“Boobs on the ground”: Fox host on female troops fighting ISIS

A friend sent me this Jon Stewart clip from a few days ago, in which he discusses the GOP’s latest “treason” charge against President Obama: namely, that the President held a coffee cup while saluting.

We’d written about this previously, and about how President Bush also saluted the troops with something in his hand, in Bush’s case a dog.

But I hadn’t seen this video from Stewart, in which Fox Host Eric Bolling refers to a female air force pilot from the United Arab Emirates as “boobs on the ground.”

In fact, the pilot, Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, led the UAE’s recent air strike against ISIS. That’s pretty incredible social progress for anywhere, let alone that region.

But leave it to Fox News to turn a brave military mission against terrorists into a discussion of breasts.

On a decent television network, let alone a “new” network, you’d lose your job for a comment like that. But not on the Republican “news” channel.

Here’s Jon Stewart, covering this and the larger “story.” He was pretty ticked, and at one point even told Fox News: “F— you, and all your false patriotism.”

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