GOP Rep. Issa tweets photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, Himmler, for Veterans Day

Ultra-conservative, and powerful, Republican Cong. Darrell Issa of California’s right-wing Orange County, got caught with his pants down today when he unwittingly tweeted photos of Kennedy-shooter Lee Harvey Oswald, and then notorious Nazi commander Heinrich Himmler, to honor Veterans Day.

It seems that Issa launched a campaign, asking folks to tweet photos of their relatives who had served our country.

Some lesser-fans of Mr. Issa decided to tweet him photos of notorious villains to see if Issa would then retweet them to the masses.

And he did.

First off, here’s the Himmler tweet:


And here’s the real Himmler:


Here’s Lee Harvey Oswald tweet:


And here’s another photo of Oswald:


There are unconfirmed reports that Mr. Issa also tweeted images of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh, and US troops holding an obvious Nazi SS flag. Oh, McVeigh is confirmed:


As of this writing, the Timothy McVeigh tweet is still live on Issa’s account (6:23pm Eastern Time).


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34 Responses to “GOP Rep. Issa tweets photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, Himmler, for Veterans Day”

  1. flocculent says:

    but they also probably vote at near 100% turnout.

  2. Butch1 says:

    He fell into that “two-tier” justice system as well.

  3. Butch1 says:

    There is a two-tiered justice system in this country. One for the notables and rich and the other for the rest of us. The same system is the one that listened to James Clapper lie under oath to Congress and did nothing about it. They used to at least make up excuses to hide this system from us. It doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

  4. LanceThruster says:

    Reminds me of the joke….

    “My grandfather died in a German concentration camp.”
    “Yes. He fell off the guard tower and broke his neck.”

  5. dcinsider says:

    OK that is good fun.

  6. charlie6 says:

    Why would he tweet CIA operative Oswald?

  7. Ninong says:

    Darrell “Stand back; please step away from the car” Issa, the guy who got away with arson.

  8. johnbales says:

    I got a good laugh out of this, particularly the one on Himmler.

  9. karlInSanDiego says:

    No offence flocculent, but anyone who can stomach reading UT or frankly any newspaper regularly is probably beyond hope.

  10. karlInSanDiego says:

    Many are Military in Pendalton and Oceanside and cannot manage to break the bullshit cycle of voting against their own interest and choosing chickenhawks Republicans who consistently lead them into unjust battle time and time again. Many others are very wealthy and believe Republicans when they sign Grover Norquist’s yearbook. His 2014 opponent Dave Peiser bothered to show up at a recent NRC meeting I attended regarding the safety of the plan to decommission San Onofre. Where was Issa? Probably at home on the toilet to pass a more bullshit while screaming Benghazi, IRS, and Fast & Furious. What a douchbag.

  11. karlInSanDiego says:

    You’re both right. 49 also includes Dana Point, Ladera Ranch, San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente, all in Orange County. Camp Pendalton all the way down through Del Mar are in San Diego.

  12. Lorna Dee says:

    Too bad the Dems didn’t tout the achievements…pretty impressive. Beat the Bush years by far.

  13. Lorna Dee says:


  14. Mike F says:

    Trademarked, no less.

  15. Joel Ian says:

    Clyde, you were right. Issa represents North San Diego County, District 49. This doesn’t change my opinion of this richest of congressmen with a criminal history and a fiercely partisan, ideologically driven record and agenda. He legislates for the elites and Big Business and against the best interests of the People of the US. And his behavior in hearings is rude, strident, and agenda driven.

  16. Katrina Rose says:

    Hasn’t he seen Full Metal Jacket? Charles Whitman should have been included.

  17. Clyde Flower says:

    I see you’ve decided to associate yourself with a “journo” who doesn’t even check the first sentence on Wikipedia for which district a person represents.

  18. angryspittle says:

    What a guy. Rats out his own brother.

  19. angryspittle says:

    Same reason Tom DeLay isn’t. IOKIYAR

  20. Houndentenor says:

    The problem is that the Democrats hardly play at all, fair or otherwise. I guess they think voters are going to go out and look for fair and objective sources and read a lot of information and then come to some sort of informed decision based on the facts. Maybe sometime they should actually run campaigns and get out the information they want out there. What they put out is often lame and not really what voters care about. Instead what we got from Democrats this year was running away from the Democratic platform, the president, the ACA (which people actually like) and other nonsense. No wonder they lost. Why vote for a Republican Lite when there’s a real Republican on the ballot. Meanwhile Al Franken ran as a solid Democrat and won re-election for a seat he just barely won last time (the recount lasted months back in 2012). What a disgrace. I’m often embarrassed to be a Democrat, not because of the policies but because of what wimps the elected officials are when it comes to standing up for what voters elected them to do. And then they come back empty handed after 2, 4 or 6 years and wonder why they have such a hard time getting re-elected. Well, most of them don’t deserve to be re-elected and only get our support because the alternative would be so much worse. We deserve better and it’s time we demanded it.

  21. cocktailsat5 says:

    As a minor correction: Issa represents north county SAN DIEGO – versus the Orange county set. We are unfortunately reminded of his existence driving on north county’s Vista Fwy. His HQ building sits off to the south side, emblazoned with his name in huge red 3-D letters. I understand there is a full time crew tasked with signage clean up of the voluminous waves of bird shit that local and migratory fowl like to foul regularly. There is second crew that tends to the shoveling of the loads left by the thousand camels that are often sent to his doorstep. Additionally local parents encourage their teenagers to bag Bowzer’s poop and donate it – preferably flaming – to Issa headquarters pretty regularly. Gratefully, I – nor my tax dollars – live in this guy’s district!

  22. flocculent says:

    Don’t forget, the San Diego Union-Tribune was bought by a right wing neo-liberal ALEC type named Doug Manchester, who declared on the front page of his paper that it was to be his vehicle to advocate for big business in San Diego:

    He also bought the North County Times, Issa’s home town paper, and is trying to saturate North County San Diego with astroturf “news” in the form of free rags tossed on our driveways and handed out for free at grocers and retirement communities.

    Needless to say, these are barely veiled pro-Republican fish wrappers, and their tone and tenor changed dramatically right before the elections from stories about boy scouts and record-breaking fish to pro-Republican lies. Given the low information, fearful, old, white of Issa’s average voting constituent, this has worked like a charm without anyone noticing.

    Issa is a cancer, and he’s got rich, powerful friends. Republicans play the long game, However dirty it has to be to win. Democrats think we should keep playing fair and Karma will win out.

    Sucker talk. CLimate-killing sucker talk.

  23. Joel Ian says:

    He’s a despicable, self-serving, cynical and vicious THUG!! WAKE UP ORANGE COUNTY!!

  24. Because the fourth estate protects his constituents from “troubling news” or his constituents think it’s cool to have “his kind” representing them in DC. … I ask the same question about over half the members of Congress all the time.

  25. Haviva says:

    YES! He should be in prison, instead he ratted out his brother, when they BOTH got caught stealing cars, so his brother ended up spending hard time locked up! (Issa had to have paid someone off!) During Issa’s insurance fraud, he brought a gun with him to intimidate the Fire Marshal. Issa is the KING OF CROOKS! That is the reason he thinks everyone else is a crook, because he looks through crook eyes!

  26. Houndentenor says:

    It also proves that local media does not cover politicians. Every time a governor or senator runs for governor we find out all kinds of shit about them that was not public knowledge because the local media, even in the larger states, is too fucking lazy (and the national media probably never would have found it if investigators doing “opposition research” hadn’t done it for the candidates who leaked it to the reporters they are fucking).

  27. RWISCLSS says:

    Well, it just proves one thing.. Those that voted for him are clueless and obviously by their standards are not the supposed Americans that they make themselves out to be..

  28. DsMTwoShoes says:

    Why is Issa not in prison?
    Car thief, con man, arsonist, insurance fraud and I shudder to think what else.
    Why does anyone pay any attention to what he says or does?

    One more time, why is this clown not in jail?

  29. flocculent says:

    Joyce Carol Scrotes? Damn that’s funny!

  30. Max_1 says:

    And he won his reelection…

  31. Hue-Man says:

    We’ve found the leading candidate for Chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee.

  32. douglas01 says:

    Darrell Issa . . . what a freaking stupid, clueless ass. And an embarrassment to this country.

  33. nicho says:

    No one in the public eye should use social media unless they fully understand the pitfalls.

  34. HereinDC says:

    OLd white men know how to vote…not tweet.

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