Fox News says Paris has unsafe Muslim-controlled “no-go zones” like Iraq, Afghanistan

The always-delightful Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a breathless report the other day about the deadly Islamic “no go zones” that can be found, she claims, all over France — and even in Paris!

Now, let’s step back for a moment and think about this. An American TV network is expressing surprise that foreign cities have neighborhoods so dangerous that regular law-abiding people don’t dare walk through them.

Yeah, you don’t find those in Amurika.

But I digress. Hasselbeck was horrified at how dangerous socialist France has become, so she invited an expert on France — some guy from New York City — to talk about these dangerous no-go zones.

And sure enough, New York guy confirmed that parts of Paris are like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, as you can imagine, French television was unamused by Fox News’ reportage. The wonderful French show “Le Petit Journal” investigated for itself, and found, unsurprisingly, that Paris has yet to be taken over by the Taliban.

The host, Yann Barthès, is a real trip. He calls Hasselbeck and her Paris expert “Barbie and Ken.”


Now, as an aside before watching the video, I lived in one of these supposed “no-go” Al Qaeda zones in Paris. The one just south of Belleville in fact. Remember a few years ago when I had my retinal detachment in Paris, and I stayed for a few months at my artist friend Marcus’ studio? His studio is smack dab in the middle of Fox News’ “war zone.”

The yellow dot is Marcus’ place:


Now, that area of Paris is certainly more colorful than, say, St. Germain. It is, among other things, a heavily Arab neighborhood. It’s also a heavily gay neighborhood. And not exactly Kabul gay — more Fire Island gay. The neighborhood is not dangerous, even by American standards.

And that’s another thing. It’s an interesting thing for an American to lecture a Frenchman about “dangerous neighborhoods.” Let me tell you a story about just how dangerous Paris is….

I was having dinner a few years back with some English friends, the Wests, in Paris. There kids, ages ranging from 16 to 23 or so, joined us, and it was a good old time. They’re a fun family — the parents are English, but the kids were raised in France, so the kids have varying degrees of French-inflected English (their youngest daughter has wonderfully French-accented English).

Anyway, we were having dinner, it was nearly midnight and we were just approaching the cheese course, when one of the kids asked me if life was “dangerous” in Washington, DC.  And I thought about it, trying to diplomatic, and explained that it wasn’t “dangerous” per se, but sure there were certain neighborhoods you ought to avoid at night (and even daytime), and that even in my neighborhood, which is an up-and-coming nook of DC’s already-gentrified Adams Morgan quarter, I watch myself walking home at night, but really it’s not THAT dangerous, I explained.

Then, I threw in, just as a parenthetical really, that, I mean, it’s not like it’s safe to walk home alone at 3am or something, but where can you?!

All the kids gasped.

“I walk home alone at 3am all the time in Paris,” one of the girls told me.

You see, even parts of America that we consider relatively safe are akin to a “no go” zone, as compared to life in Paris.

So it’s really particularly funny, and egregious, that Fox News would try to claim that Paris is like Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve never had a dead body dumped behind my residence in Paris. I can’t say the same for Washington, DC.

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