Aaron Schock finds a new reason to show off his chest

Aaron Schock, the “conservative” “anti-gay” Republican congressman who never misses an opportunity to show off his “hot” bod, has found another reason to bare his “too busy to date a girl” pecs.

Schock took the ALS challenge, a recent rather-effective gimmick to raise money, and publicity, for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.  Basically, people take video of themselves having ice water poured on their heads.


Reportedly, “more than 2 million ice bucket challenge videos featuring tech giants such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have helped raised more than $20 million for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research and awareness since July 29.”

Some have taken umbrage at ALS raising money, and awareness, from such a goofy campaign. For example, this has been flying around Facebook:


But I say, why not? Fundraising is per se “goofy.” People don’t just give money to various candidates and causes because it’s a good idea. You generally need to find a hook to get them to give. That hook can be a specific threat (“oh my God, the Republicans are about to pass legislation killing Social Security!”), or it can be giving the donor something in return (such as the celebrity-studded galas that organizations throw as fundraisers).

You shouldn’t have to throw a champagne dinner in order to get someone to give to a civil rights cause, but it’s what works, so that’s what groups do to raise money.

So, rather than criticize ALS for what was a rather brilliant marketing and fundraising scheme, I suppose you should be criticizing human nature. But I’m not entirely sure what good the criticism really does. I do know what good the ice challenge is doing — it’s raising real cash for a real disease, and that’s definitely something.

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