Stephen Colbert checks Magic 8 Ball, entrails, for news of Flight 370

Comedian Stephen Colbert spends five minutes on the latest breaking news, that there is nothing to report about missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Colbert’s report was respectful, he was poking fun at CNN’s non-stop coverage.

colbert-flight-370 colbert-flight-370-2

But rest assured, Colbert has sacrificed a chicken to check its entrails for news about the missing flight.


And then to add to the fun, an adorable little boy came on set, dressed as a peasant, and reported that Mr. Godot would not be reporting in tonight, but he would most assuredly be reporting in tomorrow.

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One Response to “Stephen Colbert checks Magic 8 Ball, entrails, for news of Flight 370”

  1. Indigo says:

    “It’s going to be a hot summer.” I tell you, chicken entrails are at least as accurate as the weatherman, it’s a start.

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