GOP congressman-wannabe shoots Obamacare because guns

An Alabama (it figures) Republican congressional candidate, Will Brooke, thought it would be a neat campaign stunt to shoot a copy of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

So he did.  And failed.


Brooke follows a long line of Republican candidates – and wannabe-Republicans like West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin – who think it’s cute to fire guns at copies of legislation.

Please just forget the fact that people have been firing guns lately (and for a few decades now) at actual federal government targets like military bases (just this week) and members or Congress.  No, just ignore that and revel in the notion of violence against the government.

Of course, the funny thing is that Brooke was as successful in his personal jihad against the Affordable Care Act as were House Republicans who tried to repeal the legislation 50 times, and then shut down the entire federal government over their insistence on defunding health care reform.

Brooke’s little gun stunt failed.  As with the GOP House’s ongoing anemic efforts, Obamacare lived to heal another day.

Now, you’d think that being from Alabama, Brooke might focus on issues truly harming his state, such as Alabama’s ongoing racism problem, or its citizens’ penchant for killing dolphins with screwdrivers. Though my favorite was Alabama’s infamous attempt in 2012, only a year and a half ago, to repeal language in the state constitution that supports segregation in schools and poll taxes.  The repeal effort failed. 60% supported keeping the racist language, only 40% supported repealing it.

And they wonder why people still call the South racist.

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And here’s Manchin’s from 2010:

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13 Responses to “GOP congressman-wannabe shoots Obamacare because guns”

  1. BSORaiderErie says:

    Read it and tell me how it is the Free Market? The Free Market doesn’t force you to buy something? It pursuades you with a multitude of reasons.Number one is usually cost which is the first mistake with forcing people because that makes it already out of the Free Market Principles! Wake up read a book and no more novels or false Biographies by phony presidents? A brain is a terrible thing to waste and unless you are first brave enough to ask YOURSELF THE HARD QUESTIONS which a Dufus don’t care! And as you sign up the Prisoners for Obamacare ask the family that is now on Welfare because they can no longer AFFORD THEIR FAMILIES HEALTHCARE INSURANCE. Don’t worry America because the next couple of Lawsuits over Obamacare are gonna be huge defeats to include the one on Subsidies! When the court rules on that one it will defeat Obamacare by itself! Once people don’t receive a subsidy the IRS has no Rule or Law over those Citizens in any State that DIDN’T SET UP THEIR OWN WEBSITE! Meaning that Insurance Company’s will be in a jam in these States but the IRS will lose their controls too!
    16 MAY 2014
    Washington, D.C.
    So sign up whomever you want but nothing is over and just remember PROHIBITION and they said that would never be lifted?

  2. DGT says:

    Also, you must, must, drive a pickup truck. Everyone knows that you can’t trust a man who drives a sedan.

  3. DGT says:

    I don’t get it either. Is the ability to shoot at a copy of legislation or castrate hogs really something that a voter would consider to be useful as a legislator?

    I understand metaphors, but I really don’t think the ability to literally do something is transferable to metaphorically doing it. If I can operate an Amish horse and buggy, it doesn’t mean I can “rein in” spending. If I am a skilled boater, it doesn’t really mean I can guarantee “smooth sailing” through tough times. My experience as a gardener doesn’t give me the ability to grow the economy.

    If this worked, I think I would vote for a railroad employee, so that (s)he could put the brakes on the security state and get us back on track. (Ugh, that was terrible, but sort of my point.)

  4. DGT says:

    He tries and fails to destroy “Obamacare” by shooting holes in it, which is either symbolic of GOP attempts to destroy it (but not in the way he intends), or just plain silly. Or both.

    And when he can’t shoot it away with his guns, he decides he’ll have to got to Washington to “replace it with a market-based solution.” WTF? How can anyone possibly claim that the ACA is not market-based? You buy insurance from private corporations, using “marketplaces”. All of the negatives from the ACA come from its market-based approach, rather than single-payer. Can someone please explain what type of “solution” they are looking for?

  5. grandpamike1 says:

    Skeeters never learn, do they ?

  6. judybrowni says:

    I wouldn’t set foot in Alabama, even in bullet-proof vest.

    But we’re ruled by dumb, racist, hateful hicks.

    Interesting factoid: Los Angeles has a larger population than six red states put together.

    Number of senators from Los Angeles? 0

    Number of senators from those six Red Hate states? 12.

  7. FuzzyRabbit says:

    He can’t shoot a very tight group, can he, even from a rest? I could do better at age 6, when I was learning to shoot.

  8. Naja pallida says:

    Btw, the broken tag at the end of the article distorts the formatting of the page for everything below.

  9. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Considering that the entire GOP has been operating at roughly the intellectual, ethical, and emotional plane of a vindictive middle-schooler since the days of Gringrich, then…yeah, I guess it’s been working pretty well for them.

  10. Tom in Lazybrook says:

    I am from Alabama. But thankfully not from Birmingham’s southern suburbs, where this clown is probably running to the left of the other candidates. I don’t think he wins. But I don’t think the likely winner will be any better. But then again, when the election is to replace Spencer Bachus, its not like whatever comes out of that district is going to be any worse that what we already have.

    Oddly though, when I see the ad, it appears as though Brooke seems so darn uncomfortable and out of place in it.

  11. Naja pallida says:

    I don’t get it… what was he trying to accomplish? Does this kind of thing really play well with certain voters?

  12. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    It just struck me how weird it is that these batshit right-wing politicians from flyover country just love to act like they’re better at everything, superior human beings to the common herd really, because they know how to fire a rifle, a skill that can be taught to anyone off the street. It’d be marginally more logical to say that you know how to run the country because you can handle a manual gearbox, which at least requires a tiny bit more exercise of judgment.

  13. Lawerence Collins says:

    These, DSSRZS, are dangerous and delusional!

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