Idaho’s insane GOP gubernatorial debate, covered by Colbert

I covered the bizarre GOP gubernatorial primary debate in Idaho the other day, and Stephen Colbert is now on it too.

Interestingly, one of the two truly bizarre candidates ended up being pro-gay. In his own bizarre way.  This guy, Harley Brown:


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It’s a fun segment, and oh so GOP.

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11 Responses to “Idaho’s insane GOP gubernatorial debate, covered by Colbert”

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  2. Steven Leahy says:

    I think I saw him in a leather bar once.

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  5. BlueIdaho says:

    I agree. Otter did not win by a decisive margin. And I also agree that Boise is a beautiful progressive place to live, unlike most of the rest of the state. :-)

  6. Jeff Reynolds says:

    As an Idahoan (currently living in SF), I agree that this was the strategy, but disagree that Fulcher ever had a real chance to win that primary, serious debate or not. Butch is the master of avoiding the real conversation as is evidenced by the fact that he only agreed to do a single debate in the first place. BTW, Idaho is full of crazies, but Boise is a lovely, (reasonably) progressive place.

  7. olandp says:

    I will miss Colbert when he moves to his new show.

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  9. BillFromDover says:

    Is not all fair in love and war?

  10. BillFromDover says:

    How sad is it that politics has now degenerated into calling your opponent The Normal One?

    And all this time I thought that the baggers were bug-fuck crazy?

    However, I gotta give this guy an H for honesty – something severely missing in the conservative clan of industrial-strength bat-shit crazy.

  11. taikan says:

    There was nothing “insane” about Idaho’s gubernatorial debate. Butch Otter, the incumbent was facing a strong challenge from State Senator Russell Fulcher, so he arranged to have two buffoons share the stage with the two serious candidates. The buffoons took up most of the time (each of them got more microphone time than Fulcher) and turned what should have been a serious debate into a comedy. As a result, Otter wasn’t challenged seriously during the debate on any substantive issue.

    The payoff was on Tuesday, when Otter won the primary.

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