Harry Reid blasts GOP/Cheney for suggesting US invade Iraq, again

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasted Republicans yesterday for suggesting that the US needed to invade Iraq, again.

Second time’s the charm.

As I wrote the other day, there’s growing concern all around about Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents in Iraq taking over more cities in the north, and even posing a threat to Baghdad.

In response to all that, former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal suggesting that President Obama should have never ended the war in Iraq.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasts Republicans, and Dick Cheney in particular, for suggesting that the US invade Iraq, again.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasts Republicans, and Dick Cheney in particular, for suggesting that the US invade Iraq, again.

No. Cheney should have never started the war in Iraq.

A trillion (or three) dollars, and nearly 4,500 dead US service members, later, Americans aren’t in the mood for reruns of a show that got canceled for lack of ratings.

Reid really lit into Cheney and the Republicans yesterday on the Senate. Now, as you’re watching this, keep in mind that this is Harry Reid.  The man is not know for his energizer-bunny personality.  But his words are electric.

Do Republicans believe that service men and women from Kentucky and other 49 states across this great country should be inserted in the middle of their civil war? I don’t think so….

This is an Iraqi civil war, and it’s time for the Iraqis to resolve it themselves…

After a decade of war, Americans have had enough….

It’s not worth the blood, the American soldiers.

If there’s one thing this country does not need, it’s that we should be taking advice from Dick Cheney on wars. Being on the wrong side of Dick Cheney is being on the right side of history.

Unfortunately, we already tried it your way. And it was the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of the country.

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21 Responses to “Harry Reid blasts GOP/Cheney for suggesting US invade Iraq, again”

  1. HelenRainier says:

    Easy to have brain farts. I have them all the time. :-)

  2. AlexisKerryfyg says:

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  3. BeccaM says:

    you’re right of course. brain fart, corrected.

  4. HelenRainier says:

    Hague, not Haig.

  5. Bill_Perdue says:

    They’re aping the role of the Roman Senate from the time of Marius on. Most of them are rich and cowards.

  6. Houndentenor says:

    In other words in our era it’s become legal to bribe elected officials and we let them get away with it by re-electing them.

  7. BeccaM says:

    Halliburton moved to Dubai. They take millions in federal dollars and
    pay taxes in another country. Why do we allow them to still get
    government contracts?

    Because it’s not ‘we’. It’s our government, including particularly Congress, and they’re paid handsomely to keep those contracts coming.

  8. basenjilover says:

    Yes, edited, thanks Becca

  9. BeccaM says:

    You mean ‘failing to pursue’?

  10. basenjilover says:

    and I would like Pelosi’s apology for pursuing impeachment charge against Bush.

  11. Naja pallida says:

    Ever since WW2, Congress has essentially abdicated its responsibility for being the ones to authorize military actions. They’re cowards, the lot of them. Afraid to make any of the hard choices, because then they might actually have to show that they stand for something and then have to defend that position publicly. Harry Reid needs to be castigating the President and mocking Cheney.

  12. BeccaM says:

    There was a psychologist at the time who referred to Dumbya’s inability to say the aphorism correctly as a particular tell, of being so utterly incapable of self-critique, he could not take blame for anything. Not even the mistake of letting himself be fooled.

  13. BeccaM says:

    Like I said yesterday: Harry Reid wants an apology from Dick Cheney for the ‘mistake’ of invading Iraq.

    I want a guilty plea from Cheney and the rest of the Dick Dynasty, in the Haig, followed by a life sentence for their long list of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  14. The_Fixer says:

    Harry Reid was mostly right. However, from the Free Dictionary:

    blun·der (blndr)
    A usually serious mistake typically caused by ignorance or confusion.
    v. blun·dered, blun·der·ing, blun·ders
    1. To move clumsily or blindly.
    2. To make a usually serious mistake.
    1. To make a stupid, usually serious error in; botch.
    2. To utter (something) stupidly or thoughtlessly.

    The Iraq was was not just a stupid error caused by ignorance or confusion. It was, as Dennis Kucinich says, a calculated move of an imperial nature.

    But Harry Reid is right when he says the last person anyone needs to listen to when it comes to foreign policy is Dick Cheney, and evil man with ulterior motivation for everything he does.

  15. Houndentenor says:

    I’m so sick of chicken-hawks like Cheney. His solution to everything is military invasion. I’m sure that has nothing to do with the no-bid war profiteering his non-American former corporations receives whenever we do so. (Halliburton moved to Dubai. They take millions in federal dollars and pay taxes in another country. Why do we allow them to still get government contracts???)

  16. Russ says:

    Now is the time to have every website in existence running the clip of W attempting to say -Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me – of course he couldn’t get through it without screwing it up!. It is SO appropriate now – it needs to be running in a continuous loop!

  17. basenjilover says:

    A very big shout out to Barbara Lee, US Congress Oakland (California) Representative who was the only vote against war. 420 – 1. “I am convinced that military action will not prevent further acts of international terrorism against the United States. There must be some of us who say, Let’s step back for a moment and think through the implications of our actions today — let us more fully understand the consequences”.

    While the clueless americans and rest of US Congress acted like mindless mob scrambling to awe and shock-bombed the hell out of innocent people and especially the children.

  18. FLL says:

    One of my biggest complaints about Obama is that he’s so mousy about confronting Republicans, like Cheney, when they make false (or stupid) statements like the one Cheney just made. Harry Reid is such an improvement over that.

  19. AndyinChicago says:

    I love it when Harry Reid gets feisty. He seems so mild that it always genuinely takes me back when he shows any aptitude for standing his ground.

  20. Bill_Perdue says:

    What will Reid say about yesterdays CNN report about Obama’s new war plans:“I’ll let you know what’s going on, but I don’t need new congressional authority to act, President Barack Obama told congressional leaders Wednesday about his upcoming decision on possible military intervention in Iraq.” http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/18/politics/us-iraq/

    The antiwar movement always thought that the quisling regime in Iraq, propped up by the Obama regime, had no viability. The Clinton embargo and the Bush invasion and occupation created the conditions for the breakup of Iraqi society and it’s division into three three defacto nations – Kurdistan, a sunni area and a shiite area.

    “Divide Et Impera” (Divide and Conquer) is one of the oldest dictum’s of empire builders. The US is plunging forward with a policy of imperial aggrandizement the scale of which has not been seen since the days of the Caesars. The events in the Arab and muslim world are the terrible manifestation of those polices of mass murder and mass destruction – really, of attempts to murder whole nations.

    The role of the US in Iraq, Vietnam and elsewhere was best describe by Tacitus a couple of millenia ago when he said ““Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant” (“They make a desert, and call it peace”). He was repeating the words of a leader of the defeated peoples of Gaul about the appalling bloodbath in Western Europe in the wake of Vercingetorix’s rebellion against Caesar.

    The legacy of almost every American president for the last century is characterized by unbridled and extremely violent empire building. From 1955 to 1975 the American looter class invaded and attempted to occupy Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and they were utterly and humiliating defeated by the Vietnamese and the civilian and GI antiwar movements. From 1990 to date US began series of brutal wars, invasions and occupations that that led to genocides by Clinton, Bush2 and Obama in Iraq and mass murder in Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. There were over a million civilian casualties in both Vietnam and Iraq.

    Clearly the Cubans are correct when they call the US looter class the main enemy of the people of the world. We have to stop them by being independent of both war parties and creating a workers government to put an end to their madness before they get us all killed.

    below Fallujah and My Lai

  21. woodroad34 says:

    Oooo, first Judge Jones–now Harry Reid. I love it when we fight back. Anthony Weiner was a good fighter, but sex got in the way and he was forced to go; Dick Cheney is a bad leader and he got to stay. At least sex asks the question, “what’s going to come of this?”; but violence and death only begs the question, “what could have been?” That’s the moral hypocrisy the sociopathic conservatives need to resolve.

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