Hillary one-ups squirrel RNC sent to harass her

The Republican party has sent a man in a squirrel costume to follow Hillary Clinton around on her tour for her new book, new book, Hard Choices.

As I’d noted earlier, GOP minions have been swarming Amazon to give Hillary’s book a bad rating — they even managed to read the entire thing within moments of it coming out.

The squirrel makes jokes about it being “nuts” to “put a Clinton back in the White House,” and other not terribly punny puns.

Well, Hillary decided to take the squirrel on, walked right up to him, and gave him one of her books. It was pretty classy.

Stephen Colbert covered Hillary’s response to the squirrel, and the overall idiocy of using a squirrel (sorry, that would be recycling a squirrel), to target Democrats.


“Sure, Clinton’s gone toe-to-toe with some of the toughest men on the planet. But has she ever taken on a man-sized rodent armed with puns? I think nut.”

“Now, this squirrel has been following Clinton for a week, and a spokesman for the RNC promises that ‘we’re going to do it for as long as it works.’ And I cannot wait for whenever that starts.”

You can order Hillary’s new book via the Amazon link below (and AMERICAblog will get a portion of the proceeds):

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29 Responses to “Hillary one-ups squirrel RNC sent to harass her”

  1. Silver_Witch says:

    I am not sure I would have noticed GWB….he is short and non-descript. But I think I would not have jumped out of the car so quickly…but I might have still stopped.

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  4. Clevelandchick says:

    They hired a Furry to follow Hillary Clinton? Nobody tell David Vitter, he’ll fly into a jealous rage.

  5. emjayay says:

    Yes, my sister had a Bill encounter on the street back in the day and fell into a swoon herself. But how would it be like if it had been George W Bush?!!

  6. emjayay says:

    Yes, this was rather gleefully reported by Rachel Maddow a few days ago.

  7. emjayay says:


  8. HelenRainier says:

    The RNC didn’t think this through. It’s a stupid idea and makes them look even nuttier than they are.

  9. pappyvet says:

    Squirrel ? first start with some carrots cut into nice sized pieces then set them aside.

  10. Silver_Witch says:

    I bet that is right. And then when she talked to him….he was just too excited to remember he was a Shill for the Republicans.

    Like when I first moved to DC and saw President Clinton going into the Methodist Church on 16th…made my companion stop the car – jumped out and ran up to him – I was going to try to shake his hand…but the Secret Service stopped me….it is weird if you aren’t in DC you don’t realize how “over whelming” it can be to actually see the President and you forget they are not like other folks that you can just walk up to and say hey dude how’s it going.

    It was actually quite amazing….and weird….

  11. Silver_Witch says:

    MyrddinWilt he hugged the book and gave her a thumbs-up….I bet John is right – he was thrilled.

  12. Thom Allen says:

    That’s great, and highlights just how fiscally conservative they are. Recycle a used squirrel costume and give the Pentagon and big business billions.

    I wonder if they’ll move to “Moose and Skvirrel” next?


  13. nicho says:

    This is the first I’ve seen of it. But then I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the photos of the Croatian World Cup team swimming in the nude.

  14. nicho says:

    It’s part of their recycling program. You can’t say they’re not green.

  15. Silver_Witch says:

    I just hate the people he satires so much that the humour is often lost on me.

  16. ericxdc says:

    actually, true story: it was a costume they had left over from their ACORN protest. Not only do they have no original ideas, the republican party can’t even create original protest costumes.

  17. MyrddinWilt says:

    Erm, thats a costume he has on, its not his real face. Its sewn into a smile so he would look happy if Hilary had come out and beaned him with a baseball bat.

  18. MyrddinWilt says:

    Colbert seems to have been a lot funnier of late. I suspect its because they know his character is coming to an end in a few months and everyone is throwing in the stuff they had been thinking might jump the shark.

    The trick is to jump the shark on your last scheduled air date.

  19. Thom Allen says:

    Does this have anything to do with ACORN? Wonder why the Republicons haven’t made the obvious connection?

  20. emjayay says:

    Um, wasn’t this all over the place a few days ago?

  21. LanceThruster says:

    A squirrel is basically a rat with a fluffy tail.

  22. I think so too. Probably some guy needing a job who was probably thrilled to meet Hillary. That’s the real story there, someone needs to find the squirrel and interview him after he leaves the job. Bet he’s a D who simply need money.

  23. I thought she handled it extremely well.

  24. I often find him funnier than Stewart. Stewart is fare more biting, in a way, angrier. Colbert is just damn funny.

  25. Silver_Witch says:

    I think she did recruit him…he looked happy to have the book. The republican’s can’t even keep the squirrels on their side.

  26. Silver_Witch says:

    That was funny…maybe I will start watching Colbert.

  27. Indigo says:

    OMG! If it happens, that’ll be the moment where HRCPOTUS2016 caught on.

  28. Elijah Shalis says:

    That was awesome of Hillary to give the squirrel a copy of her book and shake his hand. That shows class.

  29. UncleBucky says:

    When a squirrel approacheth, give him or her nuts or cookies… Talk nice. MAYBE you can (hee hee) RECRUIT that squirrel!

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