The US and UK government warned today that everyone should stop using the Internet Explorer Web browser immediately, because of a massive security breach.

What’s worse, since Microsoft announced that it will no longer provider security updates for people using the Windows XP operating system, Windows XP users can no longer safely use Internet Explorer, unless they want to risk someone taking over their entire computer.


The specific version of Internet Explorer affected are versions 6 to 11.

CNN Money explains just how bad it is:

This is how it works: Hackers set up a website that installs malware when you visit it. If you’re duped into visiting the website while using the Internet Explorer program, malware seeps into your computer and gives a stranger total control. You might not even notice.

“I’d say someone taking control of your computer is just the beginning of the worst case scenario,” said Adrian Sanabria, a security expert with “Because then they steal your info, get access to your email, etc.”

That’s where the real danger lies. Anyone in control of your computer can spy on everything you do. If it’s a PC at work, hackers can reach into anything an employee has access to.

Microsoft says it will come up with a fix by mid-May.

For years, lots of people have felt that Internet Explorer is garbage.  I know from a Web site owner’s perspective, far too many of our problems, in terms of readers encountering errors on the site, is due to Internet Explorer.

Just say no.  You can use Chrome, Firefox, Safari.  Or other browsers as well, such as Opera.

In other news, AOL was also compromised by a cyberattack, and the company is now warning all of its user to change their passwords and security questions immediately.

Welcome to cyber-security Monday.

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