Louisiana GOP executive director: I used Ashley Madison for “opposition research”

So thaaaaats what they call it these days.

When the New Orleans Times Picayune asked Jason Doré, the executive director of the Louisiana Republican Party, why his name and email address appeared recent leak of Ashley Madison’s user data, he told the paper that he had created an account for “opposition research.”

From TalkingPointsMemo:

“As the state’s leading opposition research firm, our law office routinely searches public records, online databases and websites of all types to provide clients with comprehensive reports,” Doré told the newspaper via text message. “Our utilization of this site was for standard opposition research. Unfortunately, it ended up being a waste of money and time.”

The newspaper reported his account started in 2013 and spent $175.98.

Right, sure. It was all for research, and while you totally wish you had found some Democratic lawwomen on the site so you could totally expose them for being the loose whores that they are, at the end of the day it wasn’t worth the investment.

Jason Dore

Jason Doré

This is assuming, of course, that Doré’s account was for a man seeking a woman, which given the track record of anti-gay Republican officials and extramarital affairs, may not be a safe assumption. But for the sake of argument, let’s make that assumption and then consider how ridiculous his claim is.

Say you’re a Republican operative and you want to catch a Democratic (presumably female) candidate looking to have an affair. You first have to consider that practically no women actually use the site. According to this Reddit AMA with a former Ashley Madison employee, about half of the female accounts on the site aren’t real people. So take the reported six to one ratio of men to women on the site and double it. Then, consider the fact that, as Ashley Madison is based in Canada, a disproportionate chunk of their accounts are Canadian — nearly 200,000 in Ottawa alone.

And then there’s the fact that the site lets users select usernames so as to retain some level of anonymity before meeting people. Which means that in order to confirm the identity of a would-be philanderer, you’d have to not only see a profile picture for someone who looked like a person you wanted to smear, and then get them to tell you who they were — lowering your odds even further.

This being the case, you’d be more likely to catch a female Democratic candidate in Louisiana trawling for an affair if you walked up to each one and handed them your business card with a message written on the back saying “Call me.” There’s simply no reason to believe that Doré’ was using the account for anything other than what the majority of Ashley Madison users were using their accounts for: sending pictures of their junk to bot accounts.

Once again, while most of the data from the Ashley Madison hack should not be publicized, Doré’s use of the account in private while condemning infidelity in public makes his use of the site fair game. Especially when he’s come up with such a ridiculous explanation.

Doré’s account gives a whole new meaning to the term “Family Research Council.” Speaking of which, RawStory reported today that Josh Duggar used the email address from his Ashley Madison account to operate a Facebook page under a fake name in order to contact strippers and lingerie models. Because of course he was.

As the Daily Beast’s Jay Michaelson wrote earlier today, railing against porn/masturbation, gays and all other forms of sex that aren’t a husband and wife doing it missionary-style once a year is the ultimate act of projection: “If you’re wrestling with a particular demon, it’s easy to see that wrestling as the most important thing in the world.  Philandering family-values types are out there screaming because ultimately, they’re screaming at themselves.”

And taking highly variable degrees of ownership when caught.

Jon Green graduated from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Political Science and high honors in Political Cognition. He worked as a field organizer for Congressman Tom Perriello in 2010 and a Regional Field Director for President Obama's re-election campaign in 2012. Jon writes on a number of topics, but pays especially close attention to elections, religion and political cognition. Follow him on Twitter at @_Jon_Green, and on Google+. .

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24 Responses to “Louisiana GOP executive director: I used Ashley Madison for “opposition research””

  1. SL Abrin says:

    A good lesson for your sons. Sit them down in front of the computer and read them through a few of the local CraigsList personal ads that men place seeking women. It should sicken them and inspire a better approach to dating and conversation.

    I used to read these ads for the entertainment value but, in short time, it was just sad. Porn addicts abound and they believe the nomenclature of the porn industry to be somehow alluring or sensual.

  2. Butch1 says:

    Strickly doing my research; yep!

  3. Butch1 says:

    LOL! Right!

  4. Houndentenor says:

    Really? I had no idea it was that expensive. Scruff and Grindr are free!

  5. DoverBill says:

    175.98 to flirt?

    Well… perhaps a total loser?

  6. Houndentenor says:

    It always amazes me how many men have no idea how to talk to women. (Hint: as a fellow human being might be a good place to start when in doubt!)

    btw, as a gay man I’m also not impressed when the first pic someone sends me of themselves is their penis. And it happens a lot.

  7. Houndentenor says:

    I might believe that a lot of people signed up for AM out of curiosity and maybe even to flirt a bit who never actually hooked up with anyone they met there. The same is true of all kinds of hook-up aps after all. But at least fess up to that part!

  8. dawnjdeguzman says:

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  9. WhatDothSayTheEd-eh-pusTwins says:

    Let’s ask the Mrs. what she thinks.

  10. keirmeister says:

    Riiight. And I kept visiting Grindr to make sure someone wasn’t posting stuff under my name. I guess the whole “I read Playboy because I like the articles about cars” excuse is too old-fashioned.

  11. 2karmanot says:

    ‘Opposition Research’ Baaaaaahaaahaaa….coffee on keyboard.

  12. leticiaanovak says:

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  13. Baal says:

    I am now coining a new term for politics — the Satirical Event Horizon (c)

    We now live in a nation where Republicans have moved past the satirical
    event horizon. The question “is this satire?” is now meaningless. This report is one of an endless number that suggest we have reached this point.

    What does this mean? The event horizon of a black hole is the point in space where an object
    is sufficiently inside the gravitational field of the black hole that
    it will be inexorably pulled into the singularity and there is now way
    it can escape. A hypothetical interstellar traveler would not know they
    had crossed that limit. By analogy, a satirical event horizon is when a
    political movement has moved so far into the absurd that it is no
    longer possible for any sentient creature, computer, or machine to
    determine if a report about them is satire or not. Media and members of
    the movement and causal observers may not know when that limit is

  14. Ty Morgan says:

    Sure you did kid.

  15. DoverBill says:

    What I can’t understand why most ordinary/macho guys who get turned-on by a fine, fine pair of boobies would assume that a picture of their junk, in the same way, would excite women in the same way as… oh fuck it, what do I know about dick pictures flooding the Internet tubes?

  16. Nicholas A Kocal says:

    And he probably was fucking other people just to prove to himself how really great he was and how much his wife should appreciated him.

  17. fry1laurie says:

    His explanation makes some sense. After all, the GOP is opposed to women, and their bodies, so some sort of research on the ladyparts is certainly justifiable….
    And a total lie.

  18. DoverBill says:

    Reminds me of the last time I bought an ounce of weed just to see how well it would work when trolling for whales on my dory with an electric outboard.

    Needless to say, how the fuck did I know the difference between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Mead?

  19. BeccaM says:

    Aye, it was. I read a sampling. The account of a woman forcing her 4 year old kid talk to AM’s customer service reps and cry that the site had ruined his life and family…just f*cking sad. Even more so to read how the “bitter cheated-on wife” could be counted on to be a daily occurrence.

    The former employee was right so many times: If your spouse is cheating on you, the conversation and confrontation needs to happen with them. Not the particular tool they’re using to facilitate the cheating.

    Also-also, yes, dick pics are THE WORST. In every conceivable way. All I can figure is (1) way too many men never learn that nobody will ever like their dick as much as they do and (2) they may have paid prostitutes who pretend they did because that’s what a skilled prozzie will do.

  20. Jon Green says:

    Like, this gem:

    “The men would join, post a picture of their dick and then call two hours later screaming “why has no one messaged me?!?!?!” The delusion was off the charts. I had to explain at least five times a day that sending women pictures of your dick is literally the WORST first impression you can make. 9 times out of 10 they still didn’t get it and would just go upload MORE dick pics.”

  21. Jon Green says:

    The Reddit AMA was as depressing as it was interesting.

  22. BeccaM says:

    I feel certain his Grindr “I’m a Power Bottom Who Loves Spanking” account will exist for the exact same reason…

    But yeah, the really super-sad detail in all this was how totally scammy Ashley Madison was and is. Doré was correct on one point: Paying them anything is a complete waste of money and time.

  23. nicho says:

    That’s funny. That was the same reason the mayor in my home town in MA gave. With all this “research” going on, I’m expecting an avalanche of peer-reviewed papers along the lines of “Online Adultery in the Early 21st Century.”

    For the record, back before Stonewall, when you’d run into someone you knew in a gay bar, it wasn’t unusual for them to claim that they had heard about it and just wanted to see what went on there — or better still — they were doing research for a sociology paper.

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