Video shows white San Fran student accosted because dreadlocks “appropriate” Egyptian culture

San Francisco State University is investigating allegations that an African-American university employee physically accosted a white student for wearing dreadlocks and “misappropriating” Egyptian culture.

A YouTube video shows a young African-American woman arguing with a young white man about his hair. The woman repeatedly puts her hands on the man to stop him from walking away, while mocking and chastising him.

The victim, 22 year old environmental science major Cory Goldstein, say the woman initially approached him and said “sorry, we don’t want people with your hair here.” He responded, “wow, that’s really rude,” and walked away. She then followed him down two flights of stairs, and confronted him again.

Interestingly, in the later video, Goldstein says he does believe in the concept of “cultural appropriation,” but feels dreadlocks don’t qualify. (I will say, something about the original video looks fake to me. The young man and woman almost seem like they’re acting. Though it’s unclear why they would act this out and then let the university investigate it as real, which would be a serious violation of the school’s honor code. Just wanted to mention it.)

Cultural appropriation is part of a longer list of new “microaggression” grievances spreading like wildfire at college campuses across the country. It’s a tactic typically used to silence and/or punish other people with whom you disagree. Some of the previous cultural appropriation grievances at other universities include using the word ingredients in ethnic food, and wearing pilgrim and native american outfits at a Thanksgiving them party.

And I did a little research on dreadlocks. They don’t come from black culture. In fact they’re a cultural appropriation of hair from the ancient Greeks and others.

These are via a wonderfully detailed wikipedia entry:

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The video of the confrontation, and Goldstein’s interview later, are below.

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