Colbert intro spoofs his show being canceled, shows “crying Indian” from the 70s (video)

I’d missed this one earlier. Satirist Stephen Colbert, in response to calls from a friend of uber-conservative blogger Michelle Malkin to cancel his show over a joke he made about the Redskins mascot being racist, did the intro to his show last night showing his staff being fired and the show being closed down.

Just to add to the fun, Colbert was wearing a Redskins hat and jersey.


This was in addition to a later segment in the same show where Colbert “apologized” for the joke, but didn’t really.

In addition to showing the Colbert Report staff leaving with boxes, and the set being shut down, Colbert showed scenes from disaster movies like the Morning After, and then even showed the famous “crying Indian” from the anti-litter campaign in the early 1970s.  That last part was particularly cheeky, considering the context (Colbert got into trouble for sticking up for Native Americans).


It’s pretty funny, and the perfect response to people who don’t understand (the point of) satire.

If you’re in the mood, this is a particularly good take-down of the activist who started the entire #cancelcolbert campaign. It appears that, among other problems such as having great disdain for white people, she really has contempt for gays too.  (Surprise.)

And here’s the “crying Indian” ad from the 70s. It was later discovered that the actor in the ad, Iron Eyes Cody, was not in fact Native American, but actually Italian-American.  Still, the Hollywood Native American community, knowing this, honored Cody in 1995 for his contributions to the portrayal of Native Americans in Hollywood.

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12 Responses to “Colbert intro spoofs his show being canceled, shows “crying Indian” from the 70s (video)”

  1. BillFromDover says:

    Ya can’t argue with stupid, so why just not mock it; and Colbert is the maestro at this.


  2. FatRat says:

    EXCELLENT LINK. She’s a total loon.
    “lied about having her mic cut even saying the segment hadn’t aired at all.”

    “White gays think that they are a special shade that should “get” to be grouped with people of color. Your whiteness is already centered!”

    “complaning about how much smarter her sister is (forcing her to be the pretty one, no really), whining about how her parents pressured her to be smart and didn’t love her enough, or reliving all those moments white people were mean to her in college.”

    “Okay, it’s settled. From now on I will talk to white people as if I am talking to a baby.”

  3. HeartlandLiberal says:

    Just to emphasize, everyone should go read the Joslyn Stevens post John linked to in the article. It is absolutely brilliantly researched, exposing Suey Park, the self-billed activist, for the deeply troubled person she is, with links deep into people like Michelle Malkin and anti-gay and anti-white sentiments. Some of the best expository writing I have seen lately, filled with example after example from Suey Park’s Tweets that just destroy her credibility completely. Honestly, after reading it, my only response to Park’s announcement she has resumed therapy is that she needs to change therapists, and find one who will help her, not feed her paranoid and self-aggrandizing fantasies, that have her really disconnected from reality.

  4. cole3244 says:

    colbert, stewart & the real left never get angry when attacked they just use camp humor to get the bigots and haters even angrier at them, cool is always better then fool.

  5. BeccaM says:

    I read that post. Park sure is a piece of work…

  6. molosky says:

    John – I was just heading over here to point you to the Joslyn Stevens post!

  7. This post, written by Joslyn Stevens, addresses the Malkin issue. Apparently, Suey Park, the activist who is leading this thing, is actually friend with Malkin. Stevens has been tracking Park for a while. Real piece of work. Apparently she has issues with gay men – sorry, WHITE gay men, collectively, apparently. As I said before, racist, sexist and homophobics tends to the trademark of this new generation of “progressive” “activists.” The good thing about Park is that she either can’t, or has no interest in, hiding her apparent racism, sexism, and homophobia.

  8. BeccaM says:

    This is a reply to Hue-Man below (the Reply button seems to be missing…):

    The only one who would’ve been better than B.D. Wong would’ve been George Takei — who has personal family experience with the Japanese interment camps.

  9. Hue-Man says:

    The “faux-Indian” picture reminded me of another who was hailed as a back-to-nature environmentalist ahead of his time, Grey Owl (1888-1938). It was only after his death that it was revealed that he was born Archibald Belaney in Hastings, England. The portrait is by Yousuf Karsh, another immigrant to Canada who photographed the Who’s Who of the world. .

    It’s (typically) subversive that Colbert would choose B.D. Wong to be in his dream sequence; he’s one of the few “gaysian” actors who gets regular gigs on network TV.

  10. BeccaM says:

    Colbert was brilliant. And as you remarked in the other post, John, the remark about learning everything he needed to know about support and respect for Asians from Michelle Malkin’s 2004 book, “In Defense of Internment” was priceless.

  11. Houndentenor says:

    Colbert for the win! None of the “boo hoo people are being mean to me” bullshit we get from too many people. He makes a joke out of it and goes on.

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