Ebola outbreak tied to deforestation (video)

Anderson Cooper discusses the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa with Dr. James Wilson, the director of the National Infectious Disease Forecase Center.


Wilson notes the recent outbreaks seem to have hit more populated areas because of deforestation, and “human beings showing unrestricted growth.” Wilson says “we’re going to see more of this.”

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18 Responses to “Ebola outbreak tied to deforestation (video)”

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  2. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Holy cow! You’re older than me? What’s holding you in an upright position? Flying buttresses?

    You inferred that I thought you were illiterate. I thought you had a reading comprehension problem. If someone has a reading comprehension problem, they must first be able to read. If one can read, one is not illiterate. However, any adult citizen of the United States who does not know about the Koch brothers is ignorant. Don’t you ever read newspapers, magazines, or watch TV news shows? I don’t care if you watch Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, or NBC, you would surely have heard about the Koch brothers if you had watched any of those. If you’re not watching television, then surely you must be reading. If you did not see them on TV or read about them, then surely you must have discussed them with someone.

    Are you a sociopath? I don’t know. I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m certain that is not easy to diagnosis. I do know that lacking empathy is one of the symptoms of being a sociopath. Anyone who wants to send unaccompanied children back to their supposed country of origin on a 777 lacks empathy. Many of those children are unable to say the name of their country of origin. What you are saying is it doesn’t matter if the children get back to their own country as long as they get out of your country. It doesn’t matter if there is no one to take care of them as long as they are out of your country. I am certain that anyone who feels that way lacks empathy.

  3. heimaey says:

    Honestly it’s so poorly written that even if English is not your first language, which it obviously is not, I can’t get through your drivel.

  4. mmercier0921 says:

    I need to deforest my yard. I got five tomatoes so far this year.

    I can send you a thousand butternts if you want. I am thinking about eating squirrels.

  5. mmercier0921 says:

    I love leftist nitwits who can accuse a person of being an illiterate sociopath in one post.

    You are boring.

  6. artfuldgr says:

    so you think helping warren buffet with 100% BNSF rail and the billionaires that have shares that are over 100,000 dollars each is doing better? with keystone blocked, buffet, and the billionairs club have a monopoly rail moving the stuff and spilling it all over… while morons make up their little army, whom they dont pay, they just incense… then what? fuel costs so high that the large companies they invest in then denude forests to grow corn to meet requirements…

    The main feedstocks for ethanol production are

    maize and sugarcane; the main feedstocks for biodiesel are soya, palm oil and rape seed.

    screw growing food to eat… you cant sell that in a market in which westerners give your product out for free to the people… so you cut down forests and grow maize, and grow soybeans for a greener world…

    not that leftists are bright…
    despotic politicos never want a bright constituency
    they just want dumb ones they can control

    the sumatran tiger is losing his land to biodiesal and maize for alcohol
    the orangutang is also losing their homes.
    huge tracts of forests are being cut and burned down all over Java
    all to suppy the market with bio fuel feedstocks

    Biofuels in Africa
    Although African wetlands cover only about 4% of its total land mass, they store more

    than half the world’s liquid fresh water storage. Many people depend directly on the wetlands.The fertile soils, the availability of fresh water and fish stocks provide the basis for theirlivelihood. African wetlands also host a broad array of species and play an essential role formigratory birds in Europe and Asia.

    The land requirements for producing biofuels in Africa are marginal in relation to the available land. In which areas production will take place depends largely on the type of crops, production intended for import substitution or for export, on available infrastructure and population density. It is very likely that wetlands will be in focus for production expansion.

    of course such people do not realize that if your going to replace the fuel from the ground with live plants your gonna need lots of land… and for poor people, cutting down the trees to farm is their way of surviving… (same idiots protest US pollition, but leave places like Norilks Nickel alone… one company responsible for over 20% of the heavy metals in the air. but they would have to go up agianst a neo soviet state, not a nice western state – easier to pick on the nice, than have your head blown off trying to shut down a company with a 50 mile radius of pollution so bad nothing lives and you can mine the soil… but its a tribute to stalin and the gulags they love)

    one only has to search google for biofuels feedstocks africa to read tons of reports that will point out that the best places are the same few places animals and people need.

    Global biofuel production has increased more than fivefold in the last decade and is expected to double by 2020, mainly through expansion in developing regions such as Brazil, China, India and Sub-Saharan Africa

    and money is transferrable… its fluid.

    the pension funds for teachers, and koch, and buffet and others will just sell their shares of X and buy shares of Y and thats that.

    right now, 2 trillion US dollars are sitting outside the US and wont come home. why? because if they bring it home they have to pay to do so… if they dont, they dont have to pay.. so they are buying foreign companies and avoiding the usury of the socialists… which is why, every socialists ends up collapsing their economies… from soviet union to argentina this week or so… to the 7 trillion US budget and 90 million out of work people (see the stats!)

    lenin said “you dont work, you dont eat”

    us latvians and hungarians and ukrainians and others know that to be true
    at some point, your target will get up and leave and you will stay to wallow in your own ideas at your expense as there is no one to tag on it.

    dont think so? just read history by people other than commiunist Zinn…

  7. artfuldgr says:

    yeah… like in my wifes country indonesia… cutting down huge tracts of trees and things to grow corn for the greenies… lots and lots of corn for biofuel…

  8. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    “kotch”? Really? I’m also a bit concerned about your reading comprehension.

    Actually, I think anyone who advocates sending unaccompanied children back to their suspected countries of origin (on 777s) without adult supervision is more than deranged. They’re sociopaths.

  9. mmercier0921 says:

    What do the kotch brothers have to do with ebola….?

    Leftists are truely deranged. Scarier than virus.

  10. mmercier0921 says:

    If ebola goes airborne in major population centers we will not need to worry about deforestation or overpopulation.

  11. Silver_Witch says:

    Tin foil hats anyone? I think we might need them – of course they won’t protect you from disease or rape by corporations – but they are fancy and you will look really cool.

  12. Naja pallida says:

    Exactly the point. The increased risk is a cultural problem. No European nor American nation is going to ever be able to walk in and demand they change their way of life. Even if it is for their own good. Colonialism has left them deeply distrustful, and education has only put a tiny dent in a myriad of problems. We’re even seeing cases where people are believing Ebola was brought to them by westerners, and as a result, not just refusing to be treatment, but even going so far as committing violence against clinics. The hunting culture of western Africa is completely unsustainable with the existing population, but nothing is going to change until they have absolutely no other option.

  13. trinu says:

    Yes, but with overpopulation, they’ve started eating more than just rat and expanded to things like monkeys (it’s suspected this is how HIV began). I would also add that those people often have the option to use birth control but don’t for various reasons including cultural views on feminity. Contrary to popular belief, cutting down on child mortality hasn’t had an effect on the birth rate.

  14. Naja pallida says:

    Bush meat has been a way of life for as long as people have inhabited the area. It isn’t just desperate people eating rats because they have no other choice. Large-scale animal husbandry is not commonplace in western Africa, and is prohibitively expensive for most people. Not to mention, crowded groups of animals kept in captivity are the perfect reservoir for any virus to take hold in, not just Ebola. They’ve been studying domestic pigs as a potential risk pool. But really, thoroughly cooked/smoked meat isn’t really a risk, as the temperature of cooking will kill the virus. The primary risk is for the hunters and preparers of the meat, who come in contact with the blood and raw meat. Despite public warnings, and even bans on the bush meat trade, it isn’t slowed anything down. People are going to do what they have to in order to feed their families, even if it means taking a serious risk.

  15. Gindy51 says:

    Deforestation, pollution, drought. All those things make bush meat easier to get and more attractive as a staple when you can’t grow your own food (be it vegetables or herds of domestic animals). I know ebola is not supposed to be airborne but is that true in every case?


  16. heimaey says:

    Until the Koch brothers lose money no one will do anything…

  17. bkmn says:

    Deforestation and its ugly cousin global climate change are rearing their heads. This will not be the last of this kind of situation either.

  18. Man, as usual, is paying the price for his blatant disregard of nature.

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