Oklah. City Satanists raise $28k on Indiegogo for monument next to 10 Commandments

Some Satanists, upset about a 10 Commandments monument that got constructed on the state capitol grounds in Oklahoma City, have decided to get even by erecting a monument to the devil.

While the Supreme Court decision governing all of this, back in 2005, is awfully complicated, the 10 Commandments that are currently on the Oklahoma City grounds were donated with private money. So will the Satan monument, which organizers used Indiegogo to raise more than the $20,000 they sought.


This is the actual monument, in construction:

The Satan monument, still under construction. Courtesy of the Satanic Temple.

The Satan monument, still under construction. Courtesy of the Satanic Temple.

I’m not a big fan of Satan, or Satan-worshippers, and these guys appear to be the real thing, and not just a libertarian joke, but they’re making a clear point about what happens when you start permitting religious sculptures in a public place.  Then other religious sculpture must go up as well.

Conservatives can talk all they want about how Ameriuca is a Christian country, but officially we’re not. We don’t put Christian crosses on our passports, like the Greeks do.  Because our government is not a Christian government.  They can claim otherwise until they’re blue in the face, but America has no official religion.

And while I’m not a fan of, say, banning Christmas pageants in school, I do think that you need to incorporate other faiths, for example, in those pageants, including Judaism and Islam.  And the same goes for the public square. You can’t just have Christian symbols without placing symbols of other faiths.

And for all the talk about how the 10 Commandments isn’t really a Christian symbol, it’s actually “American history,” that’s just blasphemy.  I mean, seriously, the far right is going to go all Judas on us now and pretend that the Ten Commandments aren’t religious, and that they don’t want these monuments in the public square expressly because they want to promote and revere their god?

Next thing you know, they’re going to tell us that the 12 disciples were simply tagging along with Jesus for the free booze.

As for what happens next, the state of Oklahoma will refuse to permit the monument, the Satanists will sue, and depending on the make-up of the Supreme Court, the Satanist may just win, unless the Supreme Court tries to claim that the commandments are historical whereas the Satan monument is clearly a joke, or something.

Here’s Colbert’s take:

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