Support pro-climate House candidate Nancy Skinner – primary is August 5

I wrote earlier about a strong pro-climate candidate for the House, Nancy Skinner, a Democrat running for the MI-11 seat in the U.S. Congress. It’s an R+4 district that went for Obama in 2008 (+9) and Romney in 2012 (+5).

Normally the district goes Republican in House races. This year though there’s an big opportunity, but your support is needed now. Read on to see why.

To jump straight to Skinner’s “ask,” click here. The primary is just days away.

The Republicans have given themselves no good choices

The likely winner of the Republican primary is a known foreclosure meathead named David Trott, and he’s getting savaged by his Republican primary opponent, incumbent Tea Partier Kerry Bentivolio:

Incumbent teabagger Kerry Bentivolio is up against a fatally flawed eviction and foreclosurer specialist, Dave Trott, who is being financed by the corrupt Republican Establishment.

Here’s one of the ads running against Trott — who, note, is the likely Republican winner:

Your first take-awayTrott can be beaten by the Democrat. He’s hugely vulnerable. Howie Klein at Down With Tyranny on Trott and Bentivolio (my emphasis throughout):

[T]he Michigan and the Beltway Republican establishments are embarrassed as hell to have a babbling imbecile like Bentivolio representing the district and they have the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other Republican Party subsidiaries helping to finance a nasty primary by [Trott] the gentleman described in the ad above, of whom we’ve written before. Trott is very wealthy– foreclosing and evicting pay[s] well apparently– and has already raised $1,099,084 to Bentivolio’s $337,190. As of December 31, Bentivolio had $130,133 cash on hand and Trott was already sitting on $710,729.

The Republicans have two bad choices, and the way to attack the winner has been handed to us.

Trott’s opponent can be a strong-climate Democrat

On the Democratic side, there are three opponents, each vying to make it to the general in November. The choices are:

Dr. Anil Kumar, a self-funded doctor who supported Romney.

Bobby McKenzie, a DCCC-endorsed former CIA operative who is pro-fracking “if done right,” or words to that effect.

Nancy Skinner, a talk show host who has run before and is all about the climate.

Howie Klein on Kumar:

Kumar, who has never run for any office nor worked on campaigns, is barely a Democrat at all. Recent campaign reports show contributions of $3,000 to Rick Snyder (2010), $2,000 for Romney (2012), $500 to Mike Rogers (2010) and $375 to Rocky Raczkowski, the crackpot Republican who ran against Gary Peters in 2010.

Klein on McKenzie:

If he runs, the Republicans will talk about nothing but Benghazi for the entire campaign, while he turns off the Democratic base with the only issue he ever talks about, anti-terrorism tactics.

Here’s Skinner on McKenzie’s pro-fracking stance:

McKenzie (from the link above): “I agree with the Sierra Club that if fracking is continuing we should monitor the water, and if it’s contaminating the water, stop it.”

Skinner: “That’s like’s saying I agree with the American Lung Association which says keep smoking, just monitor your lungs, and if you get cancer, then quit.”

But Skinner’s not just anti-fracking. She’s strongly pro-climate, making that a centerpiece of her campaign. Climate scientist Michael Mann on Skinner:

Climate Candidate Nancy Skinner (MI-11)

Climate Candidate Nancy Skinner (MI-11)

Michael Mann, Director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, told ThinkProgress in an email that he was happy to learn of Skinner’s campaign.

“Nancy understands that unchecked climate change is the greatest threat we face–to our economy, out health, our national security,” he said. “I support her candidacy and I hope that it signals that more folks like her will be entering the world of politics, placing climate change action on the front burner.”

Your second take-awayMaking Skinner a winner on climate makes climate a winner. We need a climate advocate in Congress, one who gets  it, and we need a climate trophy in a Congressional race to show what can be done.

Support Skinner now — the primary is August 5 (this coming Tuesday)

The race is within reach. The Democrat who advances past the primary has a good shot at the seat. But Skinner needs support now. In particular, she needs your donations to get the next round of ads on the air.

August 5 is one week away. Do you have $11 (or $33) to contribute to a climate win? The day to click is today. Here’s Skinner’s donate link:

ActBlue on Skinner for Congress

And here’s her pitch — $11 for MI-11 and 1 climate candidate. Her “ask” is at the end:

This isn’t something to delay about if you’re at all inclined to put a little climate money on the line.

Let’s put Skinner in the general election by getting her past the primary. Her target is the August 5 primary election. Yours? Today would be good.

And thanks!


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