Stephen Colbert on the scary new UN report on climate change

We’ve had a few stories in the past few days about the new, rather scary, report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Chris Trejbal started with a brief overview of the report. Then Gaius weighed in, noting that “ending carbon use is the only answer” to worsening climate change.  And finally, Gaius wrote about how the IPCC accidentally proves that “international cooperation on climate change is dead.”

Well, Stephen Colbert got his mitts on the topic last night.  Enjoy.

“Just like the wise Native Americans with the buffalo, I believe we should exploit every part of the planet.”

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One Response to “Stephen Colbert on the scary new UN report on climate change”

  1. Indigo says:

    The wise Native Americans’ economy was based on the buffalo but it was the Federal Government that decided to extirpate the North American bison in order to undermine the Native American culture. It worked. Congratulations, Genocidistas! But misunderstanding and misrepresentation are comedic effects according to the #defendstephencolbertnomatterwhat folks. So it’s okay . . . and we’re not going to do anything about climate change, he got the right. It isn’t likely to be a priority until half of downtown Chicago and most of eastern North Dakota is under water which will be right around the time always stylish Miami transforms itself into the Venice of North America.

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