White supremacists shoot five Black Lives Matter protestors at sit-in in Minneapolis

White supremacists shot five Black Lives Matter protestors yesterday at a sit-in that was being staged at Minneapolis’s Fourth Precinct Police Station. All of the injuries were non-life-threatening.

The sit-in was being staged in protest of the death of Jamar Clark, a 24 year-old who was fatally shot by the police in November. Black Lives Matter has maintained a peaceful presence at the precinct ever since.

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Miski Noor, a media contact for Black Lives Matter, said “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights.”

One of the three counterdemonstrators wore a mask, said Dana Jaehnert, who had been at the protest site since early evening.

When about a dozen protesters attempted to herd the group away from the area, Noor said, they “opened fire on about six protesters,” hitting five of them. Jaehnert said she heard four gunshots.

Police have identified at least one suspect in the shooting, but thus far no arrests have been made:

There isn’t much to add here, but two quick and rather obvious points:

Black Lives Matter, via Gerry Lauzon / Flickr

Black Lives Matter, via Gerry Lauzon / Flickr

First, for all of the conservative talk about how dangerous the Black Lives Matter movement is — they’re “thugs,” they’re “lawless,” they are “calling for the murder of police officers” — it remains the case that the violence associated with the movement has been directed at them, rather than having come from them.

Second, Sherrod Brown was on to something when he said that the greatest terror threats in the United States generally come from people who look like him, rather than Syrian refugees. There were as many armed and dangerous white supremacists at last night’s sit-in as there have been refugees arrested on terrorism charges since 2001. Don’t tell me how dangerous five year-old orphans fleeing a civil war are when you’re looking the other way as white supremacists are showing up to peaceful protests (and mosques) armed.

White people are showing up to protests and places of worship armed and dangerous, and yet we’re scared of the people who the guns are pointed at. It’s high time we got our heads screwed on straight about who in our country is really dangerous, and who isn’t.

Jon Green graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Political Science and high honors in Political Cognition. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. Follow him on Twitter at @_Jon_Green, and on Google+. .

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26 Responses to “White supremacists shoot five Black Lives Matter protestors at sit-in in Minneapolis”

  1. Rebecca Jones says:

    With this and the recent shooting in abortion clinics America needs to focus more on terrorism within their own country. The issue of Christian terrorism can not be ignored. There needs to be more emphasis on it as a problem people are ignoring these events as a mere crime however they are no different to the the terrorist attacks commit by people of different religion and nation. In both cases, innocent people die. Next maybe the issue of gun crime needs to be addressed, how can an nation expect terrorism to decrease if guns are still legal making things like mass shootings easy for terrorists.

  2. Jared Bork says:

    Hey retard, “it remains the case that the violence associated with the movement has been directed at them, rather than having come from them.” Doesn’t make any sense, people screaming kill the fucking cops and kill their kid’s too wasn’t forced into people’s mouths, it came from them. Shameless double think.

  3. Illegal Alien says:

    Were they in a “Gun-Free Zone”? Yes? Move along, nothing to read here.

  4. Grant Saw says:

    White people without guns need to shame those with.

  5. Bill_Perdue says:

    People who think that a little terrorism is going to end the insurrectionist mood engulfing communities of people of color are in for a big surprise.

    The murders of Malcolm X and his associates by LBJ’s racist regime, of four young girls by a group of demented racists in Birmingham in 1963, of three SNCC activists in 1964 and the wholesale murder of Black Panthers by the racist Nixon regime only fueled the fires of the upsurge in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

    The spur of these terrorist acts is of course, terrorism by the Bushes, the Clinton’s and Obama in more than a dozen ongoing wars of aggression to steal oil, land and other resources and last summers massacre of Palestinians, including the deliberate murder of hundreds of children. These events encourage the private terrorism of racists in this country.

  6. quax says:

    Sad but true, Trump stopped being funny quite some time ago and now he has blood on his hands.

  7. quax says:

    As I keep explaining to my colleagues up here in Toronto, most of whom are not white, it’s jackasses like that down South that give white people a bad reputation.

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  11. ComradeRutherford says:

    This is why President Cruz will make Stand Your Ground mandatory in all states, so brave Conservative Patriots like these guys won’t be unconstitutionally persecuted by Liberal Fascists for their firmly held religious beliefs in the Second Amendment. All Hail President Cruz – or die!

  12. Don Chandler says:

    Trump is obviously a fascistic wannabe leader. He uses people’s fear and prejudice to fuel his movement. He recently talked about thousands and thousands of American Muslim cheering the results of 9/11. Didn’t happen. So he also lies about events. Even Chris Christie, coward that he is, couldn’t remember the event in NJ. It’s a demagogue shtick. Hitler is a standard of wrong. And when we see people approach that standard, red flags go up. Trump isn’t Hitler, ofc, afterall, he only has 10,000 people at a political rally. But he’s ordered brown shirts:

    “Because brown, and everyone knows this, is my absolute favorite color. It’s just such a huge and powerful color, and my Brownshirts are going to start winning and making America great again…” – Donald Trump at NYC rally on 10.15.2015

    More shtick? Maybe he’s laughing at his own joke. He really does remind me of Putin. The russian leader would definitely do more than rough up his opposition.

  13. jerry says:

    So are you aware of how you are spinning things or have you actually convinced yourself of this?

    You’re making this out as though it’s a modern day kristallnacht when Trump tells security to get hecklers out.

    If you don’t like the comparison to concerts, throw it out. It’s an unnecessary comparison anyways because the exact same thing happens at political rallies all the time. Go ask Code Pink or the FEMEN protesters.

    You can continue to act like this is some wild, unprecedented show of fascist force, but personally, I can see through sensational bullshit arguments so you can try someone else.

  14. jerry says:

    It has nothing to do with that at all. It has to do with the fact that people are allowed to defend themselves in this country.

    If a group of people attacks someone for unpopular ideas, the person who defends themselves is not only justified, but the attackers are committing a terrorist act.

  15. BeccaM says:

    Because for them the unspoken assumption is the 2nd Amendment only applies to white Christians.

    Black woman fires a warning shot, harming no one, she’s sent to jail for 20 years. White guy shoots someone knocking at his door after a car accident, he’s exonerated.

  16. nicho says:

    If these jagoffs are the “epitome of white supremacism,” then the so-called “White Race” is in some serious deep shit.

  17. nicho says:

    They probably will get off when all is said and done. The country is rushing headlong toward full-bore fascism. The fact that a fascist like Trump is given air time is proof of that.

  18. Don Chandler says:

    Talking about roughing up people at political rallies isn’t like heckling a concert hall. And this event isn’t playing out as funny. Your narrative is actually laughable.

  19. jerry says:

    It’s amazing how far you reach to create a narrative.

    Now first of all, you obviously understand nothing of this case. I mean this article in particular is probably gonna get taken down when they realize Sam Hyde is a comedian and they got trolled, but more importantly, the “white supremacists” were just nerds that called the protesters dindu on a video. The protesters sent out a notice and according to other protesters the “white supremacists” were being chased and attacked when they opened fire. They’ll probably get off when all is said and done.

    Furthermore, your Trump ideas are ridiculous. Hecklers almost always get thrown out. It’s not some crazy thing for anyone speaking to say get them out of here. Happens at concerts all the time.

  20. Doug105 says:

    November 19, 2015

    Jacksonville ‘Community Conversation’ On LGBT Non-Discrimination Protections Gets Ugly

    Jacksonville Florida’s Republican mayor, Lenny Curry, (photo above) held what was billed as the first of three “community conversations” about whether the city should expand protections of its anti-discrimination law to include the LGBT community. The title of the first forum was Supporting the Needs and Well-Being of Families.

    An estimated 400 people crammed the meeting room on the Jacksonville campus of Florida State College, eager to be heard on the subject. They included LGBT activists, and members of the Liberty Council whose lobbying efforts killed a similar bill in 2012, and several opponents I’d put in the Bible thumper category.

    At one point a speaker asked the audience if any of them had ever experienced discrimination, and several dozen people raised their hands. It was all too much for Marshall Wood, founder of Crossover Jesus and author of The Big Picture: An Essay On The War Against the Fatherhood of God and Culture of Christ. Wood, a retired Air Force pilot sprang to his feet, shouting:

    “This is a sham!”

    The audience tried to shush Wood for speaking out of turn, but he groused that he was not able to share his views and told Mayor Curry he would organize his own forum where those against granting LGBT protections could be heard.

    Wood was not the only one to voice his displeasure with the gathering. Michele Fleming, who has a PhD in Christian Counseling, (whatever that is,) rejected the idea that the forum lived up to it’s billing as a “community conversation.”

    Update: November 23, 2015
    KKK Flyers Promote ‘Gay Bashing’ To ‘Stop AIDS’ – And A Florida Nondiscrimination Ordinance


    Jacksonville man arrested after Times-Union reporter receives call threatening to bomb next HRO meeting


    The KKK is reportedly targeting homes of LGBT people in Jacksonville, where a nondiscrimination ordinance is being hotly debated.


  21. Indigo says:

    Don’t pause to wonder, be increasingly amazed as it happens. I’ve been in shock that deepens almost daily, certainly monthly, since Reagan’s first inauguration. It’s been a steady slide downhill since then. I voted for Clinton of necessity but I’ve never been under the impression that he (or his wife) were traditional Democrats. That’s just gone, baby, gone.

  22. Indigo says:

    Der Trumpenfuhrer macht frei!

  23. The_Fixer says:

    The South is not the only racist area of the country, and I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that. My own experience next door in Wisconsin has taught me that.

    I hear racist “jokes” all the time, and occasionally, people forward them to me via E-mail. Of course, they promptly get told to knock it off, but that just means that they don’t send them to me anymore. They still send them to their like-minded friends.

    There used to be the idea and practice of not saying something in “polite company.” That’s been blown all to hell, of course. I think that far right-wing extremists with radio shows dragged the discourse down to the low level we see today. Once upon a time, Shows like Donahue would give the unpopular a voice. Although the discussions could get a little raucous, those on the wrong side would quickly get served a helping of humility.

    Not so any more. The likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Hugh Hewitt have made it socially acceptable to not only lie their asses off, but blame anyone unlike them for all the ills of society, and so so in the most base and crude way possible (such as Limbaugh’s “Barak, the Magic Negro” song).

    I fear that it will get worse before it gets better, although I wonder how it could get worse.

  24. nicho says:

    How come when people say they are willing to give up rights or freedom for more security, they never mean Second Amendment rights?

  25. FLL says:

    I’m going to spell this out letter by letter. A protester from the same group that was shot at in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter, was at Donald Trump’s rally in Birmingham this past weekend, and he was protesting the race baiting that Trump has aimed at mixed-race Mexican immigrants, African-Americans and, more recently, Arab-Americans. That was on Saturday. Trump was asked about this on Fox and Friends on Sunday. Speaking about the Black Lives Matter protester, Trump said: “Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he said. “It was disgusting what he was doing.” Encouraging your supporters to physically attack your political opposition may be a part of the history of the KKK, but it certainly is not something that has been a part of presidential campaigns in living memory—not Pat Buchanan in 1992 nor even Strom Thurmond in 1948. Encouraging your supporters to physically attack the political opposition was part of the election campaigns in Germany during the late 1920s and early 1930s, with disastrous result.

    Trump was issuing a call to his white supremacist supporters to physically attack his political opponents, and now, in Minneapolis, you witness the fruits of Trump’s efforts. Yes, I understand that people who favor the Republican ticket will be apologists for Trump and blame the shootings in Minneapolis on “the Democrats” (or make the laughable claim that the Democrats are just as much to blame for the Minneapolis shootings as Trump, if not more). That is their right to free speech. Well, shame on them. Again. Shame on them.

  26. Indigo says:

    So far, the only ones shooting are the White Supremacists. No arrests. That suggests some very unsavory things about Minneapolis, Minnesota where the boast is that they always eat their vegetables.

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