Jon Stewart & Sean Hannity declare war on each other over Cliven Bundy (3 delicious videos)

Oh my. Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity broke into open war this week over Hannity’s open embrace of racist seditionist Cliven Bundy.  Hannity ripped into Stewart repeatedly, and Stewart, god bless him, utterly destroyed Hannity in return.

There are 3 videos.  Watch them all. You will not be disappointed.

Stewart starts off with various Hannity segments praising Bundy (for more info, Becca did a huge post explaining all the background on the Cliven Bundy controversy).

At one point, Hannity talks about how people like Bundy, who are squatting on federal lands without paying the necessary grazing fees, are helping to make beef prices lower for American consumers.  Stewart responds: “Yes, most goods are cheaper when you steal the raw materials necessary to make them. Have you seen the prices at ‘Fell Off the Truck Mart’?”

Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity break into open warfare over racist seditionist Cliven Bundy.

Jon Stewart and Sean Hannity break into open warfare over racist seditionist Cliven Bundy.

Stewart then goes on to show Hannity’s obsession with Democrats who “pick and choose” what laws the obey, from President Obama on down. Yet, Hannity is fine with Bundy refusing to obey the law and repeated court orders.

Then Stewart shows Hannity ripping into Occupy Wall Street, with Hannity yelling “What right do you have to take over a park?”

Then, Stewart shows Hannity criticizing Stewart for having Cat Stevens at his big rally a few years back. Stevens (who changed his name and converted to Islam decades ago) apparently supported the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

Stewart admitted that Hannity was right about Stevens being a bit too far out there, but then Stewart turned the “guilt by musical association” around on Hannity and showed Hannity praising NRA board member Ted Nugent, who is about as hateful as they get.

Stewart then went on to note all the flags that Hannity has on his set, and how Hannity even wears a flag lapel pin, yet he’s embracing Cliven Bundy, a man who doesn’t even believe the United States exists: “He doesn’t recognize America’s existence – he’s a US-atheist.”

It’s really a thing of beauty. All three videos are below.

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