Sony pulls movie “The Interview” after cyber-attack, terror threats by North Korea

Thanks, North Korea.

Now all I can think about is seeing a movie I had no intention of seeing.

You see, apparently North Korea, the most repressive place on the entire planet, has collectively freaked out over Sony’s new comedy “The Interview,” about the assassination of North Korean leader-for-life Kim Jong Un.

The film stars James Franco and Seth Rogan.


Pull the film, or the puppy dies.
(Seth Rogan and James Franco in the film, “The Interview.”)

In response, the North Korean government launched a cyber-attack on Sony, releasing the private medical records of Sony employees, among other thigns, and then threatened to launch terrorist attacks on cinemas that showed the movie (invoking September 11, of all things).

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 5.13.51 PM

DearĀ god I have to see this movie.

In response to the North Korean terror threat, a number of theaters pulled the film, finally prompting Sony to pull it all together.

But fear not. I suspect the movie will go straight to digital, and will likely make a killing.

No pun intended.

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