Colbert on Georgia’s crazy new gun law and the NRA Convention

Stephen Colbert covers the National Rifle Association convention.


He also delves into Georgia’s new gun law that will permit people to bring guns into schools, bars, churches and libraries (though Colbert notes that you’ll need a silencer in the library).

The law will even permit guns into parts of the airport.

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15 Responses to “Colbert on Georgia’s crazy new gun law and the NRA Convention”

  1. patkelly03 says:

    First off, let’s get one thing straight about the NRA. The NRA cares as much about anyone’s rights as McDonalds cares about how much fat is in their fries. The NRA is all about lining its slimy pockets with money and anything after that takes a distant second place. Anyone who cannot see this is either a fool, extremely gullible or in dire need of psychiatric assistance before you hurt yourself or a member of your family. If you believe that alleged gun rights lobbied for by the NRA in America today have anything to do with either rights or the Second Amendment then you need your head examined. It’s all about the money. Just the money.

    The vision the NRA has for America is for citizens to purchase as many guns as its fear mongering advertising campaigns will permit. They essentially want all Americans to believe there is a national crisis of core values whose answer coincidentally is for everyone to plunk down their hard earned cash and buy a gun or better yet 2 or 3 assault rifles with high capacity magazines. And why does the NRA propose you should do this? Not for protection from violent crimes because statistics show violent crime has been decreasing for many years. No it is because we all need to prepare ourselves for the great war all Americans are going to fight between America’s citizens and our government. You know, the one where police, FBI and other government agencies all of a sudden become the enemy and start invading people’s backyards and homes in a quest to turn America into a police state. Come on. Where is your common sense?

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go out to a restaurant and see the couple sitting next to us packing handguns and an AR-15. Maybe it’s me, but the idea that John Q. Citizen should have some right to sit next to me in a public place with enough firepower to kill me, my wife and my children anytime the whim strikes that particular person just doesn’t seem right. Of course, I could do like the NRA wants and rush out to the nearest gun store and load up with guns and ammunition so I can defend my family if this guy has a few too many drinks and goes off the deep end. Or I can just cut my evening short and return home and lock all the doors so no other gun touting nuts can impose upon my freedoms and right to peace and security.

    This whole gun control issue has reached the point of absurdity. What right should anyone have to carry firearms in public? Who are they to threaten me because they are armed and I am not? Don’t I have an inalienable right to not carry guns into the streets and still feel safe? Surely the Second Amendment was never meant to grant anyone the power to walk around acting like they are the police or wannabe heroes who believe they have some duty to dish out frontier justice if the chance will just present itself. The obvious truth is that the very people who would want to walk around in public with a firearm are the last people any of us should want to be able to so. These are the same people who lie awake at night dreaming and hoping that tomorrow will be the day they can pull the trigger and turn their fantasy of killing someone into reality. Then and only then will they get the respect they know they deserve. If we have laws that protect the public from secondhand smoke, shouldn’t we have even stricter laws that protect the public from getting hit in the head by a stray bullet fired from the gun of someone who failed the police entrance exam due to mental problems?

    It seems the time has come to enact very strict federal and state legislation that restricts the possession of guns in all public places with highly severe penalties exceeding 10-years in prison for anyone breaking that law. Surely our own children deserve that protection. It’s time we get tough on guns in America and start putting all the sick paranoid and highly dangerous gun fanatics in prison where their disturbed fascination with killing toys will not add to the gun slaughter currently taking place every day in America. The eight children who died yesterday did not have to die. Neither did the 75-adults who were also killed by guns. We The People hold the real power in the gun debate and should use that power to stop all the needless killings by voting any legislator out of office who represents the interests of the NRA over the American people. Please, let’s do this thing.

  2. PaxMentis says:

    Colbert is an idiot…many states (including my state of Oregon…where we even have some teachers and school bus drivers who carry) have had this lack of prohibitions for many years and the dire consequences predicted by Colbert and other cringing liberals have been conspicuously absent.

  3. BillFromDover says:

    The 1st one misfires?

  4. BillFromDover says:

    Is this why they won’t let me purchase a bazooka or a Howitzer?


  5. Freday63 says:

    I recently had a discussion with a bar owner that was my former boss. I had seen him a couple of weeks prior to this law being passed and we had a friendly visit. He expressed reservations about moving large amounts of cash to the bank and felt he should be able to bring his gun into the bar. I alerted him to the fact that there are armored car services that can do that for him if he felt uncomfortable with a gun in the bar. In the next sentence he called me stupid for my suggestion. Now if two civil and sober adults can’t have a simple conversation without it devolving so quickly into name calling how are two armed and liquored up adults going to fare?

  6. vickif says:

    That’s what has the men so up in arms so to speak,- they have a teeny tiny penis. My apologies to anyone with a small penis except for gun nuts.

  7. greer says:

    yes.compensation does come to mind, doesn’t it? Very telling about those in the south, eh?

  8. emjayay says:

    Besides, hardly any Asians have guns.

  9. olandp says:

    You have my apology, and sympathy. Can I go for a ride in your Porsche?

  10. The_Fixer says:

    On behalf of small penis owners everywhere, please do not insult us by comparing us to gun crazies.

  11. Viking says:

    It’s getting worse, too. When people start setting human traps to kill, a la Minnesota and Montana, how far have we regressed?

  12. olandp says:

    If you have to carry your gun everywhere, how small could your penis possibly be?

  13. The_Fixer says:

    I honestly think that these people are nuts.

    There are some responsible gun owners, to be sure. But they are not the ones clamoring to carry their guns everywhere, and don’t view gun ownership and usage as a panacea for things – real or imagined – that ail society.

    The inmates are running the asylum, and it’s way past time to change that. The NRA needs to become impotent. Look how many politicians go to their conventions in an effort to get votes and support. Look at how the NRA has kept the government from studying the effects of gun violence. Any meaningful gun control legislation is killed off even before it has a chance to get voted on – courtesy of the NRA.

    I honestly don’t know what the answer is. I just know that after multiple massacres of innocent people, we still have to endure the possibility of it happening yet again. I also know that it begins with de-fanging the NRA.

  14. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Two drunks in a bar with loaded guns? What could go wrong?

  15. Sobeck says:
    Give it a look, im starting it but I dont know if comments work.

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