Swaying Cheney (or “Lying makes Liz woozy”)

A friend noted that in her recent “tough on foreign policy” video, Liz Cheney, standing beside daddy Dick, looked like she was about to pass out.

Liz’s dad, along with the Republican party writ large, has been on the war-path of late over how President Obama supposedly “lost” Iraq. As if Iraq was ever “won.” And as if we didn’t just have two elections in which the voters made it crystal clear that they wanted us out of Iraq.

Things aren’t great in Iraq. But as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said yesterday, they aren’t going to get any better with us invading all over again, spending another multi-trillion dollars, and losing another 4,500 American lives.

Check out the video below. Liz sways back and forth, blinking far too often. It’s a look familiar to anyone who’s about to vomit.

Lying makes Liz woozy.

Or maybe it’s simply the proximity to pure evil.


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