edited for the Spectator is one in which we learn that “orientals” are less horny than whites, and that blacks have smaller brains, which explains their lower IQs.

I’ll quote the article, written by someone named “Taki,” at length, lest Mr. Johnson claim the offending phrases are taken out of context. (Johnson has since distanced himself from the article, but he had no problem publishing it at the time.):

Twocoms /

Boris Johnson. Twocoms /

This might get me into hot water, but I’ve been there before. Race is more than skin deep, no ifs or buts about it. On average, Orientals are slower to mature, less randy, less fertile, and have larger brains and higher IQ scores. Blacks are at the other pole, and whites fall somewhere in the middle, although closer to the Orientals than the blacks. In sport, blacks have a genetic edge. They have narrower hips which give them a more efficient stride, and a higher centre of gravity for better balance. They have wider shoulders, less body fat, and more muscle. With more testosterone than whites and Orientals, they possess more explosive energy. Ergo their superiority in sports such as boxing and sprinting.

According to J. Philippe Rushton, professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario, the reason why whites and East Asians have wider hips than blacks, and as a result are poorer runners, is because they give birth to larger-brained babies. It all has to do with climate, according to the good prof. Modern humans evolved in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Africans and non-Africans then split about 100,000 years ago. The further north they went, the harder it became to find food, raise children and find shelter. Larger brains were needed for a longer life and more family stability.

Oh, there’s more. Including a slam against Jews as well:

The problem lies with whites all right, but not the way the Left wants us to believe. It is the cult of victimology, one that treats `victimhood not as a problem to be solved, but as an identity to be nurtured’. An African-American writer, John McWhorter, points out how race hustlers `delight and revel in the cheap thrills of getting to blacks as eternal victims and whites as eternal oppressors’. Just look what the race hustlers did to The Bell Curve, a book that scientifically proved that blacks do have lower IQs than whites. It was Uncle Tom’s Cabin in reverse.

And speaking of victimhood, imagine if Prince Charles had married a black Diana. The white one already thought herself a victim. Oy veh, as Jewish victims tend to say. The feeling of victimhood must be the worse legacy liberal whites have left to blacks. It allows excuse after excuse for blacks to render themselves exempt from the rules and laws others have to follow. In America the problem of school drop-outs, pregnant teenagers, unemployment and abusive parenting is out of control.

Oy vey, indeed.

Johnson and his defenders often claim that his offending comments are “satirical.” Yes, who doesn’t appreciate a good joke about horny orientals and small-brained, watermelon-smiling, race-hustling picaninnies?

What was Britain’s new prime minister Theresa May thinking? When Johnson’s appointment was announced today, many commenters on Twitter, including a BBC reporter, thought it was a joke.

Theresa May, British Prime Minister. Charlie Bard /

Theresa May, British Prime Minister. Charlie Bard /

Prime Minister May knew perfectly well of Boris Johnson’s views on blacks, women, the sitting American president and likely future president. She also knew that America, Britain’s most important ally, is embroiled in a painful and precarious national discussion on race. Yet she went ahead and appointed a man to manage the British-American “special relationship” who is associated with the most loathsome of views on Africans and those of African descent, not to mention his boorish comments about America’s current and possibly-future leaders.

This is the kind of appointment Russia’s Putin would make, it’s not what you expect from America’s closely ally.

There’s a new xenophobic sheriff in London town, and God help us all.

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