Ferguson grand jury has reportedly reached a decision

The media is reporting that the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri has reached a decision about whether to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Wilson is white, brown was black.

No one knows what the grand jury has decided.

I’ve not weighed in much about this topic because I’m a lawyer, and I have a lawyer’s sensibility.

That means I tend not to knee-jerk believe, or disbelieve, any accusation or allegation. I tend to dissect the news, and let the chips fall where they may. And I’ve found that sometimes the masses, on an increasingly large list of topics, don’t take kindly to a dispassionate legal look at the facts.

Ferguson, Missouri, by Wikipedia user Loavesofbread.

Ferguson, Missouri, by Wikipedia user Loavesofbread.

I remember a year or two ago when a young lesbian in Nebraska claimed she had been the victim of a horrible hate crime. I had a gut feeling that she was lying. I didn’t say so publicly, but something about her story gave me a bad feeling, so I didn’t report on it until we got more information about it.

A week later we found out that she was lying, there was no hate crime. And all the people who accused me of hating lesbians (that, they said, was why I wasn’t reporting on the “obvious hate crime”) were suddenly quiet.

My expertise is in dissecting the news, piecemeal-style, and trying to make sense of the facts, wherever they may lead. I’m worried that in today’s America, a lot of stories, a lot of subjects, aren’t really open for objective discussion any more. That “anti-gay hate crime” was one of them.

I fear Ferguson and the overall discussion of race maybe be another.

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