NPR hits Hillary hard over gay marriage, Hillary gets ticked

Wow, from NPR this is quite amazing.

I love NPR, don’t get me wrong.  But damn, “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross hit Hillary Clinton hard on the degree to which she, and the Democratic party, were playing politics with their views on gay marriage.

Look, I was a Hillary supporter before I switched my allegiance to Obama in late 2007 (before it was cool).  And while it was a hard-fought primary, and we were quite tough on Hillary, I still think she would make a strong and effective president. But this interview did not go well. Terry Gross hits her hard, and Hillary gets defensive.  And it didn’t strike me as a very effective “I’m a strong leader with strong views” kind of defensive.  It sounded somewhat wishy-washy.  And I’m not entirely sure why.

The real fireworks start around 5 to 6 minutes into the interview.

This interview is flying around on social media, it’s worth a listen.

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