Guess who told CNN, not 4 months ago, he’d negotiate with terrorists?

Guess who told CNN, not four months ago, that he’d negotiate with the terrorist Taliban, and even do a prisoner swap, to get former US POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl back?

Yep, that girl.

john-mccain-bergdahlYet now, after President Obama has secured the release of the last American prisoner of war being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan, Republicans, including John McCain, are all against prisoner swaps and negotiating with the Taliban.

From Amanda Terkel and Sam Stein at HuffPo:

The day after Bergdahl’s release was secured, however, McCain was on the Sunday morning talk shows questioning why the administration would release the “hardest of the hard core.” On Monday, the following day, he stressed that he “would not have made this deal.”

“I would have done everything in my power to repatriate him and I would have done everything I possibly could. But I would not have put the lives of American servicemen at risk in the future,” he said.

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said the senator’s objections lie in the details.

“The details that we know so far are troubling and could enable these hard-core Taliban leaders to return to the battlefield against Americans and our allies and partners next year,” he said.

I guess McCain’s earlier position in favor of swapping those same Taliban members for Bergdahl — a position McCain held just this past February — was a youthful indiscretion.

The Huffington Post has a lot more on the GOP Congress’ uber-fandom of Bergdahl before Obama secured the POW’s release.

Though one feels for the GOP. Policy positions based on lies and political expediency are awfully hard to keep track of. I’m reminded of the story I’ve told before, of riding in the elevators in the US Senate Hart building, back in the late 80s, early 90s, when I worked on the Hill.

I had one more floor to go, the elevator door opened to let someone out, and a very-important GOP senator from the northeast went scurrying by with aides in tow.

Right as my elevator door was closing, the aide says to the senator: “Remember, Senator, today you’re pro-choice.”

The other staffer in the elevator, and I, broke into hysterics.

So, remember GOP, today you’re anti-POW.

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You know who supported negotiating with terrorists and trading Gitmo detainees for US POW Bergdahl? That one.

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26 Responses to “Guess who told CNN, not 4 months ago, he’d negotiate with terrorists?”

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  2. Sameboat1 says:

    This from the man who would be king.

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  4. chrislib says:

    Songbird McCain made at least 32 propaganda films for the NVA while a POW in exchange for food, cigarettes and whores. Look it up.

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  6. The_Fixer says:

    I know it shouldn’t make me do a double-take, but it’s still hard not to do so. The completely petty level that the Republicans have sunken to in anything regarding the Bergdahl matter.

    It was one of the Fox’s talking heads who actually picked on his father’s beard, saying that he looked like a member of the Taliban.

    He had started growing the beard when his son was taken captive, and he will shave it off when he is reunited with his son. It’s a gesture, a visual representation of the man’s vigil for his son. A son he had raised and nurtured to adulthood. A son who is now being demonized by a bunch of people who have not got even a minute fraction of this man’s intestinal fortitude and bravery.

    This is today’s Republican party and their operatives. Bask in their complete and total hypocrisy.

  7. Silver_Witch says:

    The behavior of the republicans in this matter is making me most mad as a Mom, my son is worth a dozen, two dozen in trade. This man is an American, he is a son, he is a soldier AND simply because THEY hate the President and everything about him…they are willing to shame this man and his father and to make a mother weep. A mother and father who are rejoicing at the return of their most beloved son are being shamed for the sake of the GOP’s need to make the President look bad.

    They, IMHO are making themselves look beyond foolish today – at work – I had to speak up. I have been quiet in public because my mother taught me to never speak of politics at work (or at social gatherings)….but TODAY when this man with a voice full of disgust said “who would trade one man for five”…my response was “My Son is worth five – I would trade five Taliban prisoners for the return of my son and if you are a good father you would trade five Taliban for your son as well”.

  8. rich1103 says:

    I’m glad Obama took the bull by the horns. The Republicans are pissed because somebody did. They have never supported Obama on anything, and to talk to Congress would have been a waste of time because they would have been against it.

  9. grandpamike1 says:

    But, but, but, that was in the past, let’s talk about Obama. Anytime you bring up what Bush or Reagan did, they claim “old news” let’s move on. Not only did Reagan swap arms for hostages, he also was President when the 1983 Beirut Marine Barracks bombing caused 241 Americans to die, because of Reagan’s offshore bombing of Lebanese Villages..

  10. grandpamike1 says:

    And if McCain’s grandfather and father were not Admirals, John Boy would never have gotten into the Naval Academy and never flew a plane and never would have been captured, and never become a Senator. Legacy’s always give us the weakest. Oh, yes, when he was repatriated from Vietnam one of the first things he did was discard his wife Carol after her long and painful recovery from a car accident, because it didn’t fit in with his Manchurian Candidate accession to the Presidency. My relative joy is that he goes to his death bed knowing that he could have possibly been elected President, but, as usual, sold out to the religious right by selecting Caribou Barbi as his running mate.

  11. nicho says:

    The GOP’s base has an attention span about as long as – oh look, something shiny.

  12. caphillprof says:

    John McCain’s 15 minutes are long, since OVER.

    But for the GOP’s knee-jerk, venomous racism–anything Barack Obama does, says or thinks opposed lock step by the GOP, this Bergdahl affair would be mostly over, everyone happy he’s back, everyone waiting for a court martial.

  13. BeccaM says:

    Negotiations for which took place before Reagan was elected, making him — literally — a traitor to his own country.

  14. dcinsider says:

    We should have left McCain in the jungles of Vietnam.

  15. Houndentenor says:

    They’ve also conveniently forgotten when Reagan swapped ARMS FOR HOSTAGES. (We had Congressional hearing on this for those too young to remember.)

  16. cole3244 says:

    i thought i had a very good response to this info but after reading the posts before mine i will just grin and read on.

  17. Butch1 says:

    I’m hoping Cooper will have him on very soon to talk and then play his old clip to pull a “got-ya” to get his reaction to his flip-flop.

  18. Dave of the Jungle says:


  19. BeccaM says:

    Today’s GOP is like a toddler with an extreme oppositional behavior disorder.

    Obama: “It’s a lovely day. The sun is out and the weather couldn’t be better.”

    GOPers/Baggers: “The sun is a giant flaming ball of Benghaziiiii! We’re all gonna get skin cancer, and then Nobama’s Kenyan death panels will seize all our guns and kill us! Impeach the Demonazi! Arglebargle! Garglebargle! Behhhhhn-gahhhhhhh-zeeeeeeee!!!

  20. BeccaM says:

    What’s even more sad is McCain seems to be given all the cheap airtime he wants, an appetite for which is quite considerable.

  21. Buford2k11 says:

    yes…sad, I pity the poor guy…wealth beyond anyone’s dreams, yet devoid of the rewards of being a good person, and senator..

  22. Naja pallida says:

    In fairness, John McCain has been lost to us since 2000. All that is left is a puppet of a man without any soul or political stances of his own. He is entirely defined by what cheap amount of airtime he can grasp. It’s actually quite sad. He could have easily stood up to the stupid in his party and become the strong voice of reason, and he simply chose not to.

  23. DanInHouston says:

    Actually, it’s easy to remember, EVERYday, you’re anti Obama!

  24. bkmn says:

    How does a Republican tell which way the wind is blowing?
    He pulls his head out of his ass.

  25. dommyluc says:

    Diamonds, daisies, assholes – That Girl!
    Bullshit, half-truths, FoxNews – it’s McCain!
    He’s tinsel on a tree
    He’s everything a hypocritical Republican liar should be!
    (Sorry, Marlo. I love you, hon, but I just couldn’t resist).

  26. Yalma Cuder-Zicci says:

    It doesn’t matter what the issue or the outcome, Republicans seem to never have an honest reaction to anything. Responses and positions are always tactical and self-serving, as in how can this be spun for me and my Party, consistency be damned. It is exhausting and dispiriting.

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