New Charlie Hebdo cover has Muhammad saying “Je suis Charlie”

Less than one week after masked gunman shot to death much of its staff, the remaining crew at French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” are fighting back the only way they know: with biting satire.

This week’s edition of Charlie Hebdo will feature the Muslim prophet Muhammad carrying a sign saying “Je suis Charlie.”

Above Muhammad’s head is a caption reading: “All is forgiven.”


Ironically, I was just saying the other day on Twitter that I was surprised no one had done a political cartoon of Muhammad saying “Je suis Charlie.” Who else, but Charlie Hebdo.

The gunman, allegedly affiliated with Al Qaeda, stormed the magazine publisher in response for the publication repeatedly violating Islam’s ban on depictions of Muhammad. And Charlie Hebdo’s depictions were particularly provocative, showing Muhammad naked and sometimes in a sexual context.


The magazine has printed several million copies of this week’s edition. Normally, they print around 60,000.

While many of Charlie Hebdo’s earlier images are shocking to some (myself included), you have to understand that France has a long tradition of rather in-your-face satirical free speech combined with an equally long tradition of keeping religion out of public life; or as the Wall Street Journal put it, “radical anticlericalism.”

In that context, the over-the-top barbs against all religion weren’t over the top at all — if you’re French.

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