Sean Hannity wants you to know his favorite color

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has begun a segment where he asks himself questions he always wanted you to ask him, but you just didn’t care.

Like: What’s your favorite color, Sean?


Thankfully, Stephen Colbert is on the story.

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7 Responses to “Sean Hannity wants you to know his favorite color”

  1. AleishaHansfordsyd says:

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  2. charlie6 says:

    Hannity’s favorite color is the same as the yellow streak running down his back. Worthless cowered.

  3. 2karmanot says:

    I think Hannity;s favorite color is white.

  4. emjayay says:

    That was the single most ludicrous thing I’ve ever seen on TV. I don’t mean the Colbert piece.

  5. therling says:

    Hannity’s viewers think that Colbert’s late-night talk show competition will be Johnny Carson.

  6. Juline An says:

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  7. nicho says:

    The median age of the Fox News audience is 69 years old. And as they die off, they’re not being replaced by younger viewers. MSGOP and the Corporate News Network aren’t much better — with a median age of 63. Younger people aren’t even watching TV, never mind tuning into these crapfests. Broadcast and cable “news” is pretty much dead.

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