9 y.o. girl shoots instructor dead while learning to fire Uzi machine gun

The parents of a 9-year-old girl from New Jersey, visiting Las Vegas, thought it would be a neat idea to teach their fourth grader how to shoot an Uzi.

An Uzi is a submachine gun. The kind of gun that when you hold the trigger down it just keeps shooting and shooting.

So they took the child to the Last Stop, a combination extreme shooting range and burger joint where kids and adults can shoot machine guns and launch grenades.

Oh, and they throw in a free burger too.

So guess what happened next?


Moments before the 9 y.o. girl shot her instructor in the head with an Uzi, killing him.

After shooting one shot, the instructor told the girl “all right,” and then switched the machine gun to fully automatic — where if you hold down the trigger the thing keeps shooting 10 bullets per second. The child was unable to control the rapid-fire machine gun, swiveled while shooting it, and shot her instructor in the head, killing him.

Yes, who could have imagined that handing a 9-year-old girl a machine gun might lead to carnage?

Interestingly, the NYT story on this is focusing a lot on the shoot-em-up burger joint, and not at all on the parents of a 9 year-old girl who thought it would be a neat idea to train their young grade schooler on a weapon of war.

The man is dead. The girl is scarred for life. And the parents? Proud defenders of the Second Amendment.

Are we a great country, or what?


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