Some questions about Malaysia Air Flight 370

Now that there’s a growing theory that the missing Malaysia Air Flight 370 continued to fly for four hours after it was last spotted an hour northeast of Kuala Lumpur, there are still questions that I think need to be asked.

One of the earlier questions I had: Why was everyone so sure the plane went down near where that last radar ping was, the one that suggested the plane had done a u-turn?  Why couldn’t the plane have kept flying, transponderless, to the west, northwest, southwest?  Now it seems that question is more relevant.

But there are a few more questions some journalist should ask:

1. Has anyone checked the Internet records of the plane and its passengers?

I checked Malaysia Airlines, and they do have planes that offer a variety of minimal Internet services (at the very least).  This is from the Malaysia Airlines Web site:

Your in-flight entertainment controller doubles as an air-to-ground phone. Make calls or send text messages to anywhere using your credit card. You can also call your friends on the same flight.

Did anyone make calls, send text messages, surf the Web while in flight? When was the last moment in time that any of this occurred?  That would at least let us know whether the plane was still viable.

2. Credit card records of the passengers?

If passengers continued to use the Internet while the plane was flying, their credit cards might indicate that, since they’d have to buy the Internet access. And if the plane had Web access, someone could have bought something on Amazon while in flight.  Again, this gives us a sense of up until what hour the plane was operating normally.

3. Could the transponderless plane have flown over land?

How difficult would it be for the plane to fly north over Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh or India?  Would the plane have been intercepted, or could it have flown through other countries’ airspace?  If not, then that means it must be over the sea.  Though they’ve searched over land in Malaysia, suggesting radar coverage is spotty or they’d have seen it.

4. What about Diego Garcia?


As I’d noted earlier, there’s “nothing” west of Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia except the huge US naval base at Diego Garcia, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Diego Garcia appears to fall near, but inside, the limits of the plane’s maximum travel distance.  That raise a few questions:

a. Could Diego Garcia have been the target of a terrorist plot using this plane?  Could you imagine a US naval base having to choose whether to shoot down a fully-loaded civilian airliner out of the sky?  There was a lot of discussion about how there were no “rich targets” in that area.  Diego Garcia is one such rich target.

b. What radar coverage does Diego Garcia have, and has it been checked?

c. What about our ships and subs in the area, would their radar and sonar potentially have picked up a plane heading in their direction or crashing in the seas?

d. Satellite coverage. I just saw an expert on CNN say there’s no reason for there to have been satellite coverage over the Indian Ocean, except that Diego Garcia is there.  So are we sure there’s no satellite coverage?

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100 Responses to “Some questions about Malaysia Air Flight 370”

  1. sasikumar says:

    Dear All viewers and readers…

    Please note now we have reached of completing one month of flight missing, there is no even a small clue against reason for missing and not traced any small piece of flight part, also no bodies of passengers and not knowing what happened to this flight.

    All the reports, results of search and looking forward to a forecast, this flight cannot either crashed or fallen down in sea, it is clear of hijack done by a professional team but not a terrorists group but it is done by those people who really have some self interest of pre-cautionary step against their safety. But should understand and know the condition of innocent people who were traveled in this aircraft.

    The all world countries should have unity and fight against this incident when the truth comes out from darkness.

  2. James Nolan says:

    Why did they not send a military jet to see what was going on with that passenger plane when it went off cousre ,I find it very strange that this question was not asked of the Malaysian government by the news services.

  3. Charley Baltimore says:

    obviously the Diego Garcia base is holding the passengers for a reason. a plane full of high tech engineers with mega info on stealth technology…..Maybe they all knew in advance and they were blackmailed or coerced to participate in this situation? (in exchange for their loved ones lives maybe) didn’t one passenger hand his wedding ring over before he even left? he knew he was not coming back.

  4. Nick Knack says:

    That makes most sense to me in light of the sightings at an extremely low altitude in the Maldives and the fact that halon canisters are washing ashore there. I think Diego Garcia dodged a huge bullet. To admit it got so close would not be a good thing to advertise, plus you don’t let the culprits know you know, I’m actually giving the Commander in Chief the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Nick Knack says:

    Couldn’t do untold damage unless an explosive device was in the cargo hold……like the one that was detonated at white sands a week or so after the disappearance.

  6. Gary Lake says:

    DG IS 647 miles away from the maltives. a witness in the maltives saw the plane at 630. it takes a plane 1 hr and 40 minutes to fly 647 miles. the last ping was at 8:11. a plane usually gives one last ping when it lands.
    i may not have a motive but the math works out

  7. Chris Clark says:

    Improbable based on unknown motive. Though not impossible. But at the moment, nothing much else is being considered impossible either…

  8. anon1979 says:

    Yes, you could – Besides their hangars, they could be hiding it in plain sight, using technology called Quantum Stealth – a real life “invisibilty cloak”. The US Military already has a contract with it’s developer and have been experimenting with it for at least a couple of years now, running multiple successful tests flying UAV’s (drones) among other things. By replicating with light what a rock does to water in a flowing river, it creates an illusion of invisibility to the naked eye (from 360 degrees), makes it invisible to radar, and only casts a 5% shadow from covered people/objects. A Boeing 777 is ‘slightly’ larger than a drone, but it’s highly possible it could be covered in this material, and sitting at the end of their main runway. Sounds crazy I know, but highly possible if they haven’t disposed of it, or relocated it already. Search YouTube for this video code for more information: Rqi3jpBSyCc :)

  9. Dave Festa says:

    Thanks for the reply. ..certainly an incredible coincidence . Ya what a great name..

  10. David Festa says:

    It’s a small world after all Dave, yah I came up this theory
    on about the third day, funny if watch the news the “radar arch” shows a north
    and south possible path, the news last night talked about my shadow theory and
    china theory saying it is not possible to shadow a plane and there was not
    enough gas to fly to china. Ok so now the news is contradicting themselves, so
    the arch leading into china is for what then? Truth is the governments knows
    more then what is being publicized, im sure in time we will hear the navy seals
    have captured the plane, just hope the country its in doesn’t see it as an act
    of war, BTW, awesome name!

  11. Dave Festa says:

    Please excuse this coincidence, my name is dave festa,though im not the author to the post im replying to. A friend asked me this same question a number of days ago about fl370 flying under another aircraft to disguise its radar ping..I find it quite a coincidence that im reading a blog with my name attached to it stating the same theory that a friend posed to me just a number of days ago. Ive accused him of using my name ,

  12. Le Cajun du foux says:

    Thunderball 1965

  13. fmstark says:

    i agree, very suspicious!!! actually hoping it is a possible pilot/crew suicide than a delivery vehicle contributing to a massive disturbance of our realm

  14. Josh says:

    I have a theory….What it this event was a “test”. In this day and age, taking a large plane full of people presents its own risks of failure. Instead, what if this was done to see if bringing a plane to a high altitude to depressurize the cabin and eliminate the risk of interference, followed by a rapid descent to 25k feet to regain control of the plane, then fly along the planned coordinates mentioned and finally water-land the plane either near a remote island or water craft would be a feasible action. Then, the perpetrators would disembark the plane, be recovered by a waiting asset, and allow the plane to sink intact, taking the evidence down at a location far from what search crews would be looking. This whole situation seems strange and like a trial run of some type for unknown future sinister purposes.

  15. RatGuardChf says:

    I used to be in the Navy there is a little more at Diego Garcia than some B52s…I find it hard to believe Diego Garcia did not have this flight on radar if it turned west over the Indian Ocean, major runs in Iraq and. afghan territories launched from DG its radar and listening capabilities are pretty sophisticated. Many of us suspected the 40th Expedtionary also served at cover for a “rendering” location

  16. steve says:

    diego garcia has an admitted and published radar range of 900km, they have b2 bombers and other highly classified aircraft there so one would rightly assume they also have highly classified radar too, a conservative estimate is all us military facts and figures are underplayed by 20% so you do the maths

  17. Chris Clark says:

    It’s only a tiny place. You couldn’t hide it.

  18. John Verbose says:

    Unless it was the CIA for the purposes of having reason to move more Navy forces into the region for purported search operations while China is distracted by their lost passengers. That is part of the military’s objective now to shift forces into the Pacific. Other than that, I can’t fathom a motive for anyone else. This would mean the plane is stationed or in hiding at Diego Garcia.

  19. David Festa says:

    Is it possible pilots/hijackers turned off the electronics just
    after the pass-off between Malaysia and Vietnam to avoid suspicion then flew
    the plane on a known flight path of a similar plane but at a lower altitude
    masking its ping, basically shadowing another plane until the plane could be at
    safe distance from radar? According to flightradar24 flight KLM836 (which is a
    Boeing 777) would have been at an intercepting point at the same time in the
    Malacca Strait, Flight 370 then could have shadowed flight KLM836 on a
    Northwest path. The data states the plane was at 45,000 ft. while flying over
    Malaysia mainland, suggesting the plane was at that altitude to avoid a
    collision with other planes and possibly to make the passengers unconscious,
    once over water in the Malacca Strait the plane descended to 23,000 feet at
    which I suggest it shadowed another plane and then flew northwest into china
    and landed at Shangri-la Airport, Yunnan China, a remote airport surrounded by

  20. Chris Clark says:

    “Could Diego Garcia have been the target of a terrorist plot using this plane?”

    It seems to me most unlikely. The worst a targeted Boeing 777 could do is damage about five B52s or transports and some of the apron, all of which could be replaced in 72 hours. Google Maps will swiftly confirm this. Or hit the fuel depot, and that’s sufficiently far enough away from both runway and quarters to not cause major damage to life and could be repaired in a few months.

    But Diego Garcia would have had eagle-eyed radar, and I bet it was fully employed.

  21. Dan, NY says:

    If Internet service was available on that plane, could someone in the cockpit easily turn it off?

  22. af says:

    oxygen masks deploy in the passenger cabin automatically when depressurization occurs. seriously dont think there is a way to turn that off. as per your assumption of PS scenario, assuming the pilots in front died to oxygen starvation, cabin attendants would eventually know that something is wrong and contact the airline. this is still either a catastrophic failure or intentional hijacking. my 2 cents.

  23. af says:

    correct on the passengers, but the flight attendants would notice anomalies right away. they know what is normal and what diverges from routine. and some passengers dont sleep and know what it feels like to have the plane descend unexpectedly or turn. I expect at some point in time in the flight “let’s roll” occurred. its hard to fathom the panic of passengers waking up on approach landing in a place they realize is not correct. it is a mystery that there are no public records of phone calls etc from those on the flight–just compounds the whole mystery.

  24. PJ London says:

    The first question should be “What was the cargo?”
    The SAA lost a plane carrying “red mercury” because someone did not want South Africa to develop an even better nuclear device.
    It could be a Ron Brown event, but more likely given that it did not just fall into the sea, they wanted the cargo in one piece in one place.
    It certainly must involve one or both of the pilots, otherwise, the hijack transmitter or the hijack over-ride could / would have been activated and ground control established.
    It is strange that no intercept was mounted, the USA must have known that it had gone dark, but according to the published information, no real-time action was taken. We know that even the inter-pilot communications were intercepted over Russia when Korean airline went off course for only a short time before being shot down, but no comment on what action was taken when a Malaysian plane goes off the air.
    Show me the manifest and I will show you the motive.

  25. Coffeeguyzz . says:

    Five hour flight time would put the plane directly in the vicinity of DG from the “disappearance” point. Can’t people see the glaring inconsistency of a huge, aluminum-skinned plane “disappearing” from a radar screen? Transponders being disabled do not make things vanish. Only an AWAC’s electronic hijacking and remote commandeering answer the array of seeming irreconciliable, known facts.

  26. BillFromDover says:

    Breaking… breaking… breaking.

    CNN now reports that this aircraft may have been manually turned.

    Stay turned for further updates.

  27. BillFromDover says:

    I believe this aircraft be found in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north… somewhat.

  28. Henry Kissinger-Blair says:

    Seems the most likely

  29. Wolfgang says:

    All the hijackers had to do was take a baby or the children at knife point,, So you all have to ask yourselves—> “What can we do ?” Believe me it changes everything and i am sure they killed a passenger or crew member in plain sight to gain the advantage,, then all cellphones, radar and transponders were done according to their demands. And the finger does point to two individuals who bought passports that were stolen two years ago. Then after several hours the passengers discussed re taking the plane instead of becoming a human bomb and done all they could until the hijackers ditched them all into the sea. Same scenario of “KNOWING” just as the Pittsburgh crash of 911.

  30. Jason Vega says:

    I can imagine the US flying them out to diego Garcia and waterboarding, raping and murdering them. A terrorist plot against the US? who does terrorism in such “shock and awe” (read: terror) then the zionist owned, brutal police state, sponsors of terror, known drug running US????

  31. henry kissingbug says:

    Or American agents diverted and stole the plane to paint it in some targeted countries’ (Iranian/Russiam/Syrian maybe) colours on Diego Garcia and use it in some false flag attack to force World War 3 onto the world.

  32. hotdog says:

    WE have shot down a plane before. We shot down an Iranian commercial plane back in 1988 that we perceived to be a f-14.

  33. james says:

    I have read most of these comments and there seems to be some of this and some of that. It was my understanding that DG had powerful land radars. When we launched due south out of Vandenberg Air Force Base our first contact besides aircraft over the Pacific was DG which gave us a level of confidence about the orbit parameters. DG also recorded telemetry data broadcast from the bird. Sats could also pick up that data.
    There are early warning IR 24 hour satellites over the equator that record all the hot stuff over the China Russia area. Just the right spot. Since no one is saying anything about any reported incidents, it is unlikely that there was any fireball or gasoline fire. It must have had a smooth landing.

  34. Scott Dailey says:

    SATCOM and GEODSS are two different things. I speak from experience. Is there a lot on Diego, No. But there are a number of targets that would make a great terrorists statement. I do not actually believe DG was the target but it could have been.

  35. hp b says:

    I have a question.
    What is the first name which pops into your head after hearing the words “fake/stolen passports?”
    Yep. I don’t even have to say it. (dancing Israelis)
    They’re not called “the usual suspects” for no reason.

  36. Vinnie Vega says:

    Why, because jets never get hijacked?….please.

  37. jfkpl says:

    Americans shot down the hijacked plane headed to Diego Garcia like Iran Air 655

  38. eggroll_jr says:

    Unlikely. The Payne Steward plane continued on a straight course from Florida to South Dakota, maintaining an altitude of 39,000 ft until it ran out of fuel.

  39. Joel Griffin says:

    I don’t know but when i look at this with my conspiratorial mind i come up with so interesting speculations.

    If the plane didn’t crash close to its last reported location but turned
    west and followed an established flight route for at least 5 hours then
    someone was in control of it.

    It seems the most likely is one of the two pilots or both. Someone
    checked in..signed off with the Malaysian Air Traffic control..but never
    checked in with the next station. The Plane disappeared in a zone where
    it was out of radar range. Its Interesting that if you where going to “Steal” a plane…this would
    be the point you would do it..No ones is going to notice you disappear
    or miss you right away.

    The reports say the plane flew at least 5 hours after but nothing I’ve
    seen says they have a consent track. If they did they would know exactly
    where it went down. They keep referring to “Data Points” that tell them
    where it was at a certain time. Perhaps who ever had control of the
    plane finally disable this last means of tracking the plane and it flew
    on leaving no trace. Perhaps they intentionally waited to disable this
    system so that when they started piecing things together the last
    traceable point would be over the deep water Indian ocean.

    They talk about how far the plane could have flown..but the range on
    that particular model is nearly 8000 miles (Malaysia to Pakistan is less
    then 3000 miles) Clearly if it had the fuel it could have flown much
    further then the search area and how do they know for sure how much fuel
    was on it. Does Malaysia know? Would they release the information? (By the way Pakistan to New York is less then 8000 miles)

    The only point that seems inconceivable is …there was a crew of 12 and
    250 passengers. One person alone couldn’t have pulled it off without
    being subdued or someone getting out a call for help. (Of Course on a
    night Flight most of the passengers were likely asleep and wouldn’t
    notice anything wrong for sometime)

  40. susannunes says:

    It’s more plausible than the hijacker nonsense.

  41. susannunes says:

    Unless one of the pilots actually hijacked the plane, it didn’t happen.

    I think this is a Payne Stewart-type scenario.

  42. susannunes says:

    I think it was a catastrophic mechanical issue. There isn’t any evidence at all, despite the media trying to twist it as such, of it being a terrorist/hijacker plot. It doesn’t make sense at all.

    I can see this thing actually turning into a Payne Stewart-style scenario. It has happened at least once with a commercial airliner, and there is no reason to think it wouldn’t happen again.

  43. guessting says:

    check our the links to the 20 Freescale employees onboard, what the company does and who own it…

  44. eggroll_jr says:

    This is a very good question. Perhaps there has been an ongoing hostage/kidnapping all along, it’s just that the affected parties can’t talk to the police. In that case, low-value passengers could have been put in a compound, sent jungle-trekking, put adrift, or killed. Certainly, it would take considerable planning to house and feed 227 passengers and 12 crew for any extended period. Also, if there is no planned reuse of the aircraft, the crew would be as expendable as low-value passengers. Such an act of piracy requires high risk, but it is a relatively low investment (several plane tickets and buying inside information from the airline) with a rather large pay-off. Even a prize of just a few million dollars might be enough to motivate a sufficiently desperate pirate gang.

  45. Spielberg says:

    I love the Chinese, now a seismic event on the seafloor near the last transponder ping. While everyone else says it veered off west for hours to the Andaman islands. I think they are very superstitious out there. They’re probably thinking about the “Asian Bermuda Triangle”, some saucers kidnapping the plane (E.T.s are still stucked on Spielberg view of extra-terrestrial life). Let me see, the saucer kidnapped the plane over the south china sea, they dumped the bulk of the plane near (seismic event) keeping the Rollys-Royce engines with all the ping system intact (they’re E.T.s, they’re professional) for their sexual gratification and moving west through waypoints seeking other engines to munch on and then tired of playing with the hoomies they zapped into space (or into one of string theory 22 extra dimensions). I’d say it’s more plausible than a Diego Garcia 9/11.

  46. gkshenaut says:

    Well ok, a splash.

  47. Ray Reyes says:

    777 after market parts are rare these days also, very expensive, and in demand. The plane in a chop shop?

  48. Ray Reyes says:

    Or, the plane could have been compromised by US government “agents,” and flown there to be used in a yet-known false flag attack.

  49. Ray Reyes says:

    Why didn’t I think of that? :)

  50. Milouthedog says:

    No one has thought how the passengers and crew fit into this. If the plane has been hijacked, did they kill the people on board or intimidate them into behaving? There must have been quite a team of hijackers up there to gain entry to the cockpit and then maintain order by whatever method. How do you feed the people if you keep them alive? Again, organization is needed. Are links being established between people on the passenger list?

    Once the plane is on the ground, relatively easy to camouflage it or store it in a hangar. But you still have the problem of the crew and passengers. Do you think we’re going to get a ransom note? Or will the threat of the plane being rolled out with a dirty bomb on board be hanging over our heads? Are we being made to look in the wrong direction by focusing on the west?

  51. Palinprodigy says:

    You, have got it my friend!

  52. nicho says:

    If so, it probably made some kind of a noise.

  53. Franny Glass says:

    Diego Garcia routinely handles B 52 flights. Are nuclear weapons stored there?

  54. gkshenaut says:

    I think it was a terrorist plot to crash the plain into some key element of the American facility at Diego Garcia, but they ran out of gas on the way there and crashed sliently into the ocean.

  55. Well would they , surely if it dropped off the radar entering Vietnamese airspace, they wouldn’t be able to pick it up ?

  56. nicho says:

    After reading all the news reports, all the data, all the government statements, I now know exactly what happened. It’s as obvious as the nose on your face.

    We know the co-pilot has a history of inviting women into the cockpit during flight. This time, the women he invited turned out to be Amazons. They overpowered the flight crew, took control of the plane, and flew it to Paradise Island, home of the Amazons. There, Queen Hippolyte, wearing her magic girdle, will use the plane to fly her Amazon warriors to Greece, weakened by austerity measures, and reclaim their ancient territory.

  57. Cerebus says:

    Yes, there is a SATCOM station there. These are not what you think they are. Basically a couple of shipping containers and some 20M dishes. There are a few around in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia, Kwajalein. Basically, Diego Garcia is a staging and supply station. They put Martime placement ships (cargo ships stocked with bullets, rations, fuel, trucks, etc) there so that the USMC can quickly deploy in the region. If you Google Map it, you can see just how small it is….anyway, the plane flew along the Asia/Mid East air corridor towards India and Middle East….it was hitting the waypoints along the way… not heading to the super secret but not so secret Diego Garcia. Been there before, your not missing much.

  58. eggroll_jr says:

    Taking a mashup of plots from Die Hard movies and adding two well-known facts, i.e. the famously hard-to-access-for-tourists Andaman Islands, which are sometimes called “India’s Hawaii,” and the fact that Malaysia is the world’s number-one issuer of sukuk bonds (an Islamic equivalent of bearer bonds, that is very compact money format), plus some speculation that rich Chinese use sukuk to hide wealth from the authorities, you get an air piracy for a few hundred million in sukuk, landing in say the Little Andaman Island, with the thieves not particularly interested in reusing the plane or ransoming the passengers.

  59. Bartolomeo says:

    “Could you imagine a US naval base having to choose whether to shoot down a fully-loaded civilian airliner out of the sky?”

    maybe they did

  60. LAWD says:

    Last Friday, March 7th, Ukraine’s gold, some 42 tonnes, was allegedly loaded onto a plane in Kiev. Flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur early on the 8th.

  61. Bartolomeo says:

    “And if the plane had Web access, someone could have bought something on Amazon while in flight”

    or just sign in at fbook, gmail, yahoo etc mail account for example

  62. Joe says:

    Iran is not stupid. They know something like that is what US/Israel would like to blame them for.

  63. MichaelS says:

    Not convinced. Plane could be re-painted so as not to identify it easily as the Malaysian missing plane. If and when this unidentified civilian aircraft was spotted, it would first need a *visual* ID (no way we’d shoot down a possible civilian aircraft that might merely have a broken radio…). Even if they really could absolutely identify it as the missing plane, by then it really might be too close to stop.

  64. perljammer says:

    Regarding satellite coverage over Diego Garcia: surveillance satellites are in low earth orbit, not geosynchronous, so there is no 24/7 satellite coverage anywhere. So it’s unlikely that one of these satellites was in a position to observe the flight during the time of interest. But Diego Garcia definitely has regular satellite coverage; Google Maps has very nice satellite coverage of the island, which shows a group of B-52 bombers and tanker aircraft, as well as a group of shelters that might hold smaller aircraft. You can bet the farm that Diego Garcia is equipped with some very powerful, sophisticated radar equipment as well.

  65. me says:

    Or go undetected into Israel. The Iranian Air Force commander just bragged about how they are able to destroy Israel as soon as they receive the order. Could the Iranians be behind this plane’s disappearance? Perhaps not likely, but certainly possible. As possible as any other theory I’ve read about….

  66. Chin says:

    I am from Sri Lanka and we have no any official or unofficial news about any incidence here so far. No one have seen any unusual object, land or sea. There are two runaways in SL capable to get B777 .

  67. Vinnie Vega says:

    The jet then by your theory would have maintained it’s altitude and hence been visible on radar. Jets on auto pilot don’t change altitude until they run out of fuel.

  68. Vinnie Vega says:

    Something tells me that contrary to what John believes, The US and British military isn’t going to be forthcoming with any radar logs.

  69. Cerebus says:

    1) The Navy base at Diego Garcia is not “huge” it is small British owned island that consists of a runway, a tent city, a few buildings, and supply facilities for fuel and ordnance. Nothing really special. Of note, any military facility with an air field will have multiple radar and early warning systems, which are effective for hundreds of miles.

    2) There are other islands…..what would be of interest is islands that have a landing strip long enough for that plane. A loaded 777 200 ER needs about 1860m to land. There are 3 runways in the Indian Ocean that can handle that. Diego Garcia has a 3 mile long runway (it is a Space Shuttle capable air field) and the other 2 are in Male (Maldives) and Sri Lanka. But this assumes that the plane continued on the estimated path west and did not turn after it shut off the beaconing system to Boeing and Roles Royce. It was turned off at 35,000 so the plane was airborne.

    3) The Transponders were turned off intentionally. Both, at given times, 14 minutes apart. So whatever happened was what was intended to happen to the plane.

    4) Not all countries have good radar systems or even radar at all. There are massive holes in the radar coverage all over the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. The first is relevant as the plane had sufficient fuel to make it that far….meaning Pakistan. If a nation state is a player in this….then of course it doesnt care about a plane being seen on radar, and of course where it goes.

    5) The most relevant question is who or what was on the plane. The answer to that leads to the answers of why and who did it. Bitcoin execs out of Asia (9 people involved in BitCoin have died by “suicide” in the past 3 months). Perhaps someone connected? What was the cargo. All the passenger planes fly cargo, and the 777 has a big cargo hold on it. These questions being answered will reveal more than any other item of data, radar blip etc. Did a government steal the plane? Is this part of something else? The very fact that all the government entities are being kind of closed lipped about it and not sharing information with Malaysia tells us that something else is at play…..

  70. MyrddinWilt says:

    Seems John might be right here. There is a report of an unidentified plane that would put it on a direct course from the last known location to Diego Garcia.

    But a terrorist plot to use the plane makes little sense unless it was perpetrated by one of the pilots. After 9/11 there are really no circumstances where the passengers are going to cooperate.

  71. Ozfer says:

    Nope not the only one. We would probably notice it early enough and in that situation we would shoot it down though…

  72. GoingForBroke says:

    So pricknick, you think we should all shut up and wait for the official cover up story????

  73. MichaelS says:

    Ummm… with the new speculation that perhaps the plane flew for hours after disappearing, perhaps having been hijacked and landed safely… Am I the only one who wonders if this was stolen by terrorists for use as a (nuclear or dirty) bomb delivery vehicle? It would go undetected across the Atlantic until it might be too close and too late to do anything about it.

  74. awacs2014 says:

    Im hoping that agencies are checking every international phone call i last 6 months by every passenger on board and crew member ..every email..etc…plane could even land in north part of malaysia or sri lanka or anywhere and under threath of destroying aircraft and passengers ,government would have to cooparate at least temporary

  75. benb says:

    Until the Press can independently verify every piece of info that’s released I think it’s pointless to try hypothesize about what happened to 370.

  76. Well I didn’t say we should start naming terrorists :)

  77. That’s why I think it flew over the ocean.

  78. ST. John Smithe says:

    John, it’s really too bad that you banned me — not too worry, I didn’t take it personally. I am glad however to see that your imagination is still alive and well. In all honesty I might have been a bit too imaginative with my theory of the plane being drawn to that portal at the South Pole…Diego Garcia does seem more plausible now that you mention it. Now the next question that’s been bugging me: Has anyone inquired as to where the USS Kidd and the other ships in the western search party are coming from? I mean, weren’t they busy doing something else in defense of the Constitution before they got called out to help in this search?

  79. RepubAnon says:

    Some additional points:

    1) How about a Payne Stewart scenario – where the plane suddenly depressurizes, everyone blacks out, and the plane keeps going until it runs out of fuel and crashes? (

    2) Cruising speed is the most fuel-efficient speed – going to maximum speed doesn’t increase the cruising radius because it lowers fuel efficiency.

    3) I’d expect that the US military would scramble a fighter and have it use its guns to knock out the passenger jet’s engines before letting it get near the Diego Garcia base. They’ve probably got contingency plans for this. The passenger jet would probably still crash, but at least it wouldn’t be blown up in midair by a missile.

  80. Dan Malo says:

    it would be a failure of the entire (boondoggle anyway) M-I-C if we didn’t have satellites over the Indian Ocean with Diego being where it is. easy lie spotted easily

  81. DRoseDARs says:

    …except for the people falsely identified.

  82. PG says:

    not all phones are on roaming while on travel. All service provider should turn on international roaming for passenger mobiles on the place. you never know.

  83. Ed Snack says:

    Wrong supposition. The US and Malaysia agree, no ACARS data was transmitted by MH 370 after the already known 1:07 transmission. The US further claims that they have identified approx 8 extra “handshake” connections made between the SATCOM system on MH 370 and satellites. These were made every 30 minutes and did not transmit any data, almost certainly because MAS does not subscribe the advanced ACARS feature that sends regular status updates this way. These 8 signals strongly imply that the aircraft was aloft for a further 4 to 4 hours 29 minutes. It also means that the SATCOM was powered on and active, so no complete power outage. However all other comms *could* have been disabled by an incident on board, but US thinking (rightly or wrongly) is currently inclined towards a takeover scenario.

    The WSJ got a heads up by US Intel, this information has been confirmed by Jay Carney. If it is fake (and of course it could be, them tricky rethuglicans putting this out to embarrass “the smartest man ever in the White House”) then their will be a hell of a lot of egg over some prominent faces. Furthermore, the US SAR effort is now headed to the West, with USS Kidd headed out towards the Andamans plus an advanced P-8 maritime patrol aircraft to supplement the P3-C already out that way (plus an Australian & NZ P3’s).

    Unsubstantiated rumour of the day, the US has already detected the black-box sonar on a nuclear sub in the Indian ocean and is diverting surface assets that way to take over so the nuclear’s location is not revealed. Cue announcement in < 24 hours !

  84. cole3244 says:

    keep the info coming before the rw zanies come up with some kind of kenyan conspiracy or the such.

  85. Julie Wilson says:

    Bangladesh is the answer. Think about it

  86. Tone says:

    The powers that be know much more than they’re telling. On that I’d bet the farm.

  87. niz says:

    Not saying i agree or disagree but the ping was for four hours and the flight was only one hour in before the disappearance.

  88. Indigo says:

    All those questions and one more, could it have been a close encounter of the third kind?

  89. Silver_Witch says:

    Pretty sure it was a worm hole…seriously – those things are very dangerous – you can end up almost anywhere. It doesn’t happen often – but when it does Wow! (It is always how they think Big Foot appears in various locations and yet no evidence of a dwelling or habitat is found).

    I keep hoping they will turn up somewhere, safe and sound, I think I am going to be disappointed.

  90. nicho says:

    If the plane had flown over other countries, it would have been detected. These countries have defense facilities and are — or should be — aware of unidentified aircraft entering their airspace.

  91. Psyspace says:

    What about passenger cell phones. Someone on that plane forgot or failed to put their phone in airplane mode. If the plane flew low perhaps a cell phone pinged a tower somewhere.

  92. I’ve never understood the argument that talking about this stuff isn’t interesting. I find it absolutely fascinating and am not ashamed to admit it. And crowd sourcing did help with the Boston Marathon bombing.

  93. That’s not necessarily true. I asked folks I know to ask about a few things, and they did on the air.

  94. I’d considered responding to you, then got bored.

  95. lovesliberalnews says:

    All your points are pretty basic and really arn’t anything special. Even the most junior investigator probably has brought these up. Just because something isn’t in the press doesn’t mean it hasn’t been investigated or looked into. The amount of arm chair investigators like your self is pretty funny.

    As far as your Diego Garcia being a rich target. Would have to disagree pretty hard on that one. As far as military targets Diego Garcia would rank near the bottom for a terrorist using a commercial airliner and getting a big bang out of it. First of all the only thing on Diego Garcia is a fuel dump, a runway, and a dozen or so planes. And its restricted so the pictures of any destruction would be filtered so it wouldn’t be a big value target as far propaganda and publicity with no press swarming the base to show pictures of any destruction.

    Even if the 777 would hit the base, and that’s a big big if, the amount of damage it would due would be neglibile. The value of the 777 is worth more than anything it could destroy on Diego Garcia. They might might might might get lucky and hit one of the hangers a forward deployed B-2 is parked in. But that would require hitting the hanger and having a B-2 in it. Even if they hit a parked B-52 they would probably only destroy one maybe 2. Again the 777 is worth more than the B-52 as far as dollar goes. And hitting the runway would do no more damage then a typical airplane crash. Be repaired in a matter of days with minimal cost. Not to beat this simple fact into the ground, but the cost of the 777 and the value of the people aboard are worth way more then anything it could destroy on Diego.
    Nice try, keep thinking. Maybe some day you will actually have a though worth posting….. oh wait probably not!

  96. MyrddinWilt says:

    I suspect that we are going to find that the engine data information is bogus.

    Hypothesis: The engines report time in UTC.
    Hypothesis: A WSJ Journalist does not understand that

    Reasonable scenario: The WSJ saw logs of the engine data in UTC, assumed they were local time and leaped to a conclusion. The timings would be right if the engines checked in a couple of hours before the transponder was last heard from.

  97. Christopher Michael Vargo says:

    good questions but by their very nature won’t get asked by the MSM in a timely manner now will they?

  98. pricknick says:

    How about we quit discussing possible scenarios and wait for something to develop? I’m sick of opinions and conjecture.

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