2nd possible Ebola case in US, 5 kids possibly exposed

An update on yesterday’s story about the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States.

According to news reports, the man is from Liberia, and was simply visiting the US.

The man has been identified as Thomas Eric Duncan.

UPDATE: Good news, his condition was upgraded to serious from critical, today.

At the same time, there are reports of a suspected possible second case of Ebola in the US.

And there are concerns that the first patient could have possibly exposed five children to the disease. The children attend four different schools, and are now being monitored.

Symptoms of Ebola, by Mikael Häggström.

Symptoms of Ebola, by Mikael Häggström.

In total, officials are reportedly monitoring 12 to 18 people, including 3 members of the ambulance team that transported the man to the hospital.

The Washington Post has an interesting article up about why passengers from west Africa are still permitted to travel to the US. The Post reports that not only are travel bans not very effective, or necessary, but in fact travel restrictions might make it harder to fight the disease.

Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are already economically isolated because this epidemic has spread far wider and lasted much longer than any other Ebola outbreak in history. What those countries need most now is assistance from the world.

More flight restrictions will only make it more difficult for life-saving aid and medical professionals to reach West Africa. The restrictions already in place have proved so problematic that U.S. military forces are building an “air bridge” to get health workers and medical supplies to affected areas.

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17 Responses to “2nd possible Ebola case in US, 5 kids possibly exposed”

  1. UncleBucky says:

    Yes, but how do you separate diseased Texans from Texan Democrats? Must we use “God will know his own” again?

    Hehehehe. We should say that. It’s exactly what Pope Innocent’s legate said, when he was sent to wipe out the towns where Cathars lived. Catholics who were there also actually supported the Cathars, who were following in one way or another the Great Commandment, but using different rituals. He said, kill everybody, “God will know his own.”

    Then see how the thumpers like that.

  2. BeccaM says:

    Makes sense.

  3. dcinsider says:

    Lack of appetite. I’m safe, unfortunately.

  4. annatopia says:

    it’s the man’s girlfriend. she is being monitored as she obviously had close contact with him.

  5. annatopia says:

    incorrect. he didn’t lie. the person who exposed him was a pregnant girl who later died. when he helped take her to the hospital it was thought the illness was pregnancy related. it does not seem to me that he purposefully lied on the form.

  6. basenjilover says:

    More disturbing is Thomas Duncan lied on application that he was not near or around Ebola exposed persons before taking off on flight to US according to news source. If this is true, then harsh measure needs to be taken against him.

  7. Hatfield says:

    So if an infected person coughs near someone else, is there a decent chance of infection? Don’t we exhale fluids (water, I guess)? How long would ebola live exposed to air? And why does it not spread that way? I’ve read what the CDC says about that but it only raises more questions. How well studied is it? Is it always the case it cannot spread by air? Suppose an infected person drinks from a fountain. Can the fountain be a vector? This is like watching Outbreak (Dustin Hoffman). Really fucking scary. Why are these people permitted to come into the country? Can’t our fucking government just for once think of us first? We keep hearing how our hospitals are totally prepared for this, yet this Patient Zero went to a hospital and they did nothing about it.

  8. Bookbinder says:

    It’s not our government’s job to protect Liberians, its their job to protect US> Quarentine now, please

  9. Bookbinder says:

    American Red Cross is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

  10. bkmn says:

    These are the same people that want the Feds to stay out of their Federally subsidized and managed Medicare and Social Security. Morans!

  11. bkmn says:

    Although the Red Cross does some great things their upper ranks are filled with Bushies and right wing castoffs. I would advise donating to Doctors Without Borders if you are in a mood to help out to combat the outbreak.


  12. hoplite_i says:

    Hey John, love the way you talk about the news. No need to make it.

  13. BeccaM says:

    One of my (other) favorite bloggers, The Rude Pundit, says it’s time to build a fence around Texas, to keep those diseased Texans from infecting the rest of the nation.


    This task will not be easy, especially since we know that it will be necessary for the fence to be double-layered and electrified. While its construction is happening, the nation will need to provide for thousands of armed border patrols and surveillance including helicopters, drones, and cameras. We have to be prepared for any circumstance in a crisis situation. If necessary, the border patrol must be allowed to shoot to kill any illegal Texans who crosses the fence into non-Texas territory. We are talking about the possibility of a plague that could end civilization as we know it. In this fight against sick Texans, no measure is too extreme. Quarantine is rational; doing nothing is not an option.
    Yes, families will be separated, businesses will be affected (although we’ll construct pipelines to keep the oil flowing), but it is only temporary. Once we are sure that Texas is free of Ebola, we can slowly begin to allow a few Texans at a time to leave through rigorously monitored border crossings. We will, however, need to collect fingerprints, DNA, and other biometrics to keep track of Texans.

    Some Americans may fault this strategy for being too draconian. However, should one Ebola-carrying Texan walk into the middle of Times Square or the National Mall and sneeze, Americans will wonder why we didn’t do more to stop Texas.

  14. UncleBucky says:

    The GOP/TPers are complaining about the Mexican Border… they should be worried about the entry points at EVERY International Airport. Eh? And even the Canadian Border…

  15. BeccaM says:

    Direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. This can be blood, saliva, sweat, urine, feces, vomitus, mucus, sexual fluids, etc.

  16. heimaey says:

    What is considered exposure with Ebola? Isn’t it passed through blood and saliva?

  17. BeccaM says:

    The 2nd person is, according to the linked story, being monitored closely because of known close contact with the first patient, Mr. Duncan. Same thing with the five kids who were exposed. There is no confirmation yet of an actual second case.

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