NYC is like a huge movie theater with ridiculously expensive candy

New York City is like a huge movie theater with ridiculously expensive candy that you just gotta have anyway.

That’s the epiphany I had this evening on my umpteenth visit to New York (though my first in over four years): This city is insanely expensive.


Now, I know we’ve all heard about the cost of buying a place in NYC. (Want a one bedroom? For you, very special price of only $1 million.) But I never fully realized how much it costs just to live day-to-day here.

I’m staying at my friend Kevin’s place in Chelsea. He’s out of town until tomorrow, so I went downstairs to the Gristedes grocery store (supposedly not nearly as expensive as the local Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods), and holy cow.

Gallon of milk: $5.50
Half dozen eggs: $1.99
Brownie mix: $3.50 to $5.00

And I thought DC was expensive. (A gallon of milk in DC costs me around $3.90; while mom pays $1.75 – $2.25 back in Chicago. And the “good” brownie mix is like $2.25.)

sasha-redIn other news, Sasha (my 10 pound Yorkie-Bichon) was none-too-thrilled at my departure. She’s in the able hands of her Uncle Damian, who, unbeknownst to him, is about to be visited in bed around 2am by a cute little black button nose that’s going to demand he pet her a few moments, then arrangeĀ her blanket for her just so.

But she’ll survive. I’m only here until Tuesday, then back to the land of “only” $4 milk.

Let’s hope Damian survives 48 hours of insistentĀ and utter adorableness.



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