Bernie Sanders compares Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign to Goldman Sachs following Clinton endorsements

Bernie Sanders isn’t getting all of the endorsements that he and his campaign think he should be getting.

The Service Employees International Union’s signature campaign is Fight for $15, and yet they endorsed Hillary Clinton despite the fact that it is Sanders, not her, who supports a $15 minimum wage.

Most of the 46 members of the Congressional Black Caucus have endorsed Clinton despite the fact that Sanders can make a case that his criminal and economic justice platforms are better for the black community.

Yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Clinton, and while Sanders hasn’t exactly been a leader on LGBT issues, at least he hasn’t tried to airbrush past support for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Of course, there’s a simple explanation for why Clinton is winning these endorsements and Sanders isn’t: These organizations think Clinton is going to win. Two particular endorsements, however, seem to have gotten under Sanders’s skin. Last night, he lashed out, claiming that Planned Parenthood (which endorsed Clinton earlier this month) and the Human Rights Campaign didn’t endorse him, at least in part, because they’re part of the “political establishment” that he’s been “taking on.” Said Sanders:

Bernie Sanders, via AFGE / Flickr

Bernie Sanders, via AFGE / Flickr

What we are doing in this campaign — and it just blows my mind every day, because I see it clearly, we’re taking on not only Wall Street and the economic establishment, we’re taking on the political establishment.

And so I have friends and supporters in the Human Rights Fund, in Planned Parenthood. But you know what, Hillary Clinton has been around there for a very, very long time and some of these groups are, in fact, part of the establishment.

Look, there is a case to be made that the Human Rights Campaign and, to a lesser extent, Planned Parenthood are part of the progressive “establishment” in that they have the ear of Democrats in Congress and make high-profile endorsements. They raise money, keep offices in Washington and lobby Democrats on the progressive side of their respective issues. Many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters reacted strongly to the word “establishment” as if both of these organizations are completely outsider. I wouldn’t go that far.

However, at most, these organizations are a very different kind of “establishment” than what Sanders invokes when he talks about Wall Street and the economic establishment. Wall Street and the economic establishment are what they are because they have captured both parties, not one, and have done so to such an extent that most of their influence has been won before they write their first check. Practically everyone in both parties already agrees with them on core economic issues. They never bother to endorse candidates because they don’t need to; no matter who wins, they’re on the same team.

One of Sanders’s overarching themes in his campaign is a critique of the neoliberal economic consensus that politicians in both parties have agreed to and the financial sector helps enforce — a consensus that he doesn’t feel any other candidate in either party would think to criticize, let alone do so adequately. This critique can’t (or at least shouldn’t) apply to Democratic constituencies and advocacy groups because, well, Sanders really doesn’t disagree with them on much. Extending the word “establishment” to them in such a way implies the same kind of shady influence peddling for the sake of maintaining the status quo at the expense of the general public that we mean when we say “Wall Street establishment.” That’s not even close to fair to apply to the Human Rights Campaign and Planned Parenthood.

Sanders basically just equated the these progressive advocacy organizations — organizations with which Sanders has practically no political differences with — with Goldman Sachs. That’s bizarre. There are better explanations for why he didn’t get their endorsements, and he knows it.

I like Bernie, but I’d also like him to walk this one back.

Jon Green graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Political Science and high honors in Political Cognition. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. Follow him on Twitter at @_Jon_Green, and on Google+. .

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92 Responses to “Bernie Sanders compares Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign to Goldman Sachs following Clinton endorsements”

  1. sj says:

    Keep thinking small and you’ll reap small. There’s no reason why some of BS ideas can’t be made into reality. If not now then When do we get rid of Citizen’s United for ex? I’d be happy if he brought that down in 4 years because that ruling is tragic to our whole system.

    Hillary has a conflict of interest with the Banksters being her backers and questions about her Foundation as well. Her bucket list of being potus is strong but I’d like her to be stronger on FAIRNESS for the middle class and yet she only upped her talking points on these issues to compete with Bernie and that is the facts!

    I’m not comfortable with her being a Hawk either. One more war and the middle class is done for. I don’t know about you but average people’s investments can’t go thru that again. Bill whom I voted for twice…allowed Glass Stengall to be cut and look where that got us? The Clinton’s rely on their Bank associates and that’s too close for comfort for me personally. We need to get a real progressive in the WH and in in seats in Congress to turn this ship around before we run back onto the rocks again.

  2. sj says:

    469 seats are up for election in 2016. The Dem candidate needs to stress to The People that if they really want Change…they have to vote in Dems, now more than ever. The GOP has become dangerous to hold any majority. They do nothing for The People and everything for themsleves while in Congress. It’s so obvious you’d have to be dead not to realize it.,_2016

  3. Daniepwils says:

    Who has he attacked? Please show me?… He hasn’t “attacked” anyone. Asking someone questions about why they did this or why they didn’t do that isn’t attacking.

    Maybe instead of name calling you could act like an adult and debate like one as well.

  4. Ol' Hippy says:

    I really like Bernie, I do, but I wonder if he could win the office from a staunch right wing conservative. The attacks calling him a communist or worse would be relentless. Hillary has the backing of the banking industry, which I think is corrupt, but they have the resources to attack the energy and defense industry. This fall we face several critical areas; an explosive middle east and a looming climate catastrophe. The fact that the GOP is supported by these interests and a base that’s against the civil rights we have fought for mean we need a candidate that can prevail. In a gentler softer time Bernie would truly be better for the country but with so much on the line I think Hillary has a better chance to defeat the GOP.

  5. Daniepwils says:

    Get his way? All he did was say he was disappointed in the endorsement. Since when is that an attack. Frankly, he is correct in saying that the leadership is establishment.

    You are the one who seems to be attacking people on these forums…And the HRC is made up mainly of well to do gays (mostly white, but not all). I have been a member for YEARS, and have given them a lot of my own money. The fact that they didn’t even poll the members on this is why we are very upset about the entire endorsement.

    Frankly, all I would have asked is that they waited until the primary was over to endorse a candidate. Hillary or Bernie are both great candidates, it should have been decided by the members though.

  6. Daniepwils says:

    Please show me where my post was an attack of any kind and where I didn’t use facts?

    The only one “attacking” in anyway is you, who seems to think it is okay to name call to get your point across. Grow up and learn how to debate like an adult.

  7. Daniepwils says:

    How is my attack ugly? Please show me where I named called like a child (like you just did). Oh and by the way, I raise money every single year for PP (I have for years) here in Houston.

    And why does it matter that I am a male and white? I can’t have an opinion?

  8. Vincent818 says:

    Truthfairy1; I would hope that any Democrat voting in the Primary would do the responsible thing, and check the long term history and positions on the issues, of both democratic candidates, also, their current positions on the issues, and their voting records on the issues. Bernie’s stellar record on progressive issues are way too many to post here, but he offers a summary of his position on Women’s issues at,
    And for any Democrat or Independent that believes Bernie won’t be able to get anything done from the White House, I suggest you simply Google search “The Amendment King”, and take a few minutes to read up on Bernie’s 12yr record as a Congressmen in a very conservative GOP lead House of Representatives from 1994 – 2006, where he passed more Legislative Amendments than any of his other 434 colleagues on either side of the aisle. Bernie was dubbed, “The Amendment King”, for his success at reaching across the aisle and forming bipartisan coalitions… You’ll see Bernie’s Senate accomplishments as well…
    Hillary declaring she’ll fight tooth and nail for women’s rights, like she always has, bless her soul, will only treat the symptoms of the much greater systemic problem. The real illness, which only Bernie recognizes, is the corrupt campaign finance policies infesting our political system. Without the corrupting MONEY (Billion$), the GOP doesn’t take control of the House or Senate, or hold it, and women’s healthcare rights and abortion rights don’t become losing issues. Hillary doesn’t want to repeal Citizen’s United, because that would fix the problems, and without problems, what is she going to exclaim from her soapbox. I compare Hillary’s position on women’s rights, to that of the positions drug companies take when addressing illness. “Why should we find a cure, when we can sell the medicine that treats the symptoms forever”! I’m certain you’re backing the wrong Champion.!! Go Bernie, he’s the ONLY trustworthy candidate applying for the job….

  9. Carlen says:

    I agree with you on this. I would say that Bernie has done more for the issue important to the Human Rights Campaign message and the LGBTQI community though. The point he was tying to make, and I was making, was that there are a lot of organizations who are very large and who have been in politics for a long time, and Bernie wasn’t expecting their endorsement in part because of their past relationships. I would also say, considering Bernie has viciously defended Planned Parent hood, his point was made by the fact that they struck back over this gaff very quickly and used it to gain political points. They hit him pretty hard considering how much he as worked on the floor of congress on their behalf.

  10. Truthfairy1 says:

    What is Sanders “stellar record/history” on women’s health/abortion rights and human/civil rights? Not just voting on other lawmakers bills. What has HE done to advance progress in these areas during his 25yrs in the House & Senate?

  11. Truthfairy1 says:

    Hillary has been working on behalf of women and children’s health care rights long before Bernie, bringing visibility to issues on a national and international scale by getting directly and effectively involved in programs and actions.

  12. Truthfairy1 says:

    Berniebots are all over Social Media and they respond viscerally to the tiniest critique of Saint Bernie. So it’s no surprise the swarmed over HRC Face lol page. They don’t care about fact-based reality, such as the fact his key agenda ideas are politically unrealistic or there’s a reason why his best progressive buddies in House & Senate have endorsed Hillary (they know Bernie’s shortcomings vs myth, know he’s not a leader and would be a disaster as the leader of the Western World’ and CIC).

  13. JosephP says:

    Stumped me too.

  14. thomasbone63 says:

    If Bernie dose not wind the nomination you still get out to vote. Blue is the color.

  15. mhead110 says:

    I dunno, I’ve supported PP for many years, & I was pretty pissed off that PP endorsed Hillary, and I wrote to tell them so. I’m not a young white straight guy, I’m 65 & female, and I’m delighted to be working for a candidate (Bernie) who aligns so closely with my hopes for this country. Sure, I’d love to see a woman president, but that’s not my idea of the primary qualification.

  16. mhead110 says:

    what the heck is that supposed to mean?

  17. Vincent818 says:

    There’s no question, Bernie’s policies and agendas would ‘By Far’ better serve most of these groups that endorse Clinton, than any of the policies and agendas of Clinton’s would. Any attempt to attack Bernie’s stellar history/record, and unwavering stance on any of his progressive positions, is, and would be completely unfounded, and can be chalked up as nothing more than ‘panic’ coming from the HRC camp, and her supporters. Democrats that vote against their own best interests remind me of the poor, and working class Whites that vote Republican. These leftists groups just aren’t as smart or clever as they believe they are…. Go Bernie.!!!

  18. Carlen says:

    Bernie did not “trash” PP or HRC. He said that he didn’t expect their endorsement, or the endorsement of congressional figures, or goveners, because the established politics in the US are so strong, viz., the establishment.

    The fact that PP immediately hit back without asking for clarification of why someone who has viciously defended them to congress would say such a thing, and instead used his half true gaff as a political ploy against him, speaks to the fact he might be right.

    I love PP. I think they do good work, and are smart. But they have gotten this far by at times playing politics. It’s not that bad actually. It is what everyone does. Bernie is trying to change that game so good ideas supported by the public get put in place and not just those bought by billionaires and large corporations.

  19. sallyhampton says:

    “Get real” and “be practical” and “not politically viable” is code for we are here to protect the status quo for our corporate donors. When politicians say this about reform that the majority of Americans support, it really rubs me the wrong way because it is so dishonest.

  20. sallyhampton says:

    except they will be competing with all providers. Most poor can’t just go to any clinic or doctor right now. PP is needed now for that very reason.

  21. sallyhampton says:

    yes and no. First, Single Payer would be an expansion of Medicare. And it would give poor the ability to go anywhere for healthcare. PP’s existence is based on the need to fill the demand of healthcare for poor who can’t get it elsewhere.

  22. sallyhampton says:

    Tax payers already fund 60-65% of all healthcare in this country. read the article at the link. Middle class pay twice – taxes AND expensive private insurance premiums. And even more so now as taxpayers now subsidize private insurance premiums for poor. Medicare for all would eliminate the private insurance premiums.

  23. sallyhampton says:

    Oh yes it would. The reason PP exists is to provide free care to poor who can’t get it anywhere else. Under a single payer plan, everyone (including poor) have coverage as a right and can choose to go to any doctor, clinic or hospital. Single payer could easily put PP right out of business.

  24. sallyhampton says:

    This was another decision made by the leadership that didn’t make any sense because both Hillary and Bernie strongly support PP and reproductive rights.
    I would also like to know what PP’s stance is on Medicare for All. I have a feeling they are not for it because it would put them out of business. Under Medicare for All, everyone would automatically covered under the same plan as a right and the poor would be able to go to any doctor or clinic. Do countries with National healthcare have organizations like PP? I don’t think so.

  25. thomasbone63 says:

    I lost all respect for Bernie.

  26. SteveZgt says:

    You seem to know how the politicians will fund health care in the future, I don’t. We both agree things will change and somehow you know exactly what will happen. We’ll see.

  27. Mawm says:

    And he did not support marriage equality in 2006. He stated the civil unions were good enough for us.

  28. Mawm says:

    No one forced Bernie to trash PP and HRC. He did that on his own.

  29. Mawm says:

    Yeah, let’s trash all the organizations that have helped us, because Sanders doesn’t get his way. You guys sound so much like tea baggers.

  30. Mawm says:

    The fact that Sanders supporters swarm sites that don’t endorse him and post ugly attacks doesn’t mean the members view things that way. A huge portion of the PP trolls were young white straight boys who I’m sure had donated and volunteered for PP on numerous occasions. Riiight

  31. Mawm says:

    Sanders is a sleazy conman who attacks anyone with a different opinion.

  32. Val Perry Rendel says:

    Is Goldman Sachs gonna give me an IUD today, Bernie? Huh? Fuck you, old man.

  33. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    Listen more carefully. The majority of Planned Parenthood’s patients…. pay close attention here…. are already on free single payer government health care insurance. Medicaid. That’s how PP pays the bills. Expanding single payer isn’t going to hurt PP. It will help them.

  34. SteveZgt says:

    Since PP does not get U.S. funds for abortions and considering abortions are a very small part of what they do they would not be able to survive as they do now.
    Read your first paragraph calling abortion a sin, fire bombing, etc. That part won’t change because religion in America dictates these ignorant responses based on superstition and misguided beliefs in ancient invisible gods.
    I think you are mixing up two different issues, the need for abortion, which I agree with and the survival of PP if we have paid health care.
    The real problem is stupidity in America, unfortunately they don’t have clinics for that.

  35. Daniepwils says:

    It seems the Human Rights Campaign took down their Facebook page review section because an overwhelmingly majority disagreed with the fact that they endorsed Clinton and not Sanders. They went from an almost 5 star rating to about 2 stars in under 24 hours.

    The leadership should have listened to their members and not just arbitrarily decided who to endorse. Especially even before the primary…

    Sanders has an HRC rating of 100, while Clinton has never had more than a 90 rating.

    It isn’t a coincidence that the president of the HRC worked for the Clintons years ago or the fact that Clinton, HRC and PP have Goldman Sachs as a major contributor…follow the money!

  36. kladinvt says:

    The HRC is an irrelevant organization, made up of “well-to-do” white gay males. Only those over a certain income level are “worthy” to them.

  37. rmthunter says:

    Actually, the name used to be the Human Rights Campaign Fund.

  38. Carlen says:

    I strongly support planned parenthood. At the same time I do wonder what universal healthcare world mean to them. In that since, they are a part of the establishment I’m the medical field who may or may not want what Bernie is pushing for.

    Does anyone know if there stance on his Medicare for all plan?

    Also, don’t be so political. PP I did expect a more mature response from you. Your obviously trying to turn this into a smear campaign against Bernie. Establishment is just what has been. You have a long working relationship with Hillary and Bill and Bernie is up against that. It could have been left at that. Not really a big, or political systement beyond what he says every day.

    HRC same thing. Bernie here actually has a stronger record, but Hillary had stronger ties to the leadership. That’s it.

    Our democracy deserved a better conversation than this, one of substance.

  39. TheAngryFag says:

    HRC is nothing but a group of professional homosexuals begging for money.

  40. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    The average dentist doesn’t, but suppose there was a strong political movement that considered removing wisdom teeth a horrible sin, so horrible they would picket dentists offices, scream at patients going in to get their wisdom teeth removed, and occasionally threw firebombs threw the windows. Well, you’d find that most dentists wouldn’t do that operation anymore. Most hospitals refuse to offer abortion services… not because they are averse to Medicaid dollars (which won’t cover abortion anyway), but because they don’t particularly like being picketed and firebombed and shot at. Single payer is going to change nothing as long as doctors are afraid to perform abortions and the only a tiny number of clinics in each state are willing to do it. Planned Parenthood will be just as necessary.

  41. Jon Green says:

    Sure, but at least he cast the right vote, is my point.

  42. timncguy says:

    well, he was half right. He was wrong to support a state’s right to oppose marriage equality.

  43. SteveZgt says:

    It differs from state to state but it would be a real stretch to say that the average dentist gets anywhere near 40% of his income from Medicaid. I’m also guessing my dentist does not have a Super PAC.

    PP is a non-profit organization and that business model would need to evolve under a single payer system. The organization as it is would not be needed.

    By the way, I support PP but full health care would fill in the void they presently fill.

  44. Jon Green says:

    He’s airbrushed his opposition to DOMA; Hillary’s airbrushed her support for it. Sanders was right for the wrong reasons; Hillary was wrong for the wrong reasons.

  45. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    No it appeared around 2010. He opposed gay marriage when he ran for Senate in 2006. He supported it when he had to run again in 2012. Big deal.

  46. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    Bernie opposed gay marriage in his Senate campaign just two years later.

  47. Don Chandler says:

    Pretty much how I feel. I just don’t like Hillary and folks saying Bernie doesn’t have a chance. I do want Hillary to move to the progressive side and I do want her to instill some excitement, not squelch it.

  48. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    Some dentists do. All PP does is get Medicaid payments for services rendered. Dentists also bill Medicaid for services rendered. If your dentist has enough Medicare and Medicaid patients, he’ll get 40 percent of his income from the government.

  49. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    That’s not the issue. Medicare doesn’t run hospitals. It doesn’t run clinics. It only pays for the services that happen at those hospitals or clinics. PP already gets much of their funding from billing Medicaid. There will be no change under single payer.

  50. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    This makes no sense. PP is a health care provider. They get much of their funds by providing services to Medicaid patients. Medicaid is basically the same thing Bernie is promising… Medicare for all. PP will still be required under Medicare for all. Because somebody actually has to perform the medical procedures, and they bill the government.

  51. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    So because when Bernie Sanders is president he will magically convince Congress to pass single payer universal healthcare, therefore Planned Parenthood is useless and corrupt.

  52. Darrell Imaginarian says:

    That might be a more convincing explanation of what Bernie meant, if he even remembered their name. On Rachel Maddow he called them the Human Rights Fund. Not a particularly important mistake, but it’s impossible to believe that he knows about the decades long internal politics of HRC if that basic detail escapes him.

  53. SteveZgt says:

    Except that my dentist doesn’t get 40% of his income from the government. Big difference.

  54. timncguy says:

    “Yesterday, the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Clinton, and while Sanders hasn’t exactly been a leader on LGBT issues, at least he hasn’t tried to airbrush past support for the Defense of Marriage Act.”

    This isn’t quite accurate. His opposition and vote against DOMA was not on the merits of the act but rather it was a vote for “states’ rights” on the issue of marriage. It was his position that each state should be allowed to decide on its own for or against marriage equality. He doesn’t explain his past opposition that way today. So, I would certainly call that airbrushing.

  55. Doug105 says:

    Over all my issues with Bernie are minor enough I’d vote for him at least in the primary, should that push Hillary farther to the left that works also.

  56. Don Chandler says:

    Lets get real, endorsements can lead to more donations. Bernie is actually the anti-establishment candidate for the Dems. He is much more palatable than Trump.

  57. barbfmc says:

    And, as it was pointed out to me, this is only for the primary. When H loses, they’ll throw their weight at Bernie. He’s not threatening to defund them.

  58. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Okay, but that doesn’t mean, “And PP can be replaced by single payer.” Will they still need financial aid from the government? Maybe not. Their services will still be needed, so there is no reason for them to disappear. Many people want Medicare for all. Medicare costs over a hundred a month, and recipients are responsible for 20% of their doctor fees. I can see low income people still needing Planned Parenthood.

  59. dcinsider says:

    HRC is the gay clown car. Let’s remember this is the organization that warned GLAD not to try and achieve marriage equality because it would never happen.

    In the meantime, Paul Tsongas introduced ENDA in 1979, and HRC still cannot get it passed.

    All that being said, I’ll be voting for the other HRC over Bernie because while the GOP imlpodes we have to have a viable alternative. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble here, but an elderly Jewish socialist from Vermont is NOT going to get 270 electoral votes in the US in 2016.

    Never. Going. To. Happen.

    So let’s focus on the more important issue here, which is keeping the White House. Everything else is just noise. The next President will likely get to appoint 2 or more SCOTUS justices. That will mean the difference between every important social program of the last half century remaining in place (not to mention marriage equality), and decades of conservative rulings that will gut Obamacare and the social safety net.

    So while it might be fun to fantasize about Bernie in the White House, winning is more important than purity.

  60. barbfmc says:

    Here’s a quote from a little report online responding to the fact that there was a decline in PP clients after the ACA: “Some people relied on us because they were uninsured prior to the Affordable Care Act,” Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan CEO Lori Carpentier told Reuters. “Now they can go anywhere for care, and some of them have been.”
    If we go to single payer and the deductibles can be decreased there will be a greater loss in clients. The endorsement for HC just recognizes that as a stakeholder they face losses.

  61. Doug105 says:

    There are only two things I hold against Sanders, his willingness to go along with the anti-gmo conspiracy groups and doubts about being able fulfill his agenda. Neither of which will stop me from voting for him in the primary, the general I will vote blue.

  62. Moderator3 says:

    Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?

  63. Moderator3 says:

    This reaction is over the top.

  64. Doug105 says:

    Thanks for showing how immature you still are.

  65. Doug105 says:

    Don’t say it unless you mean it.

  66. Houndentenor says:

    I have voted in every election since I turned 18 so fuck you.

  67. Houndentenor says:

    As if everyone wasn’t perfectly aware that the GOP is much much worse.

    Do you think that helps? There’s no chance that I’m going to vote for a Republican or that I will stay home. I would, however, like, just once, not to have to ignore glaring deficiencies in the candidates I’m supporting. That may be far too much to ask for.

    Being an asshole does not make people more likely to vote or vote for your candidate btw. Thanks for being a jerk.

  68. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Why? They do have doctors trained in women’s health issues.

  69. Jon Green says:

    This is especially important given that under single payer systems, the government decides what it’s going to cover. Bernie should at least specify that his plan also includes repealing Hyde so that his system would include abortion coverage (he’s officially against it in the Senate, but hasn’t spoken to it specifically in the campaign).

    Obviously, repealing Hyde has about as much of a chance of passing as single payer, so if you’re advocating the latter, might as well add on the former.

  70. Doug105 says:

    You’re Welcome. Now do try and stop overreacting.

  71. barbfmc says:

    Seriously, people use PP most often for conditions that have nothing to do with abortion. Abortions are what Republicans want us to think PP is about. AT any rate, if I were poor and couldn’t work out the AFA and all its insurance deductibles I’d be praying for single payer. And I’d be praying to have hospital access and direct access to Doctors trained in women’s health issues. And I be praying for Single payer to negotiate prices. PP might be around for a while. But under that scenario, it won’t be around for long.

  72. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Planned Parenthood is just a provider of services. Just like your doctor or dentist.

  73. BeccaM says:

    That statement makes no sense whatsoever. When’s the last time you walked into your GP’s office and said, “I need an abortion today please”?

    Medicine doesn’t work that way. There are specialists and, in the part of my previous comment you seem not to have read at all, I observed that in many, many communities across America there are no other healthcare providers offering reproductive and abortion services.

    You can’t just wish them into the cornfield as being ‘unnecessary.’

  74. Essus says:

    Thank you for you nuanced and cogent remarks. It is such a pleasure to be told to move on when discussing how thin and mealy a potential candidates record regarding LGBT rights is. As public opinion moved toward support for same-sex marriage, so did Clinton. It took until 2013, after she announced her campaign for her to announce it. You can bet any amount of money that if the numbers were the other way, she’d never have the courage of her convictions to support it. The contrast with Sanders is huge in this. Yes, he may have poorly chosen how and what to say as most straight people do (Who is the woman/man in the relationship is one) from time to time, but his commitment to social justice issues regarding LGBT people is not something that magically appeared in 2013.

  75. barbfmc says:

    It will make them unnecessary. Especially once everyone has free access and a right to health care.

  76. BeccaM says:

    Planned Parenthood is a health provider organization, not an insurance company. In many locales, they are the only remaining provider for abortion services.

    Changing who pays for health services isn’t going to replace what they do.

  77. barbfmc says:

    2 points. 1st – Both are stakeholders. And PP can be replaced by single payer. 2. Borrowing this one from a friend – “. One of Hillary’s top campaign advisers is the PP President’s daughter. It’s a tit for tat, you scratch my back. I’m ashamed of Ms. Richards and her mother is spinning in her grave. Anne Richards had more principles.”

  78. BeccaM says:

    The Human Rights Campaign is the one we’ve been ridiculing for years, for their support of establishment figures, even when the politicians in question have been way less than supportive of LGBT rights. I take any endorsement from them with a huge grain of salt. Remember all the jokes about them supporting whoever has the best DC cocktail parties?

    As for Planned Parenthood… well, they’ve been playing defense on women’s reproductive rights for so long, I don’t think they the recognize anymore when there’s someone who would actually expand their mandate, as opposed to merely slowing the steady loss of rights through ever more draconian restrictions and TRAP laws.

    Sure, advocacy group endorsements matter…but they don’t matter that much. Or as much as candidates’ campaigns might hope they did.

    I’ll say it yet again: I prefer Sanders because, although way less than perfect and in my opinion with a harder time getting elected, he reflects my views way more closely than Hillary Clinton does. It’s the primaries — I can vote as I like and so I shall. Come the general election however there is no question: I will vote for whoever the Dems nominate because the Republican alternative is no longer just undesirable but potentially “Honey, this sucks but we have to move out of the country.” I mean, I didn’t think it’d be possible for the GOPers to run a candidate worse the George W Bush & his maxi-Me, Dick Cheney — but that’s exactly what they’re doing, with their leading guys all certifiably nuts.

    At this point it’s going to be Bernie or Hillary on the Dem side. That’s it, there will be no other choices other than taking the irresponsible act of not voting or voting for a 3rd party candidate with zero chance of winning (and in this coming election, a protest vote is on par with not voting). At least Sanders is forcing Clinton to shift a little to the left simply by being an alternative, because the only thing worse than Clinton’s center-right neo-liberal pro-corporate triangulation is her running unopposed.

    The Republican party is rushing headlong off a cliff and trying to take the rest of the country with them. In this year’s general election, the only thing that will potentially stop them is if they lose the White House and, hopefully, majority control of the Senate. (The House is a lost cause unless/until the Dems recognize the importance of a huge 50-state push in the 2020 census year cycle.)

  79. Doug105 says:

    Ding! Ding! we have a winner.

  80. Doug105 says:

    They have a right to endorse whoever they want, frankly you look to be giving them more importance than they have. And I’m saddened that Bernie even acknowledged it this way.

  81. Doug105 says:

    Bernie also voted against it once, all he does is come off whiny here like cruz over palin, move on.

  82. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    “Neither Bernie nor Hillary has the record on lbgt issues that I would like in a nominee.”

    And people in hell want ice water. Right now, they’re the best we’re going to get. We’re certainly not getting any help for the GOP side.

  83. Houndentenor says:

    Neither Bernie nor Hillary has the record on lbgt issues that I would like in a nominee. I am sick of the excuses both camps make for rather heinous past positions, votes and statements. I rather resent the attitude from too many Democrats that I just have to swallow their crap and accept their bullshit. I will, of course. The idea of a President Trump or Cruz is horrifying and a gazillion times worse than anything any Democrat would do as president. But I don’t have to like that I have to compromise on issues important to me and I deeply resent being told that my concerns about Hillary’s hawkishness and coziness don’t matter. Or that Bernie’s rather out of the mainstream views are a problem. Cruz/Sanders could look a lot like Nixon/McGovern in the fall. All of this concerns me deeply and personal attacks and flippant dismissals and attacks against those who ask legitimate questions do NOT make me feel better about a candidate.

  84. nicho says:

    She has a record — but not a good one

  85. 2karmanot says:

    Couldn’t agree more! I am outraged by HRC’s Hillery kiss ass….she who is the other half of DADT and DOMA. The HRC does not represent me and I spit on their Gucci loafers….so there.

  86. Essus says:

    Hillary Clinton only changes her mind when it is popular to do so. I do not trust a word out of her mouth when it comes to LGBT issues. Who knows what tomorrow brings and I for one have no desire to see the LGBT community thrown under her campaign bus.

    As for the Planned Parenthood issue, Sanders did not specifically call out PP as establishment. He uses the word “some,” does not mention any specific organization as “establishment.” So did Sanders actually say that PP is establishment? No.

  87. Houndentenor says:

    It’s not as if this endorsement matters. HRC endorsements don’t guarantee any votes. (Just ask Al D’Amato how helpful an HRC endorsement was.)

  88. Houndentenor says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from HRC. They’ve never cared about gay people who aren’t 1%ers. Never have and never pretended to. I am not the least bit surprised. They are not going to walk it back. It was a political move designed to maintain their insider status, not to promote rights for LBGT people.

  89. Don Chandler says:

    Bernie has a lot of supporters. They are voters. If HRC and PlannedParentHood are only endorsing Clinton because they believe she will win, they are also telling Bernies supporters…”get real”. In otherwords, that Bernie can’t win. That rubs me the wrong way. It feels like they are saying that Bernie isn’t a fit…which means I’m not a fit…nor are any real progressives that like Bernie. Yeah, HumanRightsCommission != Wallstreet. But they are making an establishment endorsement that isn’t based on policy. Now, if Bernie’s supporters don’t like this, they should go out with pitchforks and rally around the guy like Trump’s supporters…tomorrow the polls should reflect this. I want to vote for the best candidate, not HumanRightsCommission’s candidate. I don’t love the democrats either. I might have to hold my nose and vote for Hillary. But I don’t want Bernie to go back on it. Diane Feinstein told us to get real on Obama Care and I didn’t like that either. Feinstein is definitely an establisment politician. “Get real” is telling us that we don’t have a chance.

  90. Brittney Miles says:

    Did he lie tho….nope.

  91. noGOP says:

    I’d rather see those organizations walk their endorsements back.
    it was shocking to me that they endorsed clinton

  92. emjayay says:

    Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State gave a historic gay rights speech to the UN in Geneva in December 2011.

    Yeah, the HRC is the Establishment of gay rights, known for their DC cocktail parties, but Ms Clinton does have a record on gay issues. And women’s issues, including Planned Parenthood. Sorry Bernie, but these endorsements make sense.

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