Putin’s media head talking of turning US into “radioactive ash”

Vladimir Putin’s propaganda chief, Dmitry Kisilev, the new head of Russian government-run and financed media/propaganda arm RIA Novosti, just talked about Russian turning the United States into “radioactive ash” today.

Kisilev made the comments on state television in front of an image of a huge mushroom cloud.

Just to further clarify how important Kisilev is, here’s Leonid Ragozin, a former employee of both the BBC and the Russian-language version of Newsweek:

Kiselev is not your average moron. He is Russia’s most senior government media executive, essentially minister of propaganda.

RIA Novosti was, surprisingly, an actually decent news outlet that regularly produced objective news.  Clearly that does not stand in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and Putin fired the head of the organization and replaced him with Dmitri Kisilev, an exceedingly-fey anti-gay bigot who used to host one of Russia’s top news programs.  Thus, he’s an unusual choice to be Russia’s new hetero-in-chief, running the government’s propaganda (and real) war against gays, among others.

Thanks to redditor SolidLiquid2, we now have the video:

Kisilev is famous for saying, on the air, last year that gay accident victims should have their hearts burned in order to guarantee no transplant victims receive their organs:

It was a few months after that remark that Russian President Putin appointed Kisilev to head RIA Novosti.

Here’s Kisilev today on Russian state TV:


For anyone who thinks that Russia is just like America, and that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is just like the war in Kosovo, or the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, you don’t the United States annexing Iraq, Afghanistan or Kosovo (or Kuwait, for that matter).  And there’s a bit of a difference between stopping the expulsion of 1.5 Kosovar Muslims and annexing your neighbor because-you-can.  In fact, Russia’s attitudes towards its neighbors mirrors Milosevic’s.

And while the Republicans lost the White House in 2008 in part because of Bush’s misadventure in Iraq, when is the last time a Russian leader lost an election?

And finally, you don’t hear incredibly vile, third-world-despot -type, threats of nuclear war coming out of the United States, and haven’t since Reagan’s bad joke of thirty years ago.  But it’s not thirty years ago.  It’s 2014. And Russia is for the second time in six years annexing a neighbor.

It would be nice if Russia’s leaders ever planned to bring that country into the modern world.

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86 Responses to “Putin’s media head talking of turning US into “radioactive ash””

  1. MT Keef says:

    At the time of the article, Obama had not responded but since then he has warned Putin military options against Russia are in fact on the table and Putin knows Russia cannot win against the States and the States knows since it would be a conventional war there would be severe casualties on allied NATO side. If Russia continues and goes into a NATO nation, the States will have to declare war on Russia & since both nations know a nuclear war is off the table it would be conventional. As powerful as Russia is especially on the ground, it is totally surrounded by NATO. I ran a check on this and it shows the US would in fact win at a high cost and win through the Air. Russia has a strong Sea presence near its homeland and Napoleon and Hitler both learned how difficult it is to defeat Russia by invasion so that is off the table. The US has many secret subs and with NATO has ability to launch a full high tech cruise missile launch against Russia taking out defenses and attacking military installations including all ground forces. It would be a two year harsh war like the US has never seen but the US would prevail and long term become very wealthy as a result. Russia knows this fact and would not likely want to go there so what is likely to happen is another proxy war like Nam where the US lost but this time in Iran, the Russian Allie where the States could win a war in two weeks w/o invasion and totally destroy that nation and set up a new government against Russia. Russia has most to lose and is already starting to feel drastic effects of sanctions and banks will soon start closing in Russia so Putin better change his actions and never underestimate a Democratic President because in American history it has been Democrats who won each war and they used the bomb. They seem non warlike but it if comes down to war, they will go full throttle and win at any costs. I suggest Putin cools off and gets these radicals taking about turning the States into Ash to get real and stop yapping nonsense.

  2. Jay says:

    Lmfao. Funny as hell, but don’t post.. all of the idiots out there will believe this.. which is a maority.

  3. Dima says:

    Hello. I want to join Jonathan Hughes reply here. Found this news blog in Elon Musk twitter.
    As Russian, I say no one wants war here, except for those who are insane. I am sure a lot of the same stupid people are living in every country, and no one likes them. And our state channels have been under suspicion since long ago and only retards trust them fully. The only difference between US tv and RU tv is that US one shows a dialogue of two, creating a view of something to choose from. True for political system as well. But still the government likes the country under control in both our countries. We are all the same =)

  4. Jonathan Hughes says:

    Godly judgment does not go boom.

  5. Jonathan Hughes says:

    Stop believing what people say that gets people to hate people. Satan is behind it. HIV is one among many lies calculated to have people think they are bettor than another seeking a vain thing.. All now good Chiropractic. Keep sysmtoms of many named whatever at bay. http://www.upcspine.com. Upper cervical heath centers. or The spesific chiropractic.

  6. Badgerite says:

    Well, there was an article today in the Huffington Post about how South Ossetia is fairing under the protection of Russia and economically it is not fairing very well. Local leaders who pocket the aid (apparently only about 33% has actually gotten through the corruption sieve and reached the populace.) But they do have local leaders driving around in black limousines with tinted windows and living in luxurious estates while their own bombed out houses have yet to be repaired. The Russian model for economics. I would sidle toward the European Union as well. Even austerity is probably better than the eastern alternative.

  7. Badgerite says:

    Saddam was certainly not the US puppet. He amassed one of the largest armies on earth at the time. Please don’t tell me that was fine with the USA.

  8. Cyril says:

    USSR was never nazi. It was the union of 15 countries of different nationalities.

  9. Cyril says:

    Ukrainians in general are not fascists. My grandfather was ukrainian and he fought against nazi germany and imperial japan. Problem is hidden in the minority of ukrainian people who have the same goals as hitler, criminals who illegaly obtained power and force their opinion on others.

  10. Cyril says:

    As if now Ukraine is not being controlled by criminals.

  11. Cyril says:

    saddam was a puppet in the hands of usa for at least 15 years before they decided to dispose of him. as far as i know, vvp isn’t and that is the main reason of butthurt for us atm.

  12. Tom Psillas says:

    Now that the US and Russia nuke each other, Greece can become the new superpower!

  13. FTW says:

    ” Where’s the Kaboom ?? There was suppose to be an earth shattering Kaboom ….! ” lol

  14. mark b says:

    What makes the us look weak is handing over 7 islands to russia on a deal brokered by angela merkel in which the us got NOTHING in return….oh, wait, that was part of the “reset” obama was talking about.
    What makes the us look weak is drawing a line in the sand with syria and doing nothing when that line was crossed…
    What makes the us look weak is allowing an iranian warship to sail unescorted near our shores…
    What makes the us look weak is handing over control of certain internet features to ICANN and getting nothing in return…
    What makes the us look weak is mocking sarah palin in 2007 and mitt romney in 2011 about the serious geopolitical threat that russia is….
    What makes the us look weak is allowing a 30 yr trade deficit policy to continue to be the norm, importing everything and exporting only american jobs and companies….

  15. doge master says:

    I just hope our own dont nuke us and say that russia did,think 911 on big scale.

  16. doge master says:

    I vote nuke Russia before they nuke us.

  17. слава Україні says:

    you moron, and all the lives that Berkut and those police officers took?
    what makes us, Ukrainians, fascists? wanting to be independant from Russian influence? wanting to get rid of corruption, banditism, censorship and backward ways of doing absolutely everything? we are peaceful people who are sick and tired of this bullshit, and want an equal chance to become a civilized, cultured and independent nation.

  18. Drew2u says:

    Dunno if anyone has seen this album before, but it shows the weapons of the Ukranian Revolution, it’s really neat:


  19. BigMac says:

    Pukin????? But know who was he? Ask Charles Darwin.

  20. Butch1 says:

    Yes, there is that. It was a bit mysterious the way it was all handled. Other stories have said that Bin Laden died years ago of renal failure. Who knows, we’ve been fed lies before by this country.

  21. JAY DOGGIT says:

    Pukin’ reminds me of the late sadaam Hussein from Iraq…. didnt work out for him very well did it.

  22. Badgerite says:

    So tell me again, who is the threat to ‘world peace’? They aren’t content to take Russia and its neighbors backwards, they want to turn the world into “ash” as well. The world is interconnected. Borders do not stop nuclear fallout. What happens to one, happens to all, to some degree or another. And the great provocation here is that the people of the Ukraine didn’t like and wouldn’t accept being led by a frigging crook? Nice.
    Cat’s Craddle. And so it goes.

  23. BigMac says:

    Russia really has Perimeter system. Russia is really ready to apply it in relation to the USA. It not threat, is reality if the USA aren’t reconsidered by the relation to events in Ukraine and doesn’t declare the Ukrainian nationalists fascists. Once upon in Ucraine:


    The Ukrainian fascists killed the police officers, and you and your president protect fascists.

  24. przt says:

    CCCP is going absolut idiot to threaten USA population (and the rest of
    the world) in becoming nuclear ash. It looks like they’re trying to
    restart their empire and becoming a NAZI regime. I hope people in the
    west and east would wake up or else there will be dead bodies everywhere
    or worse.

  25. 1jetpackangel says:

    Now THERE’S a theory I haven’t heard yet: Obama as KGB. Thanks for the laugh, good sir/madam/other, it was a rough day at work and I needed that.

  26. zen master says:

    “This pompous little peacock had better watch what he says, we are very good at rendition”

    At pretend rendition at least. Still haven’t seen any photos of Osama’s body.

    No body, no case.

  27. zen master says:

    “And finally, you don’t hear incredibly vile, third-world-despot -type, threats of nuclear war coming out of the United States”

    Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) says he hopes the United States doesn’t go
    to war with Iran, but if it happens, he wants to see a nuclear attack.

    “I don’t think it’s inevitable but I think if you have to hit Iran,
    you don’t put boots on the ground, you do it with tactical nuclear
    devices and you set them back a decade or two or three.”

  28. Sten Gunnerman says:

    At least those Americans who survive the nuclear war with Russia will be able to take some solace in knowing that their friends and family died supporting the noble cause of propping up an unelected dictatorship in a poor corner of Europe.

  29. malibujd44 says:

    man, I would hate to live with you…how do you sleep at night? hope the bomb hits your trailer first so it can put you out of your misery…what a sorry sick human you must be. there are so many more worthy things to be worrying about. there is more to life then fox news and rush limpnuts you idiot.

  30. pappyvet says:

    Yes and they are planning on using Marvin the Martian’s Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator

  31. informed citizen says:

    Obama is a KGB agent and has been for over twenty years. Putin is getting all his pieces into position on the chess board for a total nuclear attack against America, confident that Obama will not retaliate. Putin and Obama only have two more years to pull this off, so they are going to increase the intensity and speed of their tag team moves against America. Beware folks, these guys aren’t fooling around.

  32. Butch1 says:


  33. dannyR says:

    “radioactive ash”
    Just calm down, idjit.

  34. Rochelle Renee says:

    You are correct. We MUST close our borders, immediately.

  35. Rochelle Renee says:

    Both Russia and the US would be flatlands. No one would win in this one.

  36. Rochelle Renee says:

    President Obama is not a weak man nor leader. He is one that is being “advised” by other outside parties, we all believe. Now, what IS making us look weak is our illegal alien problem and the fact that we seem to be allowing the country next door to b*slap us and their citizens to do as they please, boldly violating our laws at will.

  37. Butch1 says:

    This pompous little peacock had better watch what he says, we are very good at rendition. ;-) If any one deserves to be slapped down a peg or two it is this homophobic twit.

    In all seriousness, his bravura on the air is not a wise and professional thing for a state sponsored propaganda news channel to do. If he thinks Russia’s attack on our country would go unanswered he would be a bigger fool than he is. Any such talk of using nuclear weapons as he is suggesting is the talk of mad men. This would be the end of the earth; we would also turn Russia into flat land as well. No one would benefit from this type of talk. Putin had better rein in this buffoon and fast.

    He has also used our own republican buffoons who have constantly torn apart Obama at every turn calling him weak when he has been everything but weak and used it against us to make it sound as though our whole country is a spineless and weak country. This is entirely the republican’s fault that this propaganda is going on and is being used against us. They see this as being a true statement not actually knowing hyperbole from truth when it comes to Obama’s use of weapons and war. These republican leaders during these troubled times need to either get on board and at least support this president or STFU and quit giving them ammunition.

  38. RationalFearOfTerror says:

    The “News Anchor in Moscow” should also ‘Remind Viewers’ the nuclear strategy of deterrence of aggression is based upon the notion of “Mutual Destruction”. As soon as a first-strike is launched a counter strike is incoming.

    The US determined after WWII if the US had only had the fortitude and military might the US should have moved against Japan when Japan invaded Manchuria.

    The US realizing wishful thinking simply is not going to stop megalomaniac persons or Nation States from appearing and doing what they do so well the US decided not to go into its pre WWII shell and sought to develop the military power and the fortitude to take on tyrants at the beginning and not hopefully survive due to luck and circumstance after the enemy felt themselves powerful enough to strike first.

    Hence the “Carrier Strike Group Two” now in Turkey two days sail away from the Black Sea is representative of the developed required military might specifically for dealing with tyrants (persons or States).

    I simply remind the West history indicates cowering in submission or acquiescence to tyranny under the raised hand of massed infantry, airforce, tanks, or a plethora of nuclear armed submarines will not in the end stop the West being victims of this submission or acquiescence.

    Clearly the US (world) has not learnt from History – Putin (Russia) going into Georgia was the worlds Manchuria, Austria, Czechoslovakia, .. yet it did not act with the inevitable consequences.

    As in the last century we have the inevitable tag team European vs Asian spheres, last time Germany and Japan this time Russia and China.

    The US and its Western allies may not this time be so lucky to survive the first strike, a nuclear strike against the US China has actually described in great detail via its media.

    To claim the twenty-first century is no place to use military force when it is and will be with prejudice given time and space as Russia and China build capacity to impose their will, as Putin (Russia) is now beggars belief.

  39. emjayay says:

    Not that it matters, but it would be interesting to hear from a gaydar equipped Russian person on this topic.

  40. Lmao. The emissions from one nuclear plant in Japan are like a needle in a haystack compared to thousands of thermonuclear weapons going off. If anything, people should be focusing on the REAL threat of nuclear war.

  41. Moderator4 says:

    That is this site’s default avatar for every commenter who does not have his/her own avatar.
    And you are out of here. Goodbye.

  42. BrianBarrington says:

    Boycott Putin’s “Russia Today” TV in America: facebook.com/boycottrussiatoday

  43. Jeff says:

    Russian with US flag? kill your self

  44. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Yes, it was JUST bringing all the German speaking peoples into the Reich – like they wanted.

  45. mina nessem says:

    that russian dudes aint messin around and obama has no balls to deal with those comrades

  46. FLL says:

    Since the Russian annexation of the eastern Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk may very well be in the works, it’s instructive to read an excerpt from “The History Place” (link here). March 15 is the anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of the remainder of Czechoslovakia, having occupied the Sudetenland several months before. Here is a summary of Hitler’s method of operation:

    By now, the Nazis had perfected the art of stealing neighboring territory. They would start by encouraging political unrest inside the area. At the same time, they would wage a propaganda campaign citing real or imagined wrongs committed against local Germans. When neighboring political leaders finally came to see to Hitler to resolve the ongoing crisis, they would be offered help in the form of a German Army occupation to “restore order.

  47. Dave of the Jungle says:

    The doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction does come to mind.

  48. FLL says:

    The point of my comment was that the referendum was obviously rigged: ballot stuffing and even votes cast by people who live in Russia (not Crimea).

  49. Из Запорожья says:

    That’s not my deal to interfere with U.S.’s internal policy but all I want to say:
    If you doesn’t want a war with Russia it doesn’t mean that Russia is not going to start war with you.
    So don’t forget about your national security. It matters. Believe me.

  50. Из Запорожья says:

    The biggest laugh that in these countries (who chose communistic/socialistic way) clerks are richer that every average businessman.
    For example, in my city a son of the head tax collector drives Porsche Panamera while his dad’s salary is supposed to be max. 1000$ per month.
    In this countries the best investment is to buy a chair of judge or attorney.
    In my city if you want to be an assistant of attorney – need to pay bribe 40 000$.
    That’s why our people want to make west choice and to forget this evil.

  51. Gindy51 says:

    He’s changed his tune and sounds more Like Obama now. Guess someone higher up yanked his choke collar a bit harder this time.

  52. Из Запорожья says:

    Russia is not as oligarchic empire as Ukraine used to be, There is only one main oligarch in Russia. His name is Putin.
    Thanks F.B.I. for Firtash’s arrest (Ukrainian oligarch, arrested in Vena by F.B.I request).
    He has close connections with Russian GazProm. Hope, he will tell F.B.I. some interesting.

  53. barada says:

    I got bad news: Fukushima>>>>>>>>>>>Russia.
    The nonstop radioactive plume from Fukushima will continue spewing for 100+ years from three
    melted-down reactors. The entire pacific rim will ultimately be saturated. Nothing can stop this process. We don’t need any help from Russia to turn radioactive, only to do it quicker. The Fukushima crisis will outlive us all, including those still unborn. It will continue, and WORSEN, way, way after this Russia crisis has passed into history.

  54. barada says:

    But it will not be communistic/socialist, it is Oligarchic/Plutocratic crony Capitalist. Way way closer to National Socialism (as we in America are moving towards also), than actual socialism.communism.

  55. barada says:

    The West never pursued FREEDOM or tried to cultivate REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT in Russia after the fall of the wall, only unbridled Capitalism. So now we are living with the result—An aggressive, Oligarchic Empire. We missed an opportunity to help cultivate a free system in Russia, in favor of pushing crony Capitalism. Now we are living with the result.

  56. Из Запорожья says:

    Yes, I understand that Obama is not Ronald Reagan,
    But, excuse me, how is he going to persuade other countries with much more dangerous leaders not to develop nuclear weapon?
    Remember my words, Syria with the help of Putin will have nuclear weapon too.

  57. Watch the video – gayer than gay. Even if you don’t speak Russian, it’s clear the purse falls out about 9 seconds in :) (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, unless you’re an anti-gay bigot working for an anti-gay despot, then it’s rather ironic that you tend to flame.)

  58. And I don’t blame them for not wanting to be part of a totalitarian dictatorship that sics Nazis on its political opponents. Suddenly a NATO-backed democracy is looking an awful lot more fun than what Eastern Europe went through for 50 years at the hands of the Soviets. The Eastern Europeans would have given their eye teeth to live under Barack Obama’s “oppressive” government.

  59. Из Запорожья says:

    The most disgusting thing that the majority of some our politicians who even pray for these ideas – restoration of the Soviet Union, integration with Russia enjoy Western values.
    For example, do you know, guys, that Kiselev, who hates West, has visited Holland recently as a tourist? Not Sibirea or North Korea.
    And one of the members of the Party of Regions Oleg Tsarev suggests integration with Russia but all his children are studying in Britain.
    I hope the West will reconsider its views.

  60. And Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for assurances as to its security from US and Britain.

  61. Thom Allen says:

    “Putin dreams about the restoration of the Soviet Union.” Exactly what I’ve been thinking for years.

  62. Thom Allen says:

    Jane, the end result is the same. If Russia attacks the US with nukes, we will destroy Russia.

  63. Thom Allen says:

    You’re right. I forgot that. But, in the 80s when Chernobyl melted down, Ukraine, though somewhat autonomous, was a part of the USSR. I tended to think of the USSR and its puppets as all one big Soviet Union.

  64. Thom Allen says:

    The whole Ukranian government is not right wing.

  65. Thom Allen says:

    I think that North Korea’s last “election” the vote was unanimous.

  66. Из Запорожья says:

    And during phone conversation with tatar’s leader Putin said that Ukraine left Soviet Union not in proper legal way. That was insulting.
    It’s the same as if he would said that the USA left British Empire not in the proper legal way.
    Putin dreams about the restoration of the Soviet Union – Evil Empire 2.0

  67. Jon says:

    I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to be a part of the U.S. & N.A.T.O backed Far Right Wing Government in Ukraine.

  68. 2karmanot says:

    Russia: Radioactive Ashole.

  69. Из Запорожья says:

    As a Ukrainian I completely shocked.
    So we refused from our nuclear weapon in oder to be just another target for crazy Kremlin’s dwarf?
    Of course, Putin will never bomb the USA. But he considered probability of using nuclear weapon against Ukraine – that is stated in Russian new doctrine of war and one of the Russian generals has mentioned about it.
    Guys, don’t believe in bla-bla-bla about Crimean’s own choice. Now there are clear evidence that even citizens of Russia were allowed to take part in this so-called referendum. And I had a chat with some Crimeans – now you can be even killed in Crimea if you use a word “Ukraine”.
    And one of the tatars (muslims) has been found today killed and tortured.

  70. MyrddinWilt says:

    They can possibly do that at home, but they have no chance of success abroad.

    During the cold war the Western elites were convinced that the Soviets were going to invade and that they would win. That is why they were so scared of them.

    Right now nobody is afraid that Russia can invade any NATO held territory. They have nuclear weapons and they have troops with guns. But every time forces equipped with the gear the Russians carry faces off against a NATO force they get their ass handed to them in a paper bag. So they can whip themselves up into a cold war frenzy but they are not going to get the West to reciprocate.

    Russia can invade Ukraine because they have 200,000 troops in the area and Ukraine has 6,000. But invading and successfully occupying are very different things. Russia marched into Afghanistan easily enough but they ended up marching out again.

    A month ago there was no way that anyone expected Russia to leave Sevastopol under any circumstance. The Crimea is completely worthless except as a naval base. Having Russia there meant money into the local economy. But that has changed completely, if Russia loses this current standoff they lose Sevastopol in the long run.

  71. MyrddinWilt says:

    Actually that was Ukraine. Chernobyl is in Ukraine on the northern border near Belarus.

  72. Olterigo says:

    Meanwhile Putin is continuing the clamp-down on independent media in Russia and on Russians’ ability to read mass media independent of Kremlin.

  73. Olterigo says:

    That’s not true. I just watched the video. Kiselev did not link his comment on the “radioactive ash” to any words of Yatsenyuk.

  74. Jane says:

    You must to know all speech from the telecast. In the context the speaker has said that the Ukraine’s leader Yatsenyuk requires US to war with Russia. And he has also reminded that Russia can do the full nuclear counterthrust even after the death of all russians.

  75. Olterigo says:

    Of course, many old people would be for joining Russia, their state-paid pensions would increase automatically.

  76. FLL says:

    Some post on Americablog mentioned that the Crimean authorities had ordered many, many more ballots than there were potential voters for today’s “referendum.” Well, it seems that Putin has sharpened his ballot-stuffing skills. The “referendum” in Crimea has resulted in a vote total of 93% to join Russia. Tell me this, Western readers. Do you feel as though Putin is insulting your intelligence?

  77. Olterigo says:

    Since we often get “Nationalists came to power in Ukraine,” let’s look at the international observers of the Crimean referendum.

    From Bulgaria, we have Bulgarian nationalists and former members of Bulgarian far-right group “Ataka” (Attack). Voice of Russia cites Enrique Ravello (Enric Ravello), Secretary of the National and International Relations of the ultra-right (anti-immigrant/Muslim/gay) Plataforma per Catalunya (http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_16/No-infringements-of-freedoms-and-incredibly-high-turnout-at-Crimean-referendum-observers-8417/). RT mentions Luc Michel of Belgium, whom Wiki describes as far-right and a member of neo-Nazi movement in Europe. (http://rt.com/news/crimea-referendum-international-observers-114/). Andreas Molzer, of Austrian “Freiheit” party (ironically named the same and of similar orientation as the far-right party in Ukrainian government we keep hearing so much about from a particular commentator here. http://euobserver.com/news/123453). Members of Hungarian far-right Jobbik (http://glavred.info/politika/referendum-v-krymu-opublikovan-spisok-inostrannyh-nablyudateley-274175.html) A Greek Communist politician, whom Financial Times has characterized as a Stalinist.(The prior link as well.)

    The creme of European far-right and a Stalinist.

  78. arcadesproject says:

    Putin and O did not get on well, to say the very least. After a recent trip to Russia, I heard O speaking about Putin on national TV. O compared Putin to a sulky, rebellious adolescent. It was shocking, because heads of state don’t usually talk about each other that way in public, even if that is what they think privately. Some of the venom on the Russian side could well be due to personal bad chemistry between the two leaders.

  79. FLL says:

    The deputy prime minister of Russian-controlled Crimea, Rustam Temirgaliyev, actually came out and predicted that the three eastern Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk would be the next to be annexed to Russia. Here is a link to an article in today’s Guardian with the following quote in which Temirgaliyev fabricates statistics supposedly proving that these three provinces should be part of Ukraine:

    “Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv have the same situation (as in Crimea). Seventy-five per cent of people want to join Russia in eastern Ukraine,” he told journalists near the parliament building in Simferopol.

    Putin claims that he has the right to invade neighboring parts of Ukraine because, according to his pretext, he is protecting ethnic Russians in Crimea and the three eastern Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk, Kharkiv and Luhansk. Hitler used exactly the same rationale in 1938 to justify annexing the Sudetenland portion of Czechoslovakia: protecting the ethnic German population of Sudetenland. Ethnic Russians in Ukraine are not in any danger of persecution today any more than ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland were in any danger of persecution in 1938. Both cases were such an obvious pretext for unprovoked aggression.

  80. zerosumgame0005 says:

    we hear things very close to that from FUX Noise 24/7

    not to mention “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb” McCain

  81. cole3244 says:

    i hope a neanderthal like this doesn’t bring out his duplicates in america to spew their similar rhetoric but my guess is my wish will not be realized.

  82. mirror says:

    Listening to BBC interviews in Ukraine, supposedly they were able to find many people old and young who long for the return of the Soviet Union. I think if the new government in Kiev uses that in their PR, the Russian speaking areas of the Ukraine will be even less excited about joining Putin’s circus revival.

  83. Thom Allen says:

    Russia may be able to turn itself into radioactive ash. They did a fine job of it at Chernobyl.

    And Kisilev doesn’t mention that, minutes after Russia launches, Russia will similarly become a mound of ash.

  84. 2karmanot says:

    My god, is he Russia’s version of a closeted thumb-head?

  85. They’re testing our mettle and attempting to recreate a cold war mentality at home. I think they’re hopiing to scare the hell out of western leaders, and western liberals.

  86. This is actually really scary and disturbing. Is there something mentally wrong with them in the head? Now Putin has 60,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders just waiting for orders to invade as the tanks idle at the border.

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