Sanders supporter admits to faking “shoot the gays” video

UPDATE: A Sanders supporter has admitted to faking the video of Bernie Sanders arriving on stage in California earlier this week to a homophobic rap song about killing gay and trans people.

The Sanders supporter claims he made the fake video in order to intentionally trick voters as a form of “social experiment.” He issued a statement, which concluded “Congratulations, you played yourself.”

No, congratulations to you, young man. You just ticked off thousands of people online with a story that seriously hurt your candidate, and is now going to be very difficult to put back in the bottle.

Here’s more from the Sanders supporter:

“So long story short, this was a social experiment, and everyone seem to fall for it. Im a Bernie supporter but one of the main things that I set to prove is the medias ability to rewrite headlines and make everything seem twisted. The video was a joke at first, I imagined a 70 year old man walking out to a song that has a hard intro (subtract the homophobic lyrics, which is why it isn’t in the video) but as i thought about it, i knew everyone would go nuts, i just want to give a major shout out to boy culture for keeping a level head about the situation. The video was faked, if you’re going to support a candidate dont do it cause of a viral video, and if it sparks you’re interest, let the flame burn a lot longer than just voting and walking away, we as american citizens have more power than we think, and to all those people thinking they got a 1up on Bernie….I say this…”

UPDATE: 6:25pm ET… Here’s another video, posted by the Sanders campaign, in which you can’t really happen any music at all. Maybe something in the background, but hard to tell what.

UPDATE: 3:46pm ET… The plot thickens. There is now a second video, published two days ago, before the controversy over this began, that shows the same DMX song playing at the Sanders rally, from a different vantage point. The audio certainly sounds real.

The Sanders campaign is claiming that these videos are fake, and the Washington Blade has postulated that the videos were faked in order to hurt Sanders — but that doesn’t explain why the videos were published two days ago with no reference at all to the homophobic lyrics? It’s an ineffective way to try to hurt someone, publishing damaging information and then hiding it.

The Sanders campaign told the Blade that they think the first video was doctored. And it may have been — the music does sound almost too clear on the first video. But on the second video, below, it’s one heck of a fake if it’s a fake. Also, the Sanders campaign knows what music they play at these rallies when the candidate comes on stage. It’s odd that the campaign didn’t simply tell the Blade reporter what song was played. After all, it’s possible DMX did play (the version below), and that someone dubbed a better quality version of the sub over it (the other version further down below). That would meet the merits of “it was dubbed,” but it wouldn’t deny the fact that DMX was used by the campaign.

So was it or wasn’t it?

Here’s the newest video, with DMX playing. Again, why was it published two days ago, before the controversy began, and why didn’t the YouTube description mention the homophobic lyrics if this was published to hurt Sanders? It just doesn’t add up.

And what’s more interesting — it’s Team Sanders that appears to be dubbing music over its own videos. Check out this video below of Sanders in California on May 26, one day after the DMX video. The music is clearly dubbed — you can hear the real music start, then the fake music goes over it, and the campaign mistakenly kept the fake music playing after Sanders started talking, then it abruptly shut off.

The same thing happens in this video from Santa Monica — again, a different real song starts to play, and for some reason it’s dubbed with something else. You can even hear the real second in the background:

UPDATE: This story gets weirder and weirder. A journalist friend pointed out to me that he found some video from the Sanders campaign (via ABC), from the same event, that uses different music than the DMX song. I’m including that video below.

But things get even stranger than that. There’s live Fox News video of the same event that includes no music whatsoever. (The Fox tape goes mute at one point, but when it’s not muted there should be music, like there is on the Sanders campaign tape, and there isn’t.)

So there are three different videos of the “same” event. Now, is it possible these are different events in California on the same day, using the same actors and the same backdrop? Yes. But still, this is very strange.

Sanders/ABC version of the event:

And here’s the live coverage from Fox that includes no music at all:


ORIGINAL STORY: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders this week played a song at one of his California rallies that mocks transgender people and calls for gays to be shot.

Politico, BET, the Root, Billboard others reported that Sanders entered the rally in Lancaster, California on May 25, playing the song “Where the hood at?” by rapper DMX.

The song includes the following homophobic lyrics, among others:

“I show no love, to homo thugs. Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs. How you gonna explain f*ckin a man?”

How you gonna explain it, indeed.

The song is apparently anti-trans as well:

Even if we squashed the beef, I ain’t touchin ya hand
I don’t buck with chumps, for those to been to jail
That’s the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps
I don’t f*ck with niggaz that think they broads

As UPROXX notes, the music played at rallies is not some random thing:

To further gather the troops, Sanders held a Thursday night rally in Lancaster. His fiery speech — which argued for legalization of marijuana and against low Disneyland wages in the face of enormous corporate profits — drew plenty of attention. Yet nothing is making headlines like Sanders’ entrance song, DMX’s “Where the Hood At?” And make no mistake, rally music is a highly planned endeavor.

But what is sure to make more waves is the fact that Bernie Sanders’ newest favorite song is an ode to shooting gay men, or at the song calls them, “homos.”

Man, cats don’t know what it’s gonna be
F*ckin with a nigga like me, D-to-the-M-to-the-X
Last I heard, y’all niggaz was havin sex, with the SAME sex
I show no love, to homo thugs
Empty out, reloaded and throw more slugs
How you gonna explain f*ckin a man?
Even if we squashed the beef, I ain’t touchin ya hand
I don’t buck with chumps, for those to been to jail
That’s the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps
I don’t f*ck with niggaz that think they broads
Only know how to be ONE WAY, that’s the dog
I know how to get down, know how to BITE
Bark very little, but I know HOW TO FIGHT
I know how to chase a cat up in the tree

Here’s a video of Sanders’ entrance. I have a copy of it, in case it gets pulled. Interestingly, you’ll see Sanders come on stage right when the music turns to “niggaz” having sex “with the SAME sex.”

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334 Responses to “Sanders supporter admits to faking “shoot the gays” video”

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  2. Tom Ford says:

    Rebecca, you’re right. I did not find a way to break into those buildings and hide in a corner during the speeches. Nor have I been able to bribe a Goldman Sachs associate to gain access to a transcript. I cannot show direct proof, and I am relying on inference to get to my point.

    And by the way, I am not by any means suggesting that Hillary Clinton is alone in this behavior. This is a systemic problem, and we now see it for most of our elected officials. At this point, members of Congress spend six hours a day calling donors to ask for campaign donations. There is often a revolving door between high ranking positions in our bureaucracies and the industries they are supposed to regulate. And yes, private companies regularly buy access to our government by paying $200,000 to hear speeches. I would not care if we were talking about an inspirational address to college students, but that is simply not what is going on here. A Princeton study revealed that public opinion has a very weak influence on public policy, while the desires of the elite actually does have a strong pull and can effectively veto popular legislation. How do you explain that? Do you simply see it as a coincidence?

  3. shaun h says:

    Ready to admit you were spreading a lie yet?

  4. Jimmy R says:

    Of course, Webster. Thanks for responding. I get it, believe me.

  5. rebeccagavin says:

    You haven’t gotten out much have you? There is this thing called the speaking circuit. There are booking agencies that manage hundreds, if not thousands of speakers. Many speakers charge, and get, upwards of $200,000, for example Colin Powell gets around that much per speech Years ago I worked in the Program Board for a University. I used to look through the catalogs of speakers and they come at all price points. The higher up the ladder of importance and knowledge and experience, the more they can command. There is absolutely nothing shady or out of the ordinary, even, about that. It literally happens many times, every day, that someone is booked at that rate to give a speech.

    I asked you for proof that they had been given money for political favors, and you give me back nothing. You need to demonstrate, with facts, that the money was for political favors.

    Here is an example of a speaker’s bureau. The speakers featured on the page may or may not command $200,000 for a speech, because some speakers are worth more, and able to command more. Does it not make sense to you that a former President and/or a former (and very recent) Secretary State, would be among the highest earners? See, you have to go out of your way to create what you might call “evidence” that actually proves nothing but that they were paid to speak, as so many other people are and says nothing and proves nothing about any supposed quid pro quo.

  6. bluedye33139 says:

    I would know because the person who created the video has spoken about it, you fool. Scroll up. Read the actual article. Oh my God.

  7. icedragon15 says:

    lol how would u know please stop being hilary paid troll

  8. Webster says:

    Then let me apologize. In the heat of this discussion I mistook your comment as a faux-naive snark by yet another of those here who will take any opportunity to try to obfuscate Bernie’s message (there are quite a few, if you notice). The fever-pitch of this discussion is the reason for the tone of my reply — but it’s not an excuse for being rude, so I hope you can forgive me…

  9. Jimmy R says:

    No sir. While I appreciate your comment, I’ve been a Bernie supporter all along, still am. That’s why I was perturbed by this report and honestly just wanted further explanation. No need to get all pissy with me. I’m so not a Hillary advocate.

  10. Tom Ford says:

    Sorry it took so long. I have Comcast cable because they are the only company operating in my area. They benefit tremendously from the crony capitalist system we live in and would have gone out of business long ago in a better society.

    And if you want to argue that the money was not for political favors, then tell me, how often do you see corporations give away $200,000/hour for purposes other than return on interest?

  11. intheivy says:

    Mr. Aravosis, if you care to be fair in your report, you will not refer to this prankster as a Sanders supporter; the fact is, you don’t KNOW that this guy supports Sanders, yet you reprint his claim as though it is fact. Why not simply state that a jackalass– I mean prankster– fabricated the video and the story?

  12. Brocephus says:

    What are you talking about (“if Clinton had done this…”)? Like Bernie ‘did’ something… This is a bogus story started by someone trying to discredit Bernie – the entire thing is fake, but you’re buying it like it was Apple stock selling for $10. I got a bridge to sell… wanna buy that as well?

  13. Brocephus says:

    Almost nobody (and none of the posts I’ve read on this thread) are defending those lyrics, so I don’t know who you’re talking to with that statement… smh. I’m also not at all convinced that perp was a real Bernie supporter. Nope this whole thing smells like a set-up, and people are either wanton and ready to believe the worst, or amazingly gullible… So maybe you’ll succeed in getting Trump elected yet – I thought the American people were smarter than this, but now I’m not sure…

  14. John Metal says:

    John, you should be thanking that “supporter” for the video. What else were you going to fill your Sanders-hate blog with today?

  15. Charles Lawry-Martinez says:

    So is @disqus_K4VwzQSQ7o:disqus going to say sorry to @disqus_1E8sl68pKc:disqus now that it has come out that this is indeed fake like Paul said?

  16. SeaSix says:

    Nothing like exaggeration. That’s the only thing people have the ability to do in order to try and dismiss his record & or value his wisdom. He’s done allright for a very long time. Pro’s & Con’s compared to Hillary? That’s a no brainer. And to Trump? That’s another OBVIOUS no brainer.
    1>> He’s more democrat/liberal/progressive & CONSISTANTLY so than Hillary, EVER was or will be.
    2>>He DOES believe in capitalism….Just not the CORRUPTION that has got a stranglehold within the whole mix. Democratic Socialism is a BALANCE of capitalism, FAIR free trade and more.
    Ya’ll could use to look into his ACTUAL proposals instead of trying to narrate your own storyline with a base of catch phrase insults. That million dollars… Should be exhausted by now.

  17. bluedye33139 says:

    This conspiracy-mongering. Ugh. It wasn’t a Hillary Clinton supporter.

  18. Denise Kelly says:

    You forgot what’s gone on in Haiti, but it’s a long list. It’s hard to remember everything. The GOP only screams about the meaningless scandals. They like to keep us arguing about non-issues and social issues as much as possible. That’s why Bill is GW Bush’s, “Brother from another mother.” and Hill is his sister-in-law. Check the Google images of just how happy and chummy they all are.

  19. Voodoo Chile says:

    If you’re going into the grifting business, it’s probably better to set up a fake charity and give speeches to banks and the MIC than it is to fight for economic justice and free health care.

  20. Bill_Perdue says:

    Trump and the Republicans are not to the right of HRH HRC and the Democrats. They have mostly the same politics and policies and both are consequently despised and mistrusted at historically unprecedented levels. That’s a good thing.

  21. icedragon15 says:

    i think the person who doctored might be hilary paid troll pretending to be bernie supporter

  22. Diana Miller says:

    No, only to correct fake statements. They are not hired from Revolution messaging – the Bernie paid trolls are vile.

  23. Diana Miller says:

    His supporters have done a LOT of damage to his campaign with their antics. Why wouldn’t one dub a film with the wrong music? They aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  24. Ivyjmurray says:

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  25. Blogvader says:

    Happy to oblige.

    Have a pleasant holiday.

  26. Shoot4themoon says:

    Excellent evasion of the question.

  27. Moorezart says:

    The Republicans don’t have to divide and conquer us; we’re doing a great job by ourselves. You’re just driving the wedge deeper with your bashing of Sanders. Seems to me you should be trying to bring us together not tearing us apart. Sadly, politics are more emotional than reasonable. If, by some small miracle, Sanders gets the nomination, will you vote for him?

  28. Moderator3 says:

    I can guarantee that Jameson’s is having a very good year.

  29. Moderator4 says:

    This is nothing compared to the descent of the antisemites, neo-Nazis, and white nationalists that the blog was infested with awhile back.
    But we’ll take the drinks, anyway. :)

  30. 2karmanot says:

    Can’t confuse Aravosis with facts now. He’s in high propaganda mode.

  31. 2karmanot says:

    Noe we’re talking. Poor one for me please.

  32. 2karmanot says:

    Did you say ‘brain’? ROTFL

  33. 2karmanot says:

    Interesting? You would think that a well prepared screed on what Hillary’s actual proposals and policies would be more convincing than this immature slandering of Bernie, which is attracting the kind of troll shit flies that usually buzz around propaganda.

  34. 2karmanot says:

    Oh mods, what a hell of a time you must be having now. I’ll buy you a stiff drink after work….in good theory anyway.

  35. 2karmanot says:

    She has a mouth full of Cheetos

  36. 2karmanot says:

    Shreds of integrity are not forthcoming of late. What used to be a top level political blog has descended into a mean girl pit of slander and bull shit.

  37. earnestp says:

    Um… ok….

  38. earnestp says:

    No need. I don’t believe that all or even most Bernie Sanders supporters are unreasonable. In another year, I would probably support Bernie Sanders, myself.

  39. 2karmanot says:


  40. 2karmanot says:

    Seriously, Mike-in-the-Tundra…an asshole? You of all people who have been on these boards as long as we have seem to have been drinking the Aravosis cool-aid. Sad, really

  41. Bill_Perdue says:

    You’re dead wrong.

    Many think of her as a self aggrandizing egoist and a tool of the rich. They think of Trump the same and that’s why to disapproval ratings for both are as high, before the election, as Bush’s were at the end of his second term.

    google hillary clinton and coronation

  42. Houndentenor says:

    Overall it’s no worse than 2008. What has changed is that we have nutjobs who follow us around on social media just to constantly attack so it’s inescapable.

  43. Max_1 says:

    As usual, Hillary supporters blame Sanders for how THEY GOT PUNKED!
    Surprises me how they didn’t manage to yell, “SEXIST” too…

  44. Max_1 says:

    It’s ALWAYS Sanders’ fault one of his supporters punked all of Hillary’s supporters, especially the former Log Cabin Republican John Aravosis, who gleefully and rapidly hit the print with the trash…

    Yep John,
    It’s Snders fault YOU went TRASHING him. Is that how this works out?
    Because journalistic integrity seems to be below you.

  45. Finn says:

    Absolutely shameful. No wonder you started off as a Republican, it’s your natural mindset. The smear “it doesn’t matter if it’s true, it’s out there” campaigns, the faux outrage, all hallmarks of conservative propaganda machines. There’s not a reason anyone should ever read a word you write ever again. Utter trash.

  46. TheNeedle says:

    So someone posts a video doctored to be embarrassing to Sanders and then claims to be a Sanders supporter. And you believe it.

    Wanna buy a bridge? I got one cheap.

  47. Gerard L. says:


    Rick-rolled much? Or just feeling the Bern?

  48. pliny says:

    …. and this is why I waited to comment until after the campaign had a chance to respond. Now lets see if they say something sane about breaking bread with those anti-PrEP ass-clowns.

  49. LiveFromHere says:

    John Aravosis : Moves to NYC and becomes even worse.

  50. SeaSix says:

    That smear tactic is a FAIL pal. You are doing just like Hillary did and cherry picking a moment in a video and trying to attach a whole different storyline to it. WORSE you’re trying hold things against Bernie that you claim YOU have not heard? You are not a mind reader. Who promoted the first GayPride Parade there? As for the video you are willing to base this wild assumption of a man’s stance….because he was DISCUSSING another leader and another country? It’s ridiculous! That pattern could be a deep rabbit hole if we start doing that with Hillary, considering all the photo’s, convo’s & comments she’s had or made of & with unsavory people. (Henry Kissinger, for one, Margaret Sanger, for two…Saudi’s, Osama, etc)

    I DARE you to watch that entire video. It’s actually a GOOD example of how Bernie would use diplomacy wisely before BOMBS or boots. It wasn’t ‘Pro Castro’ narrative that ya’ll claim. It was AGAINST Reagan. It is a good video that proves that Bernie has wisdom and is NOT an irresponsible, spontaneous loose canon, like Hillary the war hawk. Bernie felt we had no damn business wanting to go overthrow another’s government… that ‘policing the world’ attitude and for other interests. Bernie was ABSOLUTELY correct. As he has been in many situations. Nice try. #NoMoreWars

  51. SeaSix says:

    I’m not one either… frankly I don’t see this ‘action’ other than Hillary ppl repeating it. “Bernie Bro’ ?’BernieDouches’ ? Ya’ll certainly can dish it out and what…Never expect that some might give it right back to ya? I’ve never so much as used the F word or called Hillary any vile name nor made many long comments in these convo’s BUT DAMMIT! It’s hard to watch what people are willing to do in desperation. OR watch just how LOW they’ll stoop to try & make one person look terrible & the other fantastic.
    Man o man the crap I’ve seen thrown at Bernie from Hillary people (besides Trump’s) is EXACTLY what they claim a ‘BernieBro’ does. These are the most IMMATURE adults I’ve ever witnessed and Bernie’s knocked for having young, know nothing, ‘kids’? Ridiculous! What I see of them is that the very serious ones do research the candidates. Hillary has a lot of negative historical moments and she cannot escape it. If her supporters can’t handle being confronted about those moments they toss out NASTY fervor. They also have the same ‘superiority complex’ that Hillary has and with more degrees of condescension than that of a thermometer. THEY ARE NOT BLAMELESS!
    Bernie’s has a positive track record and has an HONESTY rating that Hillary only wish she had. She’s not doing well in the polls and that’s a fact. Independents haven’t had much vote in these primaries. Come the general… If it’s between her & Trump, they’ll write in Bernie or may vote green or MAY vote Trump. That IS THE RISK of nominating her. If it were between Bernie & Trump… chances are they’d not hesitate to choose Bernie… PERIOD. Then we’d win!
    Hillary is a HUGE risk in the general with just her dems. She’s not focused on trying to bring people INTO the dems that were never for her when she ran against Obama. She CERTAINLY hasn’t gained them this round. She’s so INCONSISTANT besides tangled in special interests that ARE NOT progressive. She really is a weak candidate with her base alone. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE… The DNC hopefully will.

  52. Phil in FLL says:

    While Edwin Acuna’s Twitter page was still up, Becca (who posted a comment below) went pretty far back and was convinced that Edwin Acuna is a Bernie supporter. I didn’t have time to do what Becca did, and you are correct in saying that Edwin Acuna has now taken down his Twitter page.

    I understand that Acuna was getting a lot of flack on his Twitter page—understandably—and maybe that’s why he pulled his page down. I can also understand why, now that Acuna has pulled his Twitter page down, people might think that Edwin Acuna was not being honest about his motives. If Acuna was operating on behalf of anyone, it’s equally likely that he was operating on behalf of either Trump or Hillary. After all, Trump has been trolling his rivals all year. How about the Trump-funded tabloid stories about Ted Cruz and his supposed mistresses and the bizarre Trump-funded stories about Ted Cruz’s father helping to assassinate JFK? Trump-troll fingerprints are everywhere this season. I’m just suggesting that you not automatically rush to judgment and accuse Hillary first, second, last and always… you know, just because.

  53. Phil in FLL says:

    It seems like Edwin Acuna has removed his Twitter page.

  54. Reality Bites says:


    •Fakes video specifically to TROLL.

    •But can’t fake a persona.

    Yeah, plausible. Persona building is easy. If you knew how easy, you wouldn’t accept the ‘ending’ of the troll. Nicely wrapped up though. Twitter deleted too. It’s over. TBH, he’s the best troll so far. He trolled, got the ending he wanted. Even has people believing and defending his words as true, even when he is a proven liar.

    BTW, go find tweets by that user from 6 months ago. See if you can. doubt it.

  55. Phil in FLL says:

    You could check Edwin Acuna’s Twitter account rather than responding with the knee-jerk reaction that suits you. The idea is to first look at the evidence in the specific case (Edwin Acuna and his tweets) and then form a conclusion. Your method—which I think is less reliable—is to formulate the conclusion first.

  56. Reality Bites says:

    So, it’s a Bernie supporter. Case closed. Look away. It’s over.

    Don’t be naive. Trolling 101 requires multiple personas. The ‘legend’ (persona you created) taking the blame, is a basic ‘the end’. Persona building software exists, which makes shilling/astroturfing easy.

    Who has known paid sill trolls? Clinton camp. THAT’S A FACT.

    • Fooled by fake video.
    • But trust the words of that person.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Basic troll is basic. All fingers point to those with paid shill trolls. Other culprits could be Trump supporters.

    The real tin-foil is that it’s a Bernie supporter who done it. Especially when you’re believing at face value, the words of a proven con man.

  57. Phil in FLL says:

    I’m not sure if Reality Bites, but forming tin-foil-hat conspiracies to suit your liking sure bites.

    BTW, it seems that you’re ashamed enough of your past comment history to hide it. Just sayin’.

  58. Phil in FLL says:

    Bernie’s 1989 video in praise of Castro was during a time of flux in Cuban society and politics. As recently as 1980, the Cuban government called gay people scum and publicly celebrated sending them out of Cuba in the 1980 Mariel boat lift. Then throughout the 1980s, Cuban society and some officials in cabinet-level departments of the Cuban government became more sympathetic to gay rights.

    In a time of uncertainty in Castro’s Cuba—and with a horrendous anti-gay history (1960 slave labor camps for gays)—the very least Bernie could have done was offer some constructive criticism about the history of gay oppression in Castro’s Cuba. To my knowledge, Bernie has never criticized Cuba’s record, not in 1989, not before and not since. He has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to anti-gay Marxist regimes. I wonder what he thinks of modern-day tyrants like Putin and the Iranian ayatollahs. I know Hillary has mentioned current tyrants, and I definitely wouldn’t trust Trump, who actually admires Putin.

  59. Reality Bites says:

    Fakes video. But honest, they’re telling the truth about being a Sanders supporter. Do not question it.

    Clinton has people paid to shill troll. Paid to do it.

  60. goulo says:

    Surely you’re not seriously suggesting that no Clinton supporter might also love that song. Many people (of all political stripes – I am making a general observation, not a partisan comment) enjoy music without paying any attention to the lyrics.

  61. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:

    Oh, remember this photo? Bernie claimed it was one of him? Well, TIME Magazine proved it wasn’t. The man standing in that photo was open adoption advocate and a fellow UofC alum Bruce Rappaport, who passed away in 1996. His identity was verified by several people who attended the university with Bernie and Bruce (they’re also in the photo), and Bruce’s widow.

  62. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:

    No, I didn’t forget. I just wanted to cover some of the “high” lights (or should that be low lights?)

  63. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:

    Most of my fact come from things you, being a Berniebot, probably never heard of. They’re called newspapers and his congressional record. You might want to check them out.

    By the way, Bernie’s congressional attendance record? The only member of the House or Senate with a worse one is Marco Rubio.

  64. revbones says:

    John – you are officially part of the problem now. No better than Trump given your outrageous conduct as of late.

  65. revbones says:

    Nice how you just had to keep a negative Sanders headline. You have sank to lows I wouldn’t have thought possible John.

    Also, what proof do you have that he’s not another paid Correct the Record troll? Probably none. Nice bit of verification and journalism did. Keeping high standards for your integrity now huh?

  66. hiker_sf says:

    Yeah, instead of pretend chair throwing and this, you ignore REAL violence committed by a Clinton supporter.

    ‘Wire’ star Wendell Pierce arrested for attacking Bernie Sanders supporters in Atlanta hotel

  67. BeccaM says:

    I thought so, too, Brocephus, which is why I went down the rabbit-hole and found the name of the guy via John’s link. Then found Acuna’s twitter feed where apparently he’s been catching all kinds of shit about the video, but admitted to it.

    I scrolled back for most of a year in his timeline (far longer than anyone would be a 100% secret troll) and found someone who, when he could be bothered to tweet about anything other than hockey, anime, or his girlfriend, mostly just slung shit. Oh, and he makes like he’s a rap-loving homeboy (which seems to have been the motive for making the video). And on the very few occasions when Acuna tweeted anything political, he clearly did not like Trump at all and was pro-Sanders. On the other hand, he had nothing to say about Clinton pro or against.

    Seriously, the “it was just a social experiment” is the kind of idiotic lie someone comes up with when they’ve done something incredibly stupid (but viral) on the Internet. I had no choice but to conclude the guy is so dense, he didn’t even know the song included some major anti-gay/anti-trans bigotry, and probably thought he was doing something cool for Bernie. Or he knew, but didn’t think people would note the parts of the song he didn’t include in the doctored video.

    I wanted it to be a Trump plant or a 4chan troll or a virulent homophobe or was even willing to accept maybe it was a Clinton dirty trick if the facts led in that direction.

    However, I don’t deny evidence when I find it and it appears to be legit. Acuna is a Sanders supporter. My main complaint about him is he seems blithely unaware that using the word “bitch” as an insult directed at men is incredibly sexist. And he was also an idiot for not realizing people would note the rest of the lyrics to that disgusting song.

  68. BeccaM says:

    He seemed to care only for Vermonters, in that Sanders couched his opposition to federal-level anti-LGBT laws as a “state’s rights” issue. Basically, he apparently didn’t have a problem if, say, Texas wanted to make getting a Vermont civil union (which Sanders preferred up until 2009) or a Massachusetts same-sex marriage a felony for Texas state residents.

    Moreover, back in the early 1970s, Sanders also referred to various civil rights fights for minorities to be a distraction from the economic and political revolution he advocated as a member of the Liberty Union party.

    Sanders’ and Clinton’s current support for LGBT rights — which is the only thing that really matters in THIS election — is roughly equal.

  69. Brocephus says:

    If (and I emphasize ‘if’) you’re correct, then my apologies to John. But I still smell a rat – nobody’s tHaT stupid – maybe he’s a Trump plant.

  70. BeccaM says:

    Follow the links back and you’ll find he IS a Sanders supporter. A complete hockey-obsessed dude-bro moron, but a Sanders supporter nonetheless.

  71. BeccaM says:

    “It was just a social experiment” smells as fishy as the original hoax did. Now I did track down the original poster, some dude named Edwin Acuna (seems legit as far as scrolling back on his Twitter feed showed in terms of him being an actual Sanders supporter). I was prepared to learn he was some apolitical troll, but it does seem he’s for real. But also a complete idiot.

    Honestly, I smell rank idiocy from a guy who probably didn’t even pay attention to what the lyrics were saying. Most of his feed is him just saying ‘fuck’ about hockey games and, upon occasion, calling people ‘bitch.’ I don’t think he even has the brains to realize he just screwed the guy he supports.

  72. Brocephus says:

    Child PLEASE! This is bullshit – mos def it was no Bernie supporter. Just more right-wing disinformation – nobody believes this crap John.

  73. Webster says:

    And when Bernie was running for Governor of Vermont in the early 1970’s, he was calling for all laws against gay people to be overturned.

  74. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I am not one of those assholes. This election is the nastiest that I can remember. The vile behavior seems to be escalating. If the Dems don’t become more civilized with one another, we will lose the general election to an idiot. Defend Hillary all you want, but you don’t need to point a finger every time someone on the other side says something.

  75. Margaretjbaylis says:

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  76. howie14 says:

    I dislike Bernie intensely, think he is a fraud and a grifter, but I wouldn’t blame him even had the video been accurate. I just assumed an aide was stupid.

  77. laurieb3 says:

    Cynthia, you left out how he voted against the health care extension for the 9/11 first responders.

  78. laurieb3 says:

    While Peter Staley has been on social media and not exactly feeling the bern, he doesn’t exactly strike me as a vindictive type. He’s all over social media being reporting about his meeting with Bernie and has made his point so why would he have to go switch music tracks on video clips? The whole thing seems very immature.

  79. Webster says:

    One of the reasons Bernie is fighting for free tuition in higher education is so that people like you will understand the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism as it’s practiced by enlightened nations in the 21st century. (Of course you’ll have to qualify before you can be accepted for enrollment…)

  80. George Clay says:

    What the right wing doesn’t talk about at all are her involvement in the Iraq War, overthrow in Libya, overthrow in Honduras, desire to bring forth further destruction upon Iran and Syria, support of TPP and NAFTA, etc. So no, not everything is a “right wing talking point.” The GOP are equally guilty on most of these issues anyway. I could care less about Benghazi and the rape case. Her real problem is being a war hawk and a corporate backer.

  81. karenbrown65 says:

    So, a random so-called Bernie Sanders ‘supporter’ (really, who puts out a video that is edited to harm the chances of a candidate you SUPPORT?) and it hurts BERNIE, and Bernie is supposed to apologize for something that HURT HIM?

    Wow, that’s some mindboggling twisted logic you have there.

  82. Webster says:

    You’re not seriously confused, you’re not paying attention. In the early 70’s when Bernie was running for Governor of Vermont, he called for all laws against gay people to be taken off the books. He is the strongest champion for LGBT rights in this or any other election campaign in American history. But you would know that if you didn’t have your head jammed up in Hillary’s lady-parts (say hi to John while you’re up there).

  83. Houndentenor says:

    Maybe you should make your arguments to the Bernie supporters who accuse anyone supporting Hillary of being on the take? Or who think that Trump would be better. Or who attack anyone who isn’t on the Sanders train?

    If you aren’t one of the assholes then I will apologize. But there are a lot of Berniedouches on the attack lately. You must have noticed.

  84. Jbrooks9 says:

    Oh my my, you ARE an “angry fag”.

  85. Jbrooks9 says:

    As usual , Bernie Sanders is silent on the immature conduct of his supporters. Funny to see Sanders supporters hyperventilating about their own media lie. They seem to have no problem slandering Hillary Clinton with right wing talking points.

  86. revbones says:

    Your “facts”? They belong in the trash. You should do better research to earn your Correct the Record troll fees if you only rely on such lies.

  87. revbones says:

    Congratulations to you John Aravosis – in your desperation to pounce on Bernie for anything you jumped too quickly on your hate-bernie speech as usual, and continued as seen by the many updates. Nice job jackbag. Is anything too ridiculous for you now?

  88. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I taught first grade. One of the common arguments used by the students was, “He did it, so I did it.” My answer was, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

  89. Moderator3 says:

    Do you feel that our commenters’ reading skills are so poor that they can’t pick out the important elements of a post?

  90. zmayhem says:

    It’s zmayhem, thank you. 9981 was disliked by lots of people but in fact welcomed by the overwhelming majority of those white officers and enlisted men who had already had experience working alongside or supervising “colored” platoons.

    And my point stands, entirely untouched by your citing of 9981 — DADT wasn’t as sweeping as that order, but it was the best Clinton believed he could push through without open insurrection (opposition the moment he began talking about changing and it was absolutely *not* opposed by, as you stated, “just about everyone.” It was loathed by conservatives who felt that LGBT individuals had no place in the military at all, no matter how deeply closeted, and needed to be either stopped from enlisting or aggressively rooted out and discharged if they did slip through. Even a compromise like DADT was anathema to them. Forcing them to accept even this much and to agree to stop prying and stop pursuing was at least a qualified win, and was received as such.

    Of course, they couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t stop prying and pursuing, and over the next half decade it became clear that the compromise was unworkable. Happily, the entire culture had changed drastically enough that when Obama started talking about repealing the whole thing his words were (mostly) welcomed — except for most of the same people who’d regarded DADT as a hideous deal with the devil when it was first enacted, and who now acted like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    My argument is apologetic in the classical sense – that is, it’s explanatory and places DADT in its appropriate context. Your argument remains deplorably ahistorical — (a) again, Hillary had nothing to do with DADT in any case, and (b) nobody’s asking anyone to forget DADT. It was a well-intentioned compromise pushed through against furious opposition from those who wanted no compromise at all (unlike 9981, which came after years of slow semi-integration that got the buy-in of the actual working military) that earned already enlisted LGBT individuals just a bit of breathing room and, over time, proved that they weren’t the problem, straight panic was.

  91. Houndentenor says:

    So I insulted them. It’s not like the Berniebros haven’t been insulting me and people like me for months now.

  92. John Whatevzz says:

    This is such a “we don’t really follow any rap or do research but we will make assumptions” article. While the lyrics are what they are, the song isn’t about shooting gays.

    It’s a diss track aimed at Ja Rule. But whatever makes your narrative better.

  93. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Gee thanks. You just insulted many of your fellow commenters.

  94. Caroline Malone says:

    When I read the headline, I immediately knew it was fake. To the guy who conducted the social experiment — you failed in many ways.

  95. emjayay says:

    Absolutely true about the capitals shouting in general, but I didn’t even think about it for once in this case because it seemed like a necessary emphasis for once.

  96. Bill_Perdue says:

    HRH HRC is the right wing.

  97. P Doerner P says:

    What was she running for? NY state senate?

  98. emjayay says:

    Yes. I hadn’t thought of the rights issue, which explains the substitute music tracks if not the crappy choices.

  99. emjayay says:

    And you were onto something as it turns out.

  100. Houndentenor says:

    actually, he said that he made it as a goof and then thought of it as a social experiment (after it blew up in his face). Whatever. All he did was reconfirm what a lot of us thought about Bernie supporters. So congrats, douchebag.

  101. emjayay says:

    Thank you for your well reasoned comment that does not in any way rely on attempts at some kind of character assassination of someone you don’t know.

    Calling someone a “troll” twice doesn’t make it a thing.

    As a matter of fact, I do agree with Bernie’s basic critiques and I do totally support a social contract that is up with other more wealthy countries, have for about forever, and have commented on all of it many years before I ever heard of Bernie Sanders. Not unlike many other long time readers and commenters here.

    In any capitalistic system, which is pretty much all of them other than Cuba and Venezuela today, there is one goal of any business: maximising profits. Been this way since Adam Smith. Since humans are involved, those in a position to do it generally also try to get as much of those profits in their individual pockets as possible. Competition is supposed to limit the profits and also limit the ability of those people to do that.

    It is the necessary job of government to create and insure the market conditions that make for competition, and address the income inequalities that may occur, to make sure harmful externalities (the tragedy of the commons) don’t happen and the costs are applied to their source when they do, run a legal framework that makes it work, etc. Bernie continually blames individual greed and evil corporations etc. for abuses but offers few structural and legal remedies and has not been effective in getting much in the way of reforms. And this is what he has been doing for decades. Just ask Barney Frank – in 1991:,3641940&hl=en

  102. Jimmy R says:

    I’m confused, seriously. Is Bernie a strong supporter of LGBT rights, or isn’t he? I did notice on Bill Maher last night that he championed every other group except LGBT. At best, that’s condescending.

  103. Blogvader says:

    Dunno, Mayhem.

    Maybe you should read up on it, and then perhaps you’ll understand its relevance to the apologetic argument you’re making.

  104. Fireblazes says:

    Sander’s supporter admits culpability

  105. Webster says:

    I’m sorry, but any decent person with any shred of integrity would apologize for a rush to judgment and fanning the flames on a story they hadn’t vetted thoroughly…

  106. zmayhem says:

    Which has what precisely to do with my point about DADT being, at the time it was passed, opposed not by pretty much everyone, but opposed by conservatives and supported by the LGBT community and hailed as a victory? Everyone, including the military itself, is far better off with full unqualified inclusion, but to fault Hillary for it is (aside from being plain wrong as she was not an officeholder of any kind at the time) essentially saying, “Shame on you for having facilitated the necessary first step without which we never would have gained full inclusion!”

  107. TheAngryFag says:

    But it’s not “ridiculous e-mail nonsense”. Some of the Republican conspiracies are just that, conspiracies. But that doesn’t negate the fact she a) misrepresented what form Secs. Powell and Rice did, b) she lied about setting up the server so she only had to use one device (she used several), she deleted e-mails and wiped the server even though there was an on-going investigation (whatever merits said investigation has are irrelevant; one was being conducted), c) she did not send copies to the State Department servers which was in the regulations that were updated 8 months after she took office.

    Not to mention she was a flaming hypocrite for sending out a memo reminding her employees about not using personal accounts to do State Department Business.

    And let’s not forget that server was not configured properly and secured and was apparently penetrated multiple times.

    Oh, yeah, and her refusal to cooperate with the Inspector General’s investigation.

    Shows real honesty, integrity, and character.

  108. NikE says:

    he doesn’t owe him anything. The fact that some of Bernie’s supporters love such ultra-homophobic songs can tell more about Sanders. he should denounce such supporters.

  109. Juan Rulfo says:

    An experiment that makes your candidate look bad? WTF?

  110. Plisko says:

    John, I have been an audio technician for the past 25 years in both live events and video post production. I don’t have time to analyze all the videos at the moment but I can offer these points “sight unseen”.

    1) It is very easy to fake these things in audio. Think of all the fakery they can do on video and imagine it 10 times easier. The brain misses things much more easily with audio. That’s why foley artists can smack celery as a sound effect for punching someone. If I were asked to fake this audio I would search around for a camera mic recording of the DMX track being played at a beach party by a DJ or at a concert with people screaming and yelling. I would remove the audio from the political rally and replace it. Or, if there is an introduction first, I would fade the new audio in just after the announcement and blend one into the other before the rally’s music starts. With a little finessing and tweaking I could then make it sound exactly the same as a distant camera recording a stage event’s music.

    2) The reason the Sanders campaign is dubbing different music on their videos might be because performance rights at a venue and synchronization rights for music put to video are two separate types of licenses. They may not have permission to use the same music so they dubbed over music that they had rights to.

  111. Webster says:

    No one listens to your “facts” as they bear no resemblance to reality…

  112. scottsgirl says:

    WHAT is the name of the Bernie supporter that did this? I call bullshit without a link.
    Someone did this to hurt Bernie, I have a feeling who could be behind this. There is an activist with an aids victims group that has been all over the internet trashing Bernie for wanting to lower drug prices on AIDS meds, saying this would hurt availability. He has been vicious in his attacks on Bernie, and is a Hill supporter. That is where the fingers should be pointed. Peter Staley.

  113. Webster says:

    And congratulations to you for your irresponsible head-long rush to find yet another Bernie-bashing faux story to spread across the internet on behalf of your tanking candidate.

    All along I’ve said that I would support Hillary if she became the candidate–however, thanks to the vile, mocking, insulting behavior of people like you and Joan Walsh, I’m very seriously considering joining the ranks of the Bernie or Bust crowd. You owe Bernie and his supporters a heart-felt apology.

  114. JabbingJay says:

    You love to perpetuate that nonsense as if Bernie Sanders has been a lifelong supporter of gay marriage. He finally became pro gay marriage around 2007. Before that it was a “state issue,” but then again, you spend so much time parsing through Hillary’s perceived negatives that you completely ignore those of your own candidate.

  115. JabbingJay says:

    Why does every news report that portrays Bernie negatively need to be followed with one of Hillary? It has been proven she receives more negative press than Bernie Sanders. If the media didn’t focus on the ridiculous email nonsense, it’s because YOUR candidate spent the week making a fool of himself begging Trump for debates so he can prolong his stay on the limelight.

  116. Moderator3 says:

    Please go read the article again.

  117. Moderator3 says:

    Shouting can get your comment deleted. There will definitely be no one listening if that happens.

  118. Villager says:

    Senator Clinton marched in the Gay Pride parade in NYC long before
    gay marriage was even under discussion

  119. Moderator4 says:

    If you have the facts, reasonable people listen. If you shout, people tend to ignore you.

  120. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:

    No one listens unless you shout.

  121. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:

    I have a brain and a FUNCTIONING pair of ears.

  122. TheAngryFag says:

    Another day, another Bernie hit piece. Yet I fail to see a story about Hillary getting the smack down from the State Department Inspector General over her e-mail lies.

  123. UPDATE: A Sanders supporter has admitted to faking the video of Bernie Sanders arriving on stage in California earlier this week to a homophobic rap song about killing gay and trans people.

    The Sanders supporter claims he made the fake video in order to intentionally trick voters as a form of “social experiment.” He issued a statement, which concluded “Congratulations, you played yourself.”

    No, congratulations to you, young man. You just ticked off thousands of people online with a story that seriously hurt your candidate, and is now going to be very difficult to put back in the bottle.

  124. disqus_7wWyVBLcfS says:

    That could be – but ut doesn’t negate the lack of any validity to the primary argument

  125. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:

    Bernie Sanders is nothing like he plays himself up to be.

    His civil rights “record”? Apparently, most of it actually belonged to a fellow UofC alum named Bruce Rappaport, and NO ONE who marched in Slema OR Washington, DC, remembers seeing him there.

    His “record” on LGBTQ rights? Until Hillary Clinton stated SHE was for making sure the LGBTQ community was protected nationwide, Bernie was all “let the states decide” and that marriage was “a sacred union between a man and woman.”

    Women’s rights? Not only did he NOT flip on this, his “heath care plan” doesn’t even include women OR children.

    He’s voted AGAINST comprehensive immigration reform, AGAINST shutting down Guantanamo Bay, AGAINST ANY form of firearms regulations, AGAINST protecting children from pedophiles… but voted FOR every Senate pay raise, ESPECIALLY when they don’t deserve one.

    In fact, it would be safe to say that, unless you’re white and you’ve got a dick, you don’t count in Bernie Sanders’ “vision” of the United States.

  126. Kansachusetts says:


  127. NikE says:

    If they supplied this clip it doesn’t mean that it’s real. You should reread article. Serious doubts about THIS “real” clip.

  128. Drew Marshall says:

    Who the fuck cares if it is a “youth crusade”?! I’m no “youth” but what the fuck he says finally rings true with me! Citizen’s United was NOT against Clinton. It was a money making venture on a grand scale for her many donors and thus for her. And for your information – this is supposed to be a democratic society, first and foremost. If capitalism interferes with that than we need to adjust that – NOT DEMOCRACY. If the consumer class cannot consume than you have issues in a capitalistic system. Capitalism 101. Seems like you are a troll that wants to point out the physical nature of the candidates (i.e. “hunched”). Why don’t you look up what logical fallacy that falls under. Oh, and I am SO interested in what YOU have to say regarding how YOU don’t disagree with Sander’s economic critique. NOT! You want to sound like a reasoned, balanced individual that is “just stating facts”. You should look into how throwing out unsubstantiated, unimportant fallacies that don’t even begin to “prove” your argument doesn’t make you that kind of person. Just another ill informed Clinton Troll, that wants the status quo to continue. What are you? Twelve?

  129. disqus_7wWyVBLcfS says:

    BTW – here’s the real clip – supplied by Sanders. So much for the second “argument.

  130. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    There’s no boat like a swift boat.

  131. disqus_7wWyVBLcfS says:

    >>Again, why was it published two days ago, before the controversy began

    Because we all freaking know that anything controversial makes waves the instant some posts a doctored video.

    Right? Or could it be that is one of the stupidest arguments posted on the web this week?

  132. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You were there?

  133. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:

    Hate to break this to you, ducky, but the FAKE music is the heavy metal shit that was laid over by the Sanders campaign AFTER the fact.

  134. Moderator3 says:

    Why are you shouting?

  135. Drew Marshall says:

    Actually she was responsible on many courses of action. She refrained from presenting Bill with the information regarding a single payer health care system on the grounds that “he shouldn’t be responsible for making that decision”. Even an action of inaction is still an action.

  136. Cynthia Joy Finnegan says:


  137. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Before going off half cocked, look at this: Then if you want, go off fully cocked.

  138. Drew Marshall says:

    Hey Hillary Troll. From the story above: “A journalist friend pointed out to
    me that he found some video from the Sanders campaign (via ABC), from
    the same event, that uses different music than the DMX song. I’m
    including that video below.” Might want to reign in your horse, Hoss. And if you want to peruse history – you’ll notice (I refrain from using the phrase “obviously notice” since nothing is obvious with you guys) that throughout history he’s supported gay marriage and the like. It was you Clinton supporters that are okay with your candidate only starting to support gay marriage in 2010 and not a minute before. (note of correction on my part: I don’t actually know if you are a Clinton or a Trump supporter but am only guessing by your status quo loving rhetoric.)

  139. NikE says:

    Seems that Sanders campaign is lying. Sanders MUST apologize and fire his campaign manager. Otherwise we should demand him to drop out from senate as well. Homophobia and such lies have no place in senate.

  140. Drop Off says:

    The Democrats have a choice between a candidate who voted for the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, and one who didn’t, and they want to talk about whether or not the one who didn’t did or did not play DMX at a rally. Christ, Democrats are dumb.

  141. Blogvader says:

    And you guys sound like conservatives Post-Ferguson every time you drum up a controversy like this.

  142. Max_1 says:

    Dude, you’re trying too hard.

    Instead of being so eager to publish anything to smear Sanders and to only later issue retractions and updates, try delivering stories to your readers about what Hillary is great at and going to deliver on. The most recent article on Hillary in your blog is about how she WAS good for LGBT Rights. Past tense? What’s to look forward too… with a headline about what WAS?

  143. rebeccagavin says:

    Apparently it DID not happen. Fooled me. I’m ashamed. I wanted it to be true.

  144. Blogvader says:

    Have you ever heard of Executive Order 9981?

    Also strongly opposed by pretty much everyone, but it didn’t stop Truman, did it?

  145. Blogvader says:

    Well, we did establish with the “chair thrower” that this blog is perfectly fine with selective editing of videos, so it’s not out of the question that this one was also selectively edited.

  146. Blogvader says:

    NHYankee, I’ll take Sanders’ positions over the gutting of Glass-Steagall by Bill Clinton any day of the week.

  147. Blogvader says:

    Unlike some, I’ll go on record saying that I think we should look at a person’s record and critique it when making our decisions. I do not dislike Hillary because she’s a woman, old, or her fashion choices.

    I dislike her because she (like many) will do little to change the economic inequality in this country and supports a parasitic health insurance industry. (And also strongly disagree with her foreign policy.)

  148. Blogvader says:



  149. Blogvader says:

    It is swift boating, yes.

    Sanders’ record clearly shows a progressive politician that supports gay rights. (And he’s arguably been the most progressive we’ve had in recent memory.)

  150. Plantsmantx says:

    So have I, and I’m not convinced by any of them. Either they have no music, or they have different music which, unlike the first one, has obviously been edited in. There’s no echo or any of the characteristic distortion of music played over a PA system.

  151. Blogvader says:

    That is a very weak apologetic argument that could be used to justify absolutely anything.

    Do a google search on Executive Order 9981 if you don’t think the Clintons had the power to change things.

  152. Blogvader says:

    The proper response is to look at a person’s record and acknowledge it, rather than slandering a person’s character.

    I posted Sanders’ response to the US vs Windsor decision on this thread for your reference.

  153. Blogvader says:

    Some parts of it, yes, but some are not.

    Her association with Wall Street is well-documented. Her endorsement of the parasitic health insurance industry during the debates is on film if you want to dig it up. The fact that she didn’t address the problem of labor theft in this country until Sanders forced her hand is also there, though I’ll give her credit for conveniently coming up with a response when she had to.

    As for the current topic, it’s also well-documented that she supported DOMA and DADT, but unlike Sanders, she and Bill had the power to change both of those if they’d had the courage. (Do a google search on Executive Order 9981.)

  154. rebeccagavin says:

    Link to credible source that Clinton received $200 mil for political favors. I will be waiting.

  155. orogeny says:

    Hard core Clinton supporter here, When I first saw this video with the DMX track playing I knew it was bullspit. I may not agree with Sanders’s proposals, but I don’t think he’s stupid. There isn’t a snowballs’ chance that this is not a hoax. John…promoting this was not a good choice. This is the way Republicans work.

  156. Blogvader says:

    Well, I’ll go on record as one Bernie supporter who thinks it’s absurd to manufacture these controversies.

    And feel free to dig through my posting history if you think I’ve done anything other than critique her actual record and associations.

  157. mapwizard says:

    these videos and fake and I cannot even believe this passes for news.

  158. Zorba says:

    Miller??? I hope not, emjayay. There are plenty of really nice craft beers available in this country now. ;-)

  159. dave9282828 says:

    You can see in the fox news live version right after he introduces Bernie there is about 7 seconds of audio with no music playing at all, before it’s muted. Meanwhile – in the two doctored videos – one has the music already starting before the person finishes his intro. (The one with #noahtv tag, posted first). The other video has the music start immediately as the intro finishes. The one in the 3:46 pm update.

    So either these are completely different rallies with the same intros and clothes (and I believe I can make out the ladies in red to the left shoulder of Bernie (right side of screen) in all the videos.

    Or you have two completely different version of with the DMX song… meanwhile there is no music in the fox live feed…

    If only there had been about a hundred other people there with cellphones recording this as well. we May never get to the bottom of this….

    Hey didn’t Clinton pay a million dollars to hire online trolls…

  160. Phil in FLL says:

    Some are concluding that the video with the DMX song was faxed. In any case, an article from Slate tracked down the source of the original video with the DMX song to Twitter account for Edwin Acuna, who (according to Slate) is a Bernie supporter. Here is the link to Edwin Acuna’s Twitter account:

    In his article, the author at Slate accepts the Sanders campaign account of events. (The link to the Slate article is here.) The Slate article includes, as evidence, two videos provided by the Sanders campaign. The only problem, at least from my perspective, is that the two videos from the Sanders campaign are playing different songs during Bernie’s entrance. This is beginning to get like untangling a ball of spaghetti.

  161. emjayay says:

    Definitely. Saturday. Miller Time. (well, not Miller actually).

  162. emjayay says:

    Yes, it does now seem like the video with the DMX song was faked.

  163. Zorba says:

    Who the hell knows what the real “truth” is? This is all getting way too weird for me. It’s after 4 PM in my time zone, maybe time for a Jack Daniels on the rocks.

  164. emjayay says:

    So all businesses should be worker cooperatives?

  165. Phil in FLL says:

    OK, if you say that the video in Gracie’s comment was from in the crowd, then what do you make of the one below, which I included in another comment? Do you think it’s doctored? The song is obviously not the DMX song:

  166. emjayay says:

    The above one is obviously from in the crowd. The pro versions can also have a direct feed for the music being played and can bring the direct feed up if they don’t want it to be echoey and include crowd noise, like in the preshow part.

    Gaps aren’t necessarily indicative of anything – things can go wrong. On the Fox one the sound drops out halfway through the speech, and then comes up from a remote mic. The main mic probably had a cable connection or other problem somewhere along the way and they switched to a substitute they had there for just such an ocassion. It’s not a studio and there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong.

  167. Webster says:

    That’s it. I’ve had it with John and AmericaBlog. Enough is enough.

  168. Ramanusia says:

    By the standards Bernie and his minions apply to everyone but themselves that is.

  169. Ramanusia says:

    Interesting exercise in classic deflection though, isn’t it? You make a point, that he cannot argue, so he posts a video attacking Hillary, while exposing his own ignorance about Bernie’s other missteps with the gay community, such as his war on the HIV/AIDS activist he and his campaign are attacking.

  170. Fireblazes says:

    There is really no need for ad hominem attacks, while I do not like Bernie, I have refrained from personal attacks on you. Civility would expect the same from you.

  171. Charles Lawry-Martinez says:

    Oh, I saw that one; thanks though! I thought they were saying there was a specific quote of DMX confirming it or stating he approved it. This one seemed like it was just reaching out to him for commentary; as if he wasn’t already aware it was used. Not saying that’s the case, that’s just how it seems framed to me.

  172. Gerard L. says:

    John you used to be my gay blogger.

    Now you have become Clinton blogger.

    I am dumb-founded.

  173. Gindy51 says:

    This was one of those disrupt the DEMs things the 4chan GOPper freaks pushed out there. It smacks of their stench.

  174. Phil in FLL says:

    There is Gracie’s video below compared with my video, in which the sound volume lowers as the music starts to play. There have to be any number of eye witnesses. Can anyone get to the bottom of it? The plot definitely thickens.

    Also, Gindy51 has a fascinating comment below, which I have to quote:

    “This was one of those disrupt the DEMs things the 4chan GOPper freaks pushed out there. It smacks of their stench.”

    The Republicans? Trying to disrupt the Dems? If that were indeed the case, it would be the real story.

  175. DominaNefret says:

    I’ve looked around and there are multiple videos of this, taken from different places and at different angles.

  176. Phil in FLL says:

    I understand what you’re saying when I compare the two videos. As far as audio technology, this is beyond my level of expertise. You say that the video above is from a camera phone. Now that you mention it, I’ll bet there are a gazillion camera phone videos of this event. Most of the people in that crowd must have had a smart phone of some kind. Are you sure that the video above is from a cell phone? If so, whose? Even without cell phone videos, there are certainly people in the crowd who must remember which song was being played. The plot thickens…

  177. Gracie Bean says:

    You can hear the sound go in and out. they edited the video…

    here is a camera phone taken….

  178. Phil in FLL says:

    Of the different videos I’ve seen, this is the only one in which the background music and the noise of the crowd don’t seem to be “separated.” I’m not an audio expert, but that’s the only way I can describe it.

  179. Gracie Bean says:

    here is the real version. They are trying to edit out the song. you can clearly hear their version muting out the music. lol

  180. Michael says:

    I’m a professional TV editor and both clips have had their music edited out – that’s why there is no crowd sound and applause sound – it cuts in and out. That is the telltale sign of an edit being made in the sound (a bad edit of course). And, the clip that has the ‘rock’ song was laid over after the live sound was edited out to cover for the fact that there were sound edits made. But, you can still here the applause just suddenly cut in when the DMX song stopped and they could edit in the live crowd again.

  181. NHYankee says:

    My mistake Harry. You are of course correct, but Bernie is still not a Progressive on economic issues.

  182. emjayay says:

    Maybe it’s a fake outrage. But it does appear that Sanders is running a youth crusade, with the final intro guys being teen hearthrob teevee twin stars. Well, at least one is gay. And the continual crowd reaction seems rather youthful groupthinky.

    Also, going to a rally means you are part of a Revolution. Cool. And Bernie is indeed still the early 1950’s New York City based Jewish leftist, with a heritage of Marxist analysis (not that there isn’t something to that, as far as it goes and in perspective.) The repeated “working families” and “the people” stuff for example. The demonization of everything having to do with Wall Street. He didn’t say “the business model of Wall Street is fraud” this time anyway, but this is the basis of his beliefs.

    These kids don’t know anything about all that. They haven’t heard it before. He didn’t happen to mention that Citizen’s United was against Hillary Clinton. I’m sure she’s kind of opposed to the decision as well. Bernie didn’t mention how to get lobbying and political contributions etc. under control. It’s been tried in various ways before. And mostly knocked down by the Supreme Court on Constitutional grounds. I’d like to hear an actual proposal or two.

    The whole blaming individual CEO’s and capitalists personally for low wages and benefits is absurd. They are doing what they are supposed to do in a capitalist economy. No actual structural and legislative solutions offered, only demonization of greedy people.

  183. Phil in FLL says:

    When a major media outlet, like, has vetted the story and run with it, you can forgive the general public for taking a closer look. After all, is not some fly-by-night outfit. Having said that in defense of the general public, it looks like Billboard (as well as other media outlets) was hoaxed. Below is the actual video of Bernie’s entrance:

  184. karenbrown65 says:

    ‘News’ these days is often various blogs simply copying and pasting stores onto their own timelines with a touch of commentary and a headline.

    In other words, 20 people repeating a wrong news story doesn’t make it accurate.

  185. Gracie Bean says:

    As one Vermont columnist put it in 2000, getting a straight answer from Sanders on gay marriage “was like pulling teeth… from a rhinoceros.” In 2006, Sanders said he supported civil unions but not same-sex marriage, again deferring to states.

  186. Everybodhi says:

    Bernie opposed gay marriage in 2007, he did not support Vermont’s attempt to enact gay marriage, he said it was “too divisive”.

  187. Mike Gearhead says:

    Just because your finding this on other out lets doesn’t make it any more real. Media is controlling what you see…

  188. David K Anderson says:

    It doesn’t matter how many outlets ran with the same false story. There is too much evidence this was fake (and a pretty clumsy overdub, in fact) This kind of sleazy crap constitutes the sort of deliberate ratf*cking the Hillary campaign has been indulging in all along.

  189. flame821 says:

    Yes, and I make no qualms about being a Hillary supporter. Doesn’t mean I don’t do my own research. (and many of those links have removed the video) And the one thing that makes me question the DMX video(s) is the fact that they all seem to be the exact same POV, and I would expect more than one person to have posted this if it were true. I wanted to see an official video to verify for myself and the closest I found to the entire event being posted is the one with the silent gap.

  190. Bill_Perdue says:

    Like their Republican brothers and sisters the DP is going to come out of the 2016 campaign – win or lose – in much worse shape than then they entered it. Humpty Dumpty is having a great fall and Sanders can’t put it back together. The forces unleashed by his campaign cannot be contained in the DP.

    As Black Agenda Reports says: ”The split in the Democratic Party will become an unbridgeable chasm “when Sanders supporters are forced to recognize that the 40-plus percent of the Democratic base they represent cannot coexist with Hillary’s ‘truer and more fully explicit ruling class party,’ and needs its own electoral political formation.” The Republican side of the corporate duopoly has already been destabilized. Clinton’s hard right turn will fracture the Democrats.

    As those moving left, and Sanders cannot stop that movement, are confronted by Clintons sharp right turn and the increasingly rancorous and desperate views of many of her supporters they’ll be forced to find a new and independent political vehicle to drive change. ”Highlighting the divisions in the Democratic party this election, Colorado’s ballot measure for a universal, single-payer healthcare plan is facing unexpected resistance from the very same party that has been calling for such a healthcare plan since the 1990s.

    “There is a disconnect between the powers that be and the people,” said state senator Irene Aguilar, a former doctor and the chief architect of the statewide ‘Medicare-for-all,’ called ColoradoCare, in an interview with the Guardian. “The powers that be are incrementalists. There hasn’t been a courage of conviction to try and deal with [healthcare coverage].”

    If it passes, ColoradoCare would make Colorado the first state in the nation with universal healthcare.

    Republicans and Democrat supporters of “Hillary Clinton …. continues to support the least popular position of maintaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with only incremental and modest changes.

  191. Moderator4 says:

    Shaun h, repeating “it didn’t happen” over and over again is getting more than tiresome, and many of your comments have been deleted. Keep it up, and you will be banned. This is a warning.

  192. emjayay says:

    No one thinks of HRC as “her majesty”. This is the same kind of wingnut insinuation of saying Democrats think of Obama as “The One” and follow him blindly. It’s an authoritarian follower attitude, not a Democratic one. It’s projection.

  193. Tad Dunlap says:

    Same thing Bernie was saying back then -and Obama. Thankfully they all evolved on the subject. Sanders said he was in support of civil unions because marriage was “a distraction”. That is more supportive somehow?

  194. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Why did you do all that research? John had already posted the three different videos of the event.

    BTW – you do realize that all your past comments are there for all to view?

  195. Tad Dunlap says:

    He said “marriage” would be a distraction and thus he was going to support civil unions. So much for being progressive.

  196. Gracie Bean says:

    Were you there?

  197. Gracie Bean says:

    YOu werent there

  198. Gracie Bean says:

    As one Vermont columnist put it in 2000, getting a straight answer from Sanders on gay marriage “was like pulling teeth… from a rhinoceros.” In 2006, Sanders said he supported civil unions but not same-sex marriage, again deferring to states.

  199. flame821 says:

    Being a skeptical person I decided to do a little sleuthing to see if the claims that this is doctored are true. In less than 5 minutes I found 3 different videos of this speech. EVERYONE of them has something different for his entrance. One had silence (obviously doctored and sped up), another a nondescript synth melody that suddenly blurts out and the crowd noises disappear, or the DMX song. So if it is a fake video, well done you’ve influenced an entire news cycle. If it isn’t a fake, someone in the Sanders’ campaign office has some explaining to do.

  200. Gracie Bean says:

    Sanders did support civil unions as far back as 15 years ago, but it was for the same reason he opposed the federal Defense of Marriage Act in 1996: his strong belief in state’s rights. He wasn’t advocating for legal marriage for same-sex couples. He actually avoided the subject.

  201. Blake Hardeman says:

    So to try to appeal to Black Voters Bernie uses a rap song, and not only a rap song but a Homophobic, Transphobic rap song!?!? WTF?!?!?

  202. Gracie Bean says:

    Where you at this rally?

  203. Gracie Bean says:

    Bernie did to at that time!

  204. Gracie Bean says:

    he may have done this, but he also never felt the federal government should impose on states rights when it comes to same sex marriage. he also supported unions, not marriages.. He is as consistent as the rest of them.

  205. Interestingly, “whatever” is exactly what I think after reading any of your posts.

    That, and that you seem like the Michelle Malkin of the left…

    in that I wonder if I’d rather lose than win and be stuck next to people as nasty as you. That stank don’t shower off.

  206. Phil in FLL says:

    This is in response to those who say that this report is false. That is possible. However, if you Google “Bernie” “dmx” and “song,” you’ll come up with a very long list of other media outlets that are also reporting the story. Americablog is hardly the only media source reporting this. The other shoe has to drop, and the public is definitely waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  207. Gindy51 says:

    Were you THERE at THAT rally, if not you can say it didn’t happen all you want but it means NOTHING.

  208. Gindy51 says:

    He personally may not have known but he hired the people who did. We’d roast Trump over white hot coals if he had done this, why is it that Sanders gets off?

  209. Bill_Perdue says:

    HRH HRC has a long record of racism and racist remarks.

    In the 1990’s

    Against Obama in 2008.

    “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign IEDs (Insinuations, Exaggerations and Distortions) – The Clintons have built their entire political lives on the premise that if they can’t win pretty, they’ll settle for winning ugly. … “Is Obama a Muslim.” Hillary was asked on 60-Minutes. “No. Not as far as I know,” she replied”'s_campaign_ieds_(insinuations,_exaggerations_and_distortions)

    She’s a long time supporter of racist US interventions in the Arab and muslim world. She never criticized B Clintons infanticide in Iraq.

  210. Uhhhhh, except that Socialsts don’t believe Government should control the means of production.

    They believe the workers should.

  211. Kiersten says:

    So you think Bernie ACTUALLY KNEW the words to that rap song? Uhh no. I sincerely doubt it. Most folks I know who do presentations look for music that is driving and have a very moving beat. A mistake? Yup.. But am sure it is the fault of the organizers who didn’t think to check out the lyrics.. I’m sure they will now, if this is true at all.. BTW, I Am often driven to rap music because of the beat and the tempo but do I know the words.. Nope!
    I am sure there are many boomers just like me!

  212. Jbrooks9 says:

    The music on the Sanders release appears to be superimposed over a crowd cheering. The DMX video seems more authentic, in that the crowd and music seem to be in sinc. At one point a supporter seems to be fist bumping in time to the song.

  213. laurieb3 says:

    Well, I gather since this is the only thread shaun h isn’t on saying it didn’t happen, something must’ve happened.

  214. Fireblazes says:

    So now there are 3 different theories, whatever..

  215. shaun h says:

    Keep telling yourself her majesty is on your side.

  216. Fireblazes says:

    BSers sound just like the Republicans talking about Obama.

  217. You might want to look at the update.

  218. Fireblazes says:

    Once again, BS and his BSers show they have no person responsibility.

  219. shaun h says:

    You think the entire playlist is changed every rally? Might want to go to a couple yourself.

  220. dommyluc says:

    Say that another 350,000 times. Maybe you’ll convince yourself to believe it.

  221. shaun h says:

    The campaign didn’t play the song. It’s clearly overdubbed after the fact.

    Hillary supporters will lie about anything and everything.

  222. Fireblazes says:

    No, he likes Hillary this time, there’s no lie, the song was played at a BS rally. As a great person once told me, “You don’t get people into trouble, they cause it themselves.

  223. shaun h says:

    Acknowledges what? It never happened.

  224. shaun h says:

    I’d love to see a link of an example of Bernie acknowledging a “misstep”.

  225. shaun h says:

    It didn’t happen. There is nothing to apologize for. Someone overdubbed music after the fact.

  226. Phil in FLL says:

    I understand that you’ve “been to several Bernie rallies to date.” That doesn’t prove your claim. The folks on the blogosphere and in the media will no doubt start asking people who were at this particular rally. I’m not psychic, so I don’t know what their stories will be, but you’re not psychic either.

  227. shaun h says:

    It didn’t happen. You people are desperate.

  228. shaun h says:

    It didn’t happen. These people who say it did, are liars.

  229. Plantsmantx says:

    If someone edited “Where The Hood At” into the video, they were a good enough sound engineer to very, very convincingly make the music sound as if it was in the room, and not edited in.