Woman secretly films life in ISIS’ capital in Syria (video)

A Syrian woman took a camera and secretly filmed a day in the life of ISIS-controlled Syria.

A crime that probably would get her killed.


Watching the film, with all the men (and even some women) strutting around like teenage boys with their big bad guns, it made me recall those guns-n-freedom boys who routinely waltz into all the American big box stores, fully armed, in order to effectively blur the line between mass murdering nutjob and freedom fighter.

The video, from the France 2 network, is filmed in the Syrian town of Raqqa.

Particularly disturbing are the clearly French women who have, for lack of a better word, defected and joined ISIS. Or at least, ISIS-the-pseudo-state. The report says that 150 French women have come to Syria to join ISIS.

Who would want to live like this? How is this an alluring lifestyle?

Oh, and for those upset about NSA spying, one of the ISIS-loving Frenchies tells her family that they can find her on Facebook.

It’s a short 2-minute report, and worth the watch.

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