“America’s oldest hall monitor, Sean Hannity, dedicated 5 shows to the horrors of Spring Break”

Jon Stewart recently covered the odd fact that Fox News’ Sean Hannity dedicated five different shows to the “horrors” of Spring Break.

Hannity’s shows were replete with lots of B-roll showing bikini-clad women dancing and twerking, to the point where Stewart wondered if that wasn’t the entire point of the series after all:

“Now, some of the more skeptical viewers might think, this is less of a news story and more of a reason to spend the week running wildly inappropriate T&A footage alongside pundits tsking said footage. But you’d only be 99.9% right.”



Even stranger, Hannity and his guests shared their funny tales of Spring Break (but don’t you dare send the kids), and then demonstrated for the audience how to use a beer-bong.


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