Sanders supporter publishes “hit list” of superdelegates, includes woman’s home address

A supporter of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has published a “hit list” of Democratic super delegates, which includes the apparent home addresses of several superdelegates, including at least one woman. (Thayer is now claiming that he’s not a Sanders supporter — his Twitter feed suggests otherwise. More on that at the end of this story.)

The Sanders supporter, Spencer ThⒶyer — who uses the anarchist symbol to spell his name — is is urging fellow Sanders supporters to “harass” Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates, in order to get them to change their vote to Bernie Sanders.

The site, called “The Superdelegate Hit List,” includes the names, addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts of the Democratic superdelegates.


You’ll note that the logo is a donkey with two arrows through its head.

UPDATE: Thayer just just gave a troubling answer in response to concerns that his site could lead to violence against superdelegates:super-delegates-hit-list

The superdelegates are in a spread sheet that permits people to give feedback on their contacts:


I checked the twitter accounts of several superdelegates in the “hit list,” and they did in fact have several people tweeting at them about supporting Sanders. One person quoted on the “hit list” Web site reported that the superdelegates were getting angry at the contacts. Thayer was elated:


Harassment was Thayer’s intent all along. Here is the tweet in which Thayer came up with the concept:



The harassment has gone so far as to include the alleged home address of Alabama Democratic party state chair, Nancy Worley. I easily found the address on Google maps, including an image of the home, which I won’t post. (The address has subsequently been removed from the database.) The list also included what claims to be Worley’s cell phone number.

Occupy Wall Street has already forwarded Thayer’s “hit list” to its members, via Twitter:


Thayer, the creator of the Super Delegates Hit List, has this to say about Marxism:


And this to say about capitalism:


And he had this to say about the use of violence in politics. First, about an Andrew Jackson statue on a college campus:


And this about violence in liberal politics more generally:


And this, about the need for “leftists” to arm themselves:


While I have found no direct connection between Thayer and the Sanders campaign, the Sanders campaign created a portal to make the Super Delegate information available to their supporters. Once their supporters got the message, and started harassing the superdelegates (one was called a “b*tch”), Sanders removed the portal, but the damage was done, the information was out there.

And keep in mind that Sanders and his own chief of staff have made clear that part of their strategy for victory is stealing Secretary Clinton’s superdelegates.

It appears that Sanders’ supporters got the message.


Update: Thayer is now trying to claim that he’s not a Sanders supporter. In fact, when Thayer first revealed the idea for his “hit list” on Twitter, he made clear that this was a partisan effort for Sanders by including the “FeelTheBern” hashtag.


Also note Thayer asking for help from other Sanders supporters to stop Hillary. Thayer adds: “I think this can really turn the tide.”


Then there this:

by default 2016-04-05 at 9.26.28 PM

Thayer also retweeted a partisan message from Occupy Wall Street and someone else:retweeting-partisan



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